M.   /   August 23, 2007   /   9 Comments

Eva Green has a nomination for Best female Performance and Casino Royale best action movie at the National Movie Awards


9 Responses to “New nomination for Ms Green”
  1. Ana Alves Says:

    I really hope that Eva will win!
    She was amazing!

  2. spot Says:

    i hope eva will win! let’s all vote people!

  3. ana Says:

    ive voted! lets hope casino royale wins best action movie and daniel craig best actor too, a great movie!

  4. George Says:

    Ok, done ( I also vote for Craig). I bet that the battle will be between Eva and Keira Knightley for best actress.

  5. Monique Says:

    Got it!!
    Oh, I hope she wins!!!

    She’s got a lot of tough competition….I’m getting nervous…
    I also voted for Daniel and Casino Royale.

    I’ts good that she’s getting more and more recognition, but again, she’s up against a lot of more famous names: Judi Dench? Kiera Knightley? Emma Watson? (no offense to any Emma fans, but I didn’t think there was anything that extraordinary about her acting in Phoenix; frankly, I was expecting more from her.)

    Hope Eva wins!!! She deserves it: Eva’s performance was pretty amazing in Casino Royale, wasn’t it?

    Keeping my fingers crossed ’til we get the announcement!!!!

  6. Aseo Says:

    heyy don’t be so enthousiast, I know it’s Eva but it’s not as important (supposing awards are important) as a BAFTA award or the Oscars. These national movie awards will be initiated this year and aren’t known at all.
    By the way it is quite strange how many new ceremony awards appeared these last years. it’s kind of a trend or I dunno

    But don’t worry that doesn’t stop me from voting a lot for her hehe !!

  7. lola Says:

    I still think this new ceremony will be pretty important because, at the end of the day, it’s voted for by the public – like the Orange Bafta Rising Star Award.

  8. spot Says:

    lola, i agree!

  9. sheem Says:

    i hope eva will win,i voted also daniel craig.