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The event that many of you have been waiting impatiently for is taking place today. Eva Green , Daniel Craig, Dakota Blue Richards, Sam Elliott, Chris Weitz and other members of the crew and cast are currently in Cannes promoting “The Golden Compass”. I’ve added photos from the photocall and from the press conference to the gallery.

12 Responses to “The Golden Compass Photocall & Press Conference”
  1. catchy7 Says:

    oh~when ever I see Eva’s photos.I feel so happy. How can she be such a glamorous woman. I THINK I FALL IN LOVE WITH HER 😛

  2. Roberta Says:

    Not a fan of her do, but her outfit is gorgeous! Thanks for the pics, Mari!!!

  3. Mycah Says:

    Beautiful! Not one of my favorite looks but stunning as always. I just love her!

    PS is is just me or does Eva look exactly like Marlène here? Maybe the hair makes me think it?!

  4. truthseekers Says:

    I know not everyone is a fan, but personally I love the hair! Great work Mariana!

  5. Neko Says:

    I think Eva looks great! Can’t wait for the mooooovie!

  6. Chiara Says:

    I thought the same thing, Mycah. I think the reason she looks more like Marlene here is because her face looks a little rounder…if I were a fan of speculation I’d wonder if she was pregnant!

  7. Natasha Says:

    I think she looks incredible in anything!!!!

    She looks FANTASTIC!!!

    I loved the book, and now, I’m loving the movie even more!!!

    It makes me so excited to watch the movie…I can’t wait for the 7th of December!!!

  8. Clarisse Says:

    She’s wonderful, thanks so much Mariana !

  9. brulette Says:

    Stunning photos ! Thanks.

  10. isabelle Says:

    eva est très belle et ça fait plaisir de la retrouver avec Daniel, très sympa tous les deux…

  11. ana Says:

    daniel and eva reunited, its odd to see them together again but great! Eva looks good but the hair a little odd at first i thought she’d cut off all her beautiful hair!

  12. Grazi Says:

    She is FANTASTIC!!

    I wanted to be in the place of that girl

    she is older than me!!

    i cant belive!!


    I am not lucky.

    But Eva looks amazing!!

    she is gorgeous