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Eva is also in the September issue of the French mag Numéro with a brand new interview and a brand new photoshoot inspired in the 40s which is an era that she loves.

You can have a preview of her session thanks to Dustcakeboy.

Bigger scans will be coming soon!

I started translating some of the interview highlights. There’s more to come…

“Numéro: Can one be a movie star these days without a contract with a big luxury brand? An actress must also be a fashion icon?
EG: If La Redoute had offered me a collaboration, maybe I’d have said no. But we don’t say no to Dior and Galliano: what John does is sophisticated and cinematographical. It has nothing to do with the idea of having your face everywhere. And I hope that people won’t have this image of me as a model only. It’s a risk: these days, the idea of a star is diluted (…) And then there’s another aspect: I’ll tell you in all honesty, thanks to the money that I received from Dior, I can allow myself to refuse the movie roles that don’t appeal to me. To be able to choose my roles with parsimony is also a luxury! Even more because I’m very slow by nature, and that I really have to love something to put myself into it.

How was it to meet John Galliano?
He had chosen me. So everything went well! I met him two days before shooting the commercial, the dress was already made, it looked like a poisonous plant, entirely blue. I was intimidated because I imagined John as someone very sure of himself. And John is in fact very shy and humble, always improvising. I was extremely happy to meet this guy.

And Wong Kar-wai, who filmed the campaign?
I loved 2046, I was impatient to confront the myth, with his sunglasses, and the reality. Verdict: Wong Kar-wai is very strong. Very demanding too. He really wants to go to the end of his ideas. We started one day, finished at 11am the next day, and he was always as enthousiastic as he was in the beginning! He remade the shots countless times. And it was only a commercial, I can only imagine how he is with a film…

In only 5 years of movie career, you’ve already met some icons: Bertolucci, Ridley Scott, Wong Kar-Wai…
I think that 99% of my success is due to luck.

How did this luck start?
I auditioned for CQ, by Roman Coppola, and I was awful. One month later, the same casting director called me for the Bertolucci film, The Dreamers. I was touring with the theatre in the South of France, I didn’t want to go, she insisted. At this time, I failed all my auditions. I had taken 3 years of acting classes at 17, then I had been in a play by Didier Long.

You had abandoned your studies?
I freaked out in première. I was at Marie de Fénelon in the 17th district of Paris, a very bourgeois school. I had good grades, but I panicked, especially during oral exams. It was too much suffering, I quit suddenly. Then I attended the American School of Paris that I adored.”

10 Responses to “Midnight Star”
  1. George Says:

    Thanks Mariana. Waiting anxiously for the rest… By the way, do you know whether Eva will go to Venice’s Mostra for Bertolucci’s honorary award?

  2. spot Says:

    i hope she’d present the award to him. nice pics by the way. eva looks so classic!

  3. thirtyspokes Says:

    I love all of the activity on the front page this week! Thanks Mariana!!

  4. brulette Says:

    Thanks,Mariana, for posting this interview. To be honest,I did wonder why Eva was focusing so much of her time on modeling. But she explains it very well in that interview. The money she makes from modeling affords her to be selective in her film roles.
    I know other actresses have modeling contracts, I think Nicole Kidman has a contract with Chanel. So it’s not unusual.But some of these other actresses– who also model– have been around longer and are more established in their careers.

    Anyway, Eva clearly understands the risks.
    No one should ever underestimate her. 😉

  5. EvaAnne Says:

    Thank you for the article Mariana! I can’t wait to read the rest.

    What’s La Redoute?

  6. EvaAnne Says:


    “At this time, I failed all my auditions..”

    Curious, anybody know what else Eva auditioned for, before she did The Dreamers?
    I’m so glad that casting director insisted! Imagine, we might not know of Eva otherwise…

  7. Monique Says:

    So 99% of it was luck?
    Good grief, when it rained luck in the world, she must have been awake and catching it all with a bucket…

    I love the pictures…
    Mariana: did I see you say she loved the 40s?
    I love it, too!!! Oh my gosh, she is too cool for words!!!

    And it’s good that she can manage her own money…or at least, she knows her own financial status, unlike some stars today!

  8. Clarisse Says:

    These updates are amazing !
    Thanks !!

    EvaAnne : La Redoute is a french clothes magazine : laredoute.fr 🙂

  9. Mycah Says:

    Wow this shoot is unbelievably gorgeous!

  10. lola Says:

    La Redoute is a French mail order fashion company – our equivalent would be something like Coast or Freemans.