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Better late than never…

After my computer broke down, I lost tracks of things… But here is the October Calendar page thanks to our awesome mata!

10 Responses to “October Calendar page”
  1. George Says:

    Thank you Mata. We were anxiously expecting it…(Look at my comment on October 5th -4th comment). Serafina is indeed inspiring!

  2. spot Says:

    Thank you very much mata and Mariana!

    PS: maybe another Serafina calendar for December for The Golden Compass’s release? 😉

  3. George Says:

    Good idea Spot!

  4. Kasia Says:

    another good idea would be changing the layout;D

  5. Mariana Says:

    Kasia: I was keeping it a surprise. lol

  6. spot Says:

    Mariana: oh shusssh Mariana! i was having a strange feeling it will change soon. hahahaha

  7. Monique Says:

    Oooohh, I can’t wait, Mariana!!!

    mata: as usual, you display excellent taste…I love it!

  8. Mariana Says:

    But I have to say that I LOVE this layout and I’m not tired of it. It looks clean and professional and what I like the most about it is that Eva isn’t vampish. She looks gorgeous no matter what. But most of her photoshoots are sexy and vampish and I like when she’s delicate and fresh too. Maybe one day I’ll keep the same layout for a whole year. Who knows… 😉

  9. spot Says:

    Mariana: her looking delicate, fresh and youthful is my favorite look of her! don’t change the layout for now 🙂

  10. George Says:

    Mariana we have pretty much the same taste about Eva’s look: the cleaner(simpler) the better.