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Thanks to Emma, we have a new (old) video from the Journal de France 2. It’s a special feature on Casino Royale with short interviews with Daniel Craig, Caterina Murino and Eva Green.

Like in many other CR promotional interviews, the two Bond girls were asked how it was to kiss James Bond. Eva replied that they are both actors, that they are both very professional, that everybody can do that and that kissing Bond was the least of things. Our girl was also asked what was her favorite filming location and she answered Lake Como.


Here’s a reminder of upcoming events and Golden Compass news:

# Eva Green and Louis Garrel will both be present at the Festival Futuro Presente this Friday. The Italian festival is honoring Bernardo Bertolucci this year.
# About 15 minutes of footage will be shown at the Cannes Film Festival, which kicks off May 16. That’s the same buzz-generating strategy used for 2001’s Fellowship of the Ring. Dakota Blue Richards is expected to attend the festival, along with writer/director Chris Weitz (About a Boy) and co-stars Daniel Craig, Sam Elliott and Eva Green. But Nicole Kidman, who plays the mysterious Mrs. Coulter, will be busy shooting another film.
# The first teaser trailer will set sail May 25, along with Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

6 Responses to “New (old) video”
  1. Mycah Says:

    Soo ready for Cannes!!! So awesome about the trailer, thanks for that I had no idea!

  2. ana Says:

    yay i love it when she does public appearances for they are quite rare, i am always wondering what next outfit she will wear! not too sure about the having to leave email now though :s!

  3. Mariana Says:

    ana: Your email doesn’t appear for others. Don’t worry. It’s just a way to fight spam.

  4. Roberta Says:

    Can’t wait for Cannes. And I can’t wait to see her and Louis together again!!!

  5. adix Says:

    Great news!

    I have a question does the forum is working now, or my computer is just wrong?

  6. Mariana Says:

    adix: No, not yet. It’s on hiatus until we solve a few spam issues.