M.   /   September 03, 2007   /   3 Comments

For everything related to the tale, the commercial and its muse, go the Dior website.

3 Responses to “Midnight Poison Madness”
  1. Celeste Says:

    Eva looks preternaturally beautiful. I hope they will have samples of the perfume available.

  2. Monique Says:

    The Dior website version is better than the Youtube version (Duh!)

    Check out the Bonus part!!!
    All the time and energy spent on the dress: 850 hours and every sequin sewed on piece by piece!!!! Talk about dedication!

    The folks at Dior certainly know how to weave a spell: “No two women will have the same bottle”…Well, of course!

    Eva looks fantastic as usual, she was born to wear that dress…I hope this product and its endorsement will be successful…just looking at the site makes me optimistic that it will be…

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