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The very first promotional shot of “Franklyn” is now out! It portrays Eva Green (Emilia) and Sam Riley (Milo). How exciting, isn’t it?!

By the way, if you can, go and see “Control” in which Riley portrays Ian Curtis, the singer of Joy Division. He’s truly great in it. And the photography is absolutely beautiful. I definitely recommend the film and hope to see more of Sam Riley in the future.

EDIT: Here’s a scan from today’s Daily Mail thanks to Lorna!

13 Responses to “Emilia & Milo”
  1. spot Says:

    Sam Riley looks funny on that pic. lol. I love Eva’s jacket and boots. can’t wait for Franklyn to come out! 😉

  2. George Says:

    I haven’t seen Control yet but I also read some complimentary reviews for Riley (represented also by Tavistock Wood. They are doing good job in discovering and promoting new talents).
    Spot: they both seem to enjoy the shooting but yes Eva looks as an experienced professional while Riley is playing a little funny. It will be an interesting movie…

  3. George Says:

    Ooops! Forgot to thank you Mariana…

  4. Monique Says:


    They look so cute!!!!

    spot: Ditto!!!

    George: I definitely agree…and I can’t wait to see just how interesting it will be!

    Thanks Mariana!!!

  5. Cal Says:

    Her boots are amazing. I think Sam Riley is really cute and incredibly talented. I can’t wait to see this.

  6. spot Says:

    sorry i forgot to mention, i love Sam Riley’s performance in Control…and thanks a lot Mariana!

  7. thirtyspokes Says:

    They look like they will compliment each other very well in the movie!

    I’m very excited for its release, especially as it is an original screenplay… Unlike Casino Royale (which was my favorite role thusfar for Eva!) or the Golden Compass (which I also anticipate!) none of us have any idea what to expect with Franklyn – it’s very mysterious sounding and I can’t wait to see what the plot has in store for us!

  8. Aseo Says:

    Well, looks good

  9. EvaAnne Says:

    Very exciting, indeed! Thank you so much, Mariana!!!!

    I love Eva’s look…but that’s probably because I sometimes dress like that in real life! 😉

    And I will definately see “Control”, because the great Anton Corbijn made it!

  10. spot Says:

    it looks like your unusual art film

  11. Tom Says:

    He looks like a freak and I don’t think he should be let around children! I can only hope this is the ONLY photo they had and not the best one they had!

  12. spot Says:

    EvaAnne: i just remembered the Eva wearing-like girls in the forum 😉

  13. Riikka Says:

    Great picture!

    I agree, Sam Riley was amazing in Control! Good stuff.