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Thanks to Kazou!

14 Responses to “New “Golden Compass” promo shots”
  1. Cal Says:

    Gorgeous! Can;t wait for the movie!!!

  2. spot Says:

    serafina! many thanks to kazou and mariana!

  3. EvaAnne Says:

    Oooooh..very pretty! Thank you Kazou and Mariana!

  4. Kasia Says:

    barefoot & no makeup!

  5. Clarisse Says:

    Amazing pics !

  6. Mycah Says:


  7. brulette Says:

    I love these promo shots–thanks!
    Eva doesn’t seem to be wearing a lot of make-up; you can really notice her natural beauty in these pics.

  8. Monique Says:

    So beautiful…she looks very, very nice whenever she does the natural look…she should do it a bit more often…
    See the way her dress billows softly? I like the effect…

    Thanks guys!

  9. Roberta Says:

    Beautiful! Thanks!!

  10. Pauline Says:

    Oh Mariana j’ai pas beaucoup de notions du temps … Entre les vacances et la rentrée qui n’est plus chez moi , mais j’aurais internet à partir de la semaine qui vient

    Je t’enverrais un mail pour donner de mes nouvelles

    PS Eva fait la une de madame figaro ( je n’y suis malheureusement plus abonnée )
    Et sur vanity fait deutch tu peux trouver une vidéo de la soirée de dior à paris ( il y a toute une mise en scéne par eva et john )

    ++++ et de tout coeur pour d’autres projets d’eva

  11. Monique Says:

    The rippling effect the dress makes is fantastic, but they could have done so much better for her…

    Eva is naturally beautiful and there’s so much an artist can do with that…Remember MP ad? This is just my opinion, but it seems to me they’re not doing all they can do with Serafina’s character…

    I speak as a trueblue Eva fan: I really want The Golden Compass to work…we all do…but I see some negative comments about the movie, and a lot of them have something to do with Eva, her costume, her missing pine cloud, and the way they handled scene…I have to admit, it did seem a little off, it’s not as natural or realistic as it should look…

    But as usual, her beauty shines through…and I still can’t wait for the movie!!!

    Thanks Mariana! Thanks Kazou, as well!

  12. Monique Says:

    Saw a video on Youtube: French Beauty on Screen…

    Very nice video, it contains a picture of Eva, and another of her mother…Beautiful, black and white, though…

  13. aurore Says:

    eva n’a pas gagné le nrj ciné award ! dommage !

  14. Squirt Says:

    Squirt! 🙂

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