New issue of Elle France

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Our beautiful Eva is gracing the cover and the pages of this week’s issue of Elle France! The photo used on the cover isn’t new, but the ones inside are!!! She looks gorgeous and sophisticated!!! There’s also a brand new interview that you can read here (it’s in French).

Eva Green, the sweet enchanteress!

Two new additions were made to the trivia page:

- It’s Ridley Scott and his wife, a very good friend of John Galliano, who talked to him about Eva when she was filming Kingdom Of Heaven. When Eva finally met Galliano, she was expecting to see a “bullfighter” but she discovered a “very humble, reserved, sensitive, very English man.”

- The filming of the Midnight Poison TV Spot directed by Wong Kar Wai took place at the Opéra Garnier in Paris for 4 nights (after midnight). “I play some kind of toxic plant, a blue rose, who can be both good and evil, like poison. It’s a very ethereal film, out of this world, with slow movements.”

EDIT: We now have scans thanks to Kazou! Merci! :D

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13 Responses to “New issue of Elle France”

  1. Comment by Aseo in August 21, 2007 @ 9:11 am

    Apparemment chez Elle, ils ne sont pas encore au courant que McGregor ne fera pas partie de Franklyn

  2. Comment by EvaAnne in August 21, 2007 @ 10:03 am

    Wow. beautiful photographs. Indeed, very sophisticated. The spickey hair she has, is that her actual hair?

    And I can’t wait to see the Midnight Poison shoot, seems very intruiging…

  3. Comment by Paolo in August 21, 2007 @ 10:44 am

    Great photos, thanks!!

  4. Comment by Sam in August 21, 2007 @ 12:20 pm

    Superbe photos !
    Cela change de son look habituel.
    Bref I love !

  5. Comment by Clarisse in August 21, 2007 @ 3:29 pm

    J’allais t’envoyer un mail quand je me suis dit que ce serait mieux que je vérifie si tu ne l’avais pas déja posté ! Et bien voila :)
    Je n’aime pas particulièrement le shoot de la couverture, aucune originalité à mon goût. Mais les photos à l’intérieur sont superbes, je vais très certainement faire un tour chez mon marchand de journaux pour une fois !

  6. Comment by spot in August 22, 2007 @ 12:32 am

    G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!!!!!! thanks Mariana!

    by the way, did you receive my message about Eva getting a Best Actress nomination for the UK National Movie Awards?

  7. Comment by lola in August 22, 2007 @ 2:49 am

    I watched GMTV (a British breakfast show) about 30 minutes ago and Ryan Phillippe said he was soon due to work in London for 4 weeks on a ‘really cool Blade Runner-esque’ movie called Franklyn. I thought you might be interested in that info. I know I was !

  8. Comment by lola in August 22, 2007 @ 3:08 am

    The hair in the dove grey dress is definitely her own hair, but I don’t think the spiky stuff is. It looks too dull and wig-like IMO whereas the other hair I mentioned looks lovely and sleek and glossy.

  9. Comment by Nicole in August 22, 2007 @ 12:13 pm

    Hey, great scans from Elle Magazine! She looks beautiful. Any chance of a translation for us poor people who can’t speak French??

  10. Comment by Mycah in August 22, 2007 @ 12:51 pm

    Oh Wow what a lovely suprise! I love this shoot, it’s different from what I feel we’re used to! She’s so stunning!

    Love the new gallery look btw!!

  11. Comment by aurore in August 22, 2007 @ 3:24 pm

    merci beaucoup pour cette article !

  12. Comment by Jess in August 22, 2007 @ 4:11 pm

    the photos are gorgeous! I love the layout in the gallery btw =)

  13. Comment by Monique in August 23, 2007 @ 2:27 am

    Okaaaaaay….I love her dearly, but I’m not too sure about the bangs…

    But then again, even at her very worst Eva looks better than about 99.8% of the world population!!!

    Although, I did like the that particular shot where I think she was looking out the window…she has a magnificent profile…

    Great dress!!! (the grey one)…it sort of reminds me of the papr airplanes I used to make when I was younger…

    Splendid makeover for the photo gallery, guys!

    As usual thanks to the fantastic Mariana!!