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  • Elle (France) – May 21, 2007 –> Eva is featured in Elle’s Best of Cinema 2007
  • Vogue (France) –> Vogue showed different examples of use of make-up and Eva was one of the examples used in the “Retro Look”
  • The Dreamers – Promo Shots & Stills –> Two new “Dreamers” stills submitted by Cri87 that were shown during the Effetto Bertolucci event

    Off-topic: My wonderful host, Gertie, recently opened a fansite dedicated to British actress Michelle Ryan, best known for EastEnders and who will be starring as the new Bionic Woman this fall. I’d like to invite you all to visit it: Michelle Ryan Fans.

  • 4 Responses to “Elle & Vogue France & new Dreamers stills”
    1. Clare Harman Says:

      Wow, those new “Dreamers” stills are gorgeous!

    2. Mycah Says:

      STUNNING! OMG I love these new pics! her face looks like porcelin in the second picture!

    3. Monique Says:

      More, more, more!!!!!!

    4. Kasia Says:

      oh yeah….THOSE stills….I want them on my wall NOW:P