M.   /   May 22, 2007   /   18 Comments

Yet another event for our girl! She went to the Golden Compass party tonight.

Eva is wearing a Dior gown.

18 Responses to “Cannes #3”
  1. Mycah Says:

    OMG I ABSOLUTELY LOVE her look! Such a beautiful dress on such a beautiful woman!

  2. Mycah Says:

    PS She’s barefoot! HELLS Yeah Eva!

  3. Clarisse Says:

    Oh My GOD ! I haven’t enough english vocabulary to express myself so :p : elle est sublime, ce doit être une des premières fois qu’elle porte une robe clair et QUELLE ROBE ! Elle est magnifique, sa meilleure tenue de soirée !! Je suis éblouie ! Merci Mariana !

  4. Monique Says:

    Okay peeps,

    I know that our strongest Bond here is our love for all things Eva Green, but I have some bad news….

    I’ve been exploring the net, and I found some demeaning articles and nasty criticisms about Eva, made by people who have absolutely no taste whatsoever….

    We all agree that Eva is beautiful and a very talented actress, so I hope you will all join me in trying to make Eva’s image better, and obliterating those who think otherwise!!!!


    P.S. She looks GREAT, as usual….her dress looks kinda like a kimono. I LOVE it!!!

  5. Grazi Says:

    she is just Perfect¹²³³³³³!!!

  6. grazi Says:

    where were her shoes??


  7. Riikka Says:

    Can’t imagine anyone doing ‘dramatic’ as well as Eva Green. 🙂

  8. emma77 Says:

    She’s so beautiful and stylish!!
    The Dior dress looks amazing on her

  9. Neko Says:

    Eva looked stunning in that Dior dress! Why didn’t she wear shoes?

  10. Angie Says:

    I have to ask… what’s up with the bejeweled frog? It sure is unusual, though! 🙂

    LOVE the dress.

  11. catchy7 Says:

    Oh My God…
    S T U N N I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. brulette Says:

    So far. this is my favorite appearance of Eva on the red carpet ( barefoot & all 😉 ).
    She looks smashing ! That is a remarkable gown–a work of art ; a beautiful Asian inspired dress ( frogs are everywhere in Chinese culture).

    IMO, this is a display of style that is unique and daring , but also very elegant.
    Wow, Eva !

    P.S. I know all of us have read how Eva loves black ; but red certainly is one of her colours as well. 😉

  13. ana Says:

    wow this is beautiful, hair, makeup,dress wooo!

  14. ana Says:

    p.s. was that her sister and dad with her in the last picture?

  15. Mariana Says:

    ana: No, the guy is Brian Swardstrom and the lady isn’t her sister. Her family wasn’t at Cannes with her.

  16. George Says:

    In the last photo the lady in the right may be her agent Angharad Wood (If true she is younger than I thought…)

  17. hernz Says:

    did anyone tell you u were the cannes festival queen eva?

  18. brulette Says:

    Oh, hernz, that’s so sweet ! 🙂

    I hope Eva sees what you wrote.