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Thanks to Mirik for sending in a scan from the May issue of Vogue Russia:

Get Vesper’s style!

PS: I’m a bit behind with answering to emails so please be patient!

7 Responses to “Vogue Russia – May 2007”
  1. ana Says:

    yes! i love the clothes that eva wears as vesper, they make her look so elegant!

  2. pakulo Says:

    Eva with necktie is hot

  3. ana Says:

    when are the pics from last night coming on?

  4. Neko Says:

    Vesper’s clothes in CR were absolutely awesome. Very classy! I luuuuv the hat she wears…the whole outfit is great.

  5. Mariana Says:

    ana: She wasn’t at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival.

  6. pakulo Says:

    Can somebody send pics of Eva wearing necktie???

  7. ana Says:

    when is she appearing at cannes? for some reason i got mixed up!