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Principal photography has begun on Ryan Phillippe’s new film, Franklyn.

The feature debut for writer/director Gerald McMorrow also stars Eva Green, Sam Riley, Bernard Hill, Susannah York and Art Malik.

Set between the parallel worlds of contemporary London and the “futuristic faith-dominated metropolis” of Meanwhile City, the flick weaves a tale of four lost souls, whose lives are intertwined by love, fate and tragedy.

Produced by Jeremy Thomas and co-produced by Alexandra Stone and Nick O’Hagan, Franklyn marks the feature film debut of award-winning director Gerald McMorrow, whose short film Thespian X won the TCM Classic Shorts Film Competition. Peter Watson is executive producer.

Jeremy said: “We’ve had wonderful experiences working with first-time directors such as Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast) and David Mackenzie (Young Adam) to bring their talent to audiences around the world and we are very excited by Gerald’s creativity and convinced that this will be a powerful and dynamic film.”

Source: This is North Scotland

4 Responses to “Filming of “Franklyn” starts”
  1. EvaAnne Says:

    Yay! So exciting! Any pics out yet?

  2. spot Says:

    glad they’ve already started work on Franklyn. thanks for the update Mariana!

  3. Monique Says:

    She’s going to try to comit suicide in the movie, isn’t that what she said?
    I’ve been waiting for her to try that…the Casino Royale death scene doesn’t really count, she has to be really, really, neurotic here…I mean, like, I’m-depressed-there’s-nothing-good-in-my-life disturbed…
    Challenge…but she can do it, no doubt!

  4. Monique Says:

    First line, observe…

    “Ryan Phillippe’s” film…ummm, is it just me or is it spotlight-hogging kind of heading? Okay, Ryan’s more famous than Eva and Sam Riley, but they could have done: the new film, “Franklyn”, starring, Ryan Phillippe, Eva Green, Sam Riley, etc….

    Yeah, maybe it’s just me…