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National Movie Awards is on 29th September on ITV at 9:30pm-10:55pm.

Thanks to Lorna for the info.

8 Responses to “National Movie Awards”
  1. Aseo Says:

    Will Eva be there ? If so, it would be nice if someone can record the show

  2. maz Says:

    ooo cannot wait! i love award shows

  3. Monique Says:

    Ahh, well..I won’t be able to watch it, we don’t get that channel here in the Phils…

    Maybe a video of it will and somewhere…

    I wish I could be there to offer support for Eva….Anyway, we voted, and it’s time to see the fuits of our efforts.

  4. spot Says:

    for anyone out there who’ll be fortunate to see the awards show (and if Eva will be attending): please record it. thank you.

  5. George Says:

    Paradoxically, if you go to the site (http://www.nationalmovieawards.com/) in the “your view” section you will see that there is only one comment about Eva (a lot for Ema Watson and Keira Knightley). Hopefully Eva will be the surprise (the silent power…)

  6. Monique Says:

    Hope you’re right, George…Her quiet, but hard to ignore pressence will not allow her to go unnoticed…

  7. Tom Says:

    She lost to Emma Watson.

  8. Saverio Says:

    Oh no, Emma Watson wins. -.-