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Continuing with the Numéro translation… Still more to come…

“Bernardo Bertolucci initiated you in the cinema.
When we first met, he asked me to talk about sexuality and politics, the themes of his film. He was very intimidating, but he put me at ease at the same time. In fact, he manipulates people, but without really manipulating them, it’s almost scary! He has undoubtely changed since The Last Tango in Paris. I was waiting for an authoritary personality, and I discovered a man who’s very free spirited.

He had the intuition to make you film in 2003 with Louis Garrel and Michael Pitt, two actors who represent today the new generation.
This film has been my best experience so far. It was my adolescence crisis, we would go have dinner every Saturday at Bertolucci’s, he talked to us about cinema and music, euphoria was in the air. I wasn’t conscious of anything, I felt released, but it was good… He considered us like the children he has never had, without treating us like children for as much. I trusted him to shoot the nude scenes, I knew that he was the master of eroticism and that we would avoid porn. And then under those circumstances, we were really stressed, the level of adrenaline was so high that we are very focused and we don’t overthink. We are like children. I remember that Michael Pitt came to my dressing room and he opened his robe while smiling, to lighten up the atmosphere.

Bertolucci explained to you why he chose you?

He made comments about your “indecent beauty” afterwards.
It’s very much like him! I can see him saying that with a naughty look on his face to tease… It’s a quote for the journalists.

There’s a provocative side to this film…
In real life, I’m not like that, but I like to be like that in my roles. When I was taking acting classes, I always chose Lady Macbeth, Mary Tudor, Cleopatra, roles of women who really express themselves.

Bertolucci has also put you in a genealogy of cinema. In The Dreamers, you perform a scene in homage to Greta Garbo…
… And there’s also Marlene Dietrich, François Truffaut…

… And Top Hat with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.
To debut in the cinema by reinventing the roles of legendary actresses, it was like sitting on a comfortable pillow. I didn’t see all these films, I wasn’t such a big cinephile like my character… I built myself a movie culture thanks to Bertolucci.

Did you have any movie icons?
Bette Davis, more than Greta Garbo, because she has something more dry, maybe deeper.

Did you mom, Marlène Jobert, show you her films like Nous Ne Vieillirons Pas Ensemble by Maurice Pialat?
Yes, but she never forced me. She simply told me: ‘You’re a masochist anyway, so the acting business is for you!’ She is always there, she supports me. She knows that this career is difficult and that everything depends on the desires of others. She understands that all my castings put me in a terrible state.

Even now?
I’m lucky enough to make less castings since I filmed the last James Bond.”

6 Responses to “Midnight Star #2”
  1. George Says:

    Thnx Mariana for your time to translate the interesting interview. Now, I think Eva will go to Venice for her Pygmaleon…

  2. marta Says:

    Thank you Mariana, it’s really sweet of you to translate it for us!

  3. brulette Says:

    Thanks,Mariana. Reading this interview i was thinking: ‘ I so happy that the filming of The Dreamers was a positive and enjoyable experience for Eva”.
    It was such a wonderful film debut. And it’s one of my favorite films.

  4. Monique Says:

    She’s a very emotional person, isn’t she?

    I also got the impression that she’s a bit of a philosopher…very wise and very deep, which are qualities that are very hard to find in people, famous or not…

    Brulette: I think you’re right, it was a very good movie, and I’m wondering why it didn’t receive its rightful amount of appreciation….
    t was a very risky debut film, what with the nudity involved, but the risk paid off…

    Thanks once again, Mariana!

  5. spot Says:

    thanks Mariana for translating. the interview’s very interesting. Eva’s really an old soul.

  6. brulette Says:

    Monique: I think a lot of people and critics( they’re people too. lol.) compared The Dreamers unfavorably to Bertolucci’s classic films( Last Tango, The Conformist,etc.) One exception was Roger Ebert. He was living in Paris during May’68, and if you read his review, it’s obvious, The Dreamers struck a deep chord with him.
    Sometimes an artist’s legendary works overshadow his or/her’s recent contributions to the world of art–no matter how good.