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Please be warned that this isn’t official yet. I’ll keep you posted. Let’s wait and see. I don’t want to spread false rumours. What is true so far is that Eva is interested in this project, but let’s see if she’ll able to do it because she has Franklyn in the works and the main problem seems to be a question of timing.

Thanks to Lorna for the scan.

Daily Mail

According to today’s Daily Mail, “Eva Green, still hot from Casino Royale, will star with Sarah Polley and Jared Leto in director’s Jaco Van Dormael’s film Mr Nobody, a tale that spans different time zones of the 20th and 21st centuries. Juno Temple, a beguiling young actress who will be seen in Joe Wright’s Atonement and the new St Trinian’s movie, plays a younger version of Eva’s character. Filming begins on locations in Canada and Belgium in June.”

Sarah Polley and Jared Leto are already both confirmed. Of four main roles only two have been cast. Polley portrays Elise, the wife of the character played by Leto.

Here’s a short translation made by myself of the film’s plot:


# Based on the book by Belgian director and screenwriter Jaco Van Dormael (As far as I know it’s only available in French.)

# Nemo Nobody, born in 1972, strongly believes that he’s still 35 when he wakes up as an old man in the year 2092. At 120, Mr. Nobody is both the oldest man in the world and the last mortal of a new mankind where nobody dies anymore. But that doesn’t seem to interest or bother him very much. The only questions that preoccupy him in the present is whether he lived the right life for himself, loved the woman whom he was supposed to love, and had the children whom he was meant to have . . . and not the others, all of the other lives, all the other possible women. As a young boy, at a train station, he had to choose in which direction to go: into the arms of his mother or the arms of his father. At that prophetic moment, they all separate and Nemo Nobody still doesn’t know the right answer. His entire life is based on indecision. We will follow Nemo Nobody in all of his adventures — experienced or dreamt, real or imagined…

Quote: “In life, there are two tragedies. One is to never achieve our dreams. The other is to achieve them.”

A phrase to retain: “As long as we don’t choose, everything is possible.”

# Mr Nobody is inspired by the “butterfly effect” – the chaos theory notion that the beat of a butterfly’s wings can cause a storm thousands of miles away.

# Nemo is 35. He leads an ordinary existence at his wife’s side, Elise, and their 3 children until the day when reality slips away: billboards start addressing personal messages to him; he stumbles on unknown people who strangely look like him… Nemo wakes up. He is drowning in the middle of a lake. He wakes up again, facing a stranger who shoots him in the chest. He wakes up again on the edge of a swimming pool at a splendid villa, with a new wife and new children that he doesn’t recognize. Is it still a dream?

# Van Dormael will be making his English-language feature debut.

5 Responses to “New rumoured project”
  1. EvaAnne Says:

    Hey, new layout…I like it! Thanks for the additional info, Mari. It sounds intruiging especially the whole waking-up-and-being-in-a-different-place thing. I like movies that are a bit strange, unusual, that make you think, especially if they’re “arty”…
    Reminds me a little of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “The Science of Sleep”.
    If Eva would do this, would she play the part of Elise? Or one of Nobody’s “other possibilities”?

  2. brulette Says:

    Sounds rather existential ( I think I’m using that adjective correctly, lol).
    What films has the director done previously?

    BTW, I hope Eva continues to make art-house films alongside big features like CR.

  3. Mariana Says:

    EvaAnne: If Eva does it, she’ll play the other wife. Elise will be played by Sarah Polley, another fantastic actress. I’m happy with the choice.

    brulette: Van Dormael has made several other films, but he’s Belgian and he didn’t make any “American” films before. You can check out his filmography here: http://imdb.com/name/nm0233757/

  4. brulette Says:

    Thank you, Mariana,for the link ; I also googled Van Dormael’s name—he’s quite an acclaimed filmmaker.
    I hope Eva makes this film ; I think I like the sound of this project even more than Franklyn.
    Always wishing Eva the best ( and you, Mariana ! ).

  5. Mariana Says:

    brulette: Thanks. 🙂

    Well, let’s wait and see. For now, Mr Nobody isn’t a sure thing but Frankly is for sure.