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There’s nothing new on the Eva front, except for yet another Club des Créateurs de Beauté cover. Ms Green is gracing their summer issue. She’s their model of the year 2007, which is also the year of their 20th anniversary. So we have new covers for each new season. I don’t have any scans yet, only a preview:

All the previous CCB covers and articles can be found in the gallery.

I’ve also added new old scans to the gallery thanks to April:

  • Elle UK – 2003
  • InStyle (Australia) – January 2007

    Last but not least, the Fan Art Archives was updated with lots of new LJ Icons:

    Please don’t forget to credit the talented artists if you decide to use their creations.

  • 6 Responses to “New old scans & New Fan Art”
    1. Cal Says:

      Stunning! nice to see a new update. I check the site everyday 🙂

    2. Olga Says:

      Quelle beauté!!! Merci à toi Mariana!)

    3. Grazi Says:


      she is once of the most beautiful woman in the world!!

      she looks so beautiful in those pictures that she is modelin’…


      one day I’m goin’ to be as beautiful as her!!


    4. gave Says:

      Beautiful!!! Thank you.

    5. Mycah Says:

      Great new stuff! 🙂

      I’m so ready for “The Golden Compass” promotion to begin hehe

    6. ana Says:

      i love these, she has such good skin in looks great pale but also with a light tan because of her dark hair!