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I translated from French an excerpt of an interview with Marlène Jobert in which she talks about her twins, Eva and Joy.

You can read it here.

4 Responses to “Interview with Marlène Jobert”
  1. brulette Says:

    Eva’s mom is quoted as saying that Eva will appear in the next James Bond film.
    That’s great news , but surprising.
    Perhaps Vesper will appear in flashback sequences. Or something like that. 😉

    Mariana, how you heard anything else about the next James Bond movie ?

  2. maz Says:

    i know brulette! maybe she comes back as a ghost god that would be ghastly, love the comment about daniel craig they were so hot on screen alas they have their respected partners

  3. soita Says:

    I love your site! Great job!
    ..but in the topmost photo, whenever you open a gallery, there are 3 pics of Eva and the one on the far right is REALLY repulsive and ugly, doesn’t look like her at all. Please consider the suggestion –
    I’m giving you the link of what I’m talking about -http://www.evagreenweb.com/gallery/themes/water_drop/images/evagallery.jpg
    Again, thanks for doing a great job! All the best.

  4. 1 Says: