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The Midnight Poison promotion has begun! 😀

EvaAnne was kind enough to send us scans from the September issue of the Dutch Elle and also a translation. Thank you! 🙂

The translation from Dutch can be found in the Press Archives.

I can’t wait for the TV Spot and the printed ads!



Vote for Eva as the “London Frenchie of the Year 2007″: http://www.grandes-ecoles-city-circle.com/vote2007.htm –> Ms Green needs your votes. Marc Levy admirors are also voting a lot. The election is about to end!

Vote for Eva at the NRJ Ciné Awards 2007: http://nrjcineawards.nrj.fr/categorie-meilleur-jeuns-qui-debute-5.html
How do you vote if you don’t understand any French? Click on Eva’s pic among the 4 nominees on the left side of your screen. A bigger image of Eva will appear. Then click on the “Vote!” button which is located at the top on the right. Your vote isn’t complete until you see the following message on your screen: “Merci! Ton vote a bien été enregistré!”.

Vote for Eva, Daniel Craig and Casino Royale at the National Movie Awards:

4 Responses to “Dutch Elle – September 2007”
  1. Sam Says:

    Vivement le spot télé !!!
    Eva va etre magnifique dans cette publicité !

  2. spot Says:

    thanks EvaAnne and Mariana!

  3. Aseo Says:

    Thanks for the translation
    Haha this passion for food and cheese make me so laugh !

  4. Monique Says:

    “I will never be thin”??????

    She’s, like, stick-thin!!! I’m probably three times her size!!! Good grief, how thin do you have to be to be a star????

    The dress looks absolutely lovely, just like a rose…It looks like a dark fairy tale…It’s probably absolute torture to wear, I sympathize with her…but then again, we all have to sacrifice for beauty…

    Glad she likes cheese…(I love it too, actually) Wouldn’t want her to be anorexic…It’s good that she doesn’t care about things like that…

    Did you guys see that “Your View” part in the NMA site…maybe we could add something about Eva there…she’s sorely lacking in comments.