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Thanks to Eva’s management for informing me that “Franklyn” is due to start filming in the middle of September. Unfortunately, the producers decided that the cast should be a little younger: the three leads in their twenties rather than their thirties. The new cast is yet to be announced. Eva’s still in it, but the rest of the cast will be about her age. Even though this is sad news for everyone who wanted to see her co-star with Paul Bettany and Ewan McGregor (me included), we have no reasons to worry as the new cast should be very good too.

12 Responses to ““Franklyn” news”
  1. Anna Says:

    Well…. there goes my reason to see it. I love Eva but the plot doesn’t sound interesting enough for me to spend my money or time on this film. The only reason I was going to do so was because of Paul Bettany and Eva together in a film.

  2. brulette Says:

    This is disappointing news. (Mariana, Ewan McGregor is a fave of mine,too.)And it comes so soon before the film starts shooting. Oh,well.

    Here’s a little hint for the producers–Ryan Gosling. 😉

  3. Mycah Says:

    I’m eager to see who will be announced, but I’m upset Ewan is out. I don’t think anyone could ‘replace’ him. *sighs*

  4. Monique Says:


    And I was SO looking forward to seeing Eva with Ewan!!!!!!
    I loved him with Nicole (another one of my fave actresses) in Moulin Rouge and I really wanted to see him work with our Eva!!!!!

    He could still pass for twenty if you took off the beard he wore in Star Wars!!!!

  5. EvaAnne Says:

    For a minute there, when I read they decided the cast should be younger, I thought Eva would be out! I thought they meant even younger!

    Shame about Ewan, Paul and John Hurt, though. All very good actors, and a great chance for Eva to work with them.
    I do hope the actors they dó cast, will be really good….

    And too bad we have to wait ’till September now for the first photos to arrive…. Does Eva have something lined up for August? It’s awfully quiet on the Eva-news front.

  6. Elom Says:

    When will we know about the new cast ?

  7. George Says:

    The withdrawal of McGregor and Bettany just a few days before shooting reminds me the withdrawal of Jake Gyleenhaal just before Dreamers’ shooting. I hope to be replaced by young, inspired actors. Anyway, although I would like Ewan in the cast, I am sure that (…as it is proven before) Eva will shine again.

  8. Mariana Says:

    George: There is a big difference. Jake Gyllenhaal quit because he chose to, because he felt uncomfortable with the full frontal nudity. Neither Bertolucci nor the producers fired him. Ewan McGregor and Paul Bettany didn’t quit. It was a decision made by the producers.

  9. Roberta Says:

    That’s so sad!!! I was so looking forward to seeing Eva alongside Ewan and Paul Bettany… especially Ewan, who’s one of my top fave actors… Oh well, c’est la vie. 🙁

  10. EvaAnne Says:

    Mariana: Then they must be slightly upset as well. I know I would be, if I was an actress, and first was officially cast in an exciting project, and then, a ouple of weeks later, the producers would suddenly decide I was the wrong age….

    I do hope something like that doesn’t happen to Eva.

  11. Mariana Says:

    EvaAnne: I don’t know if they’re upset. I hope they’re not and I also hope that Eva will get to work with them in the future. They’re brilliant actors.

  12. emma77 Says:

    This is sad news.Ewan and Paul are great actors, I would have loved to see Eva in a film with them.
    Even sadder news (if they turn up to be true) is that Ryan Philippe will join the cast instead.I can’t stand him!!