M.   /   August 30, 2007   /   8 Comments

There are two Midnight Poison teaser videos in the Dior website! Go view them NOW! 😀

8 Responses to “Midnight Poison teaser videos”
  1. Charlotte Says:

    Those are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for the heads up.

  2. George Says:

    Mariana are these videos downloadable?

  3. spot Says:

    WOW. just WOW.

  4. maz Says:

    omg, that was probably the best advertising for any perfume eva, *spits at nicole kidman’s chanel no.5 ad*. Wong Kar-Wai is astoundingly talented. I’ddont think ive been that EXCITED about any perfume ad ever, im definately buying the perfume and snatch a poster of eva from a perfume shop..

  5. EvaAnne Says:

    That was so cool! Thank you, Mari!

    And I agree with maz!! 😉

  6. Monique Says:

    It’s so dark, and mysterious, and haunting…
    It’s like finding a darker side of you that you didn’t even know existed…

    Really, I don’t think a poet would come up with words beautiful enough to describe this ad…it doesn’t even seem like an ad, it’s like something from a dream….

    I love the fluidity of it: the way the whirl of Eva’s skirt transforms into the rose…the way her twirling becomes the circling hands of the clock…
    It’s just so…MAGICAL!!!!

    It pains me to say this, because Nicole Kidman is also one of my favorite actresses, but I have to agree with maz…it’s even better than the Chanel No.5 ad.

  7. ana Says:

    wow, its like the perfume and eveything has been designed just for eva, the darkness seems to suit her so well!

  8. maz Says:

    Mariana i just saw the commerical on tv yesterday night!! i live in london by the way. it showed at 11pm and it showed eva on a rope swinging into the ball and everyone was cheering and they used a MUSE track as the music but i dont know which one. i immediately knew it was the ad and i was so excited and completely taken by suprise!