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Thanks to Holli of Dakota Blue Richards Resource, we have HQ screencaps from the “Golden Compass” trailer. Enjoy! 🙂

13 Responses to “HQ Caps from the “Golden Compass” Trailer”
  1. Monique Says:

    Thanks guys!!!! Much appreciated…

    But is it just me or is the lighting a bit off…It’s a little too dark, don’t you think?
    Can’t see her face…

    Oh well…

  2. George Says:

    Thanks Mariana and Holli. I like her wild look, curly hair without make-up. Is it the same person with the Midnight Poison ad ? Eva is unique in disguising according to the role… She must pretty much enjoy it!

  3. spot Says:

    screencaps! can’t wait for TGC to come out. merci Holli and Mariana! 😉

  4. spot Says:


    Monique: the lighting is not a bit off because it’s suppose to be like that. from the looks of it, the scene must be either the rescuing of Lyra and the other children in Bolvangar or the Battle in Svalbard. My money’s on the Battle of Svalbard 😉 Svalbard and Bolvangar are on the northern part of Lyra’s world (near the North Pole,) though Svalbard is farther/closer to the North Pole.

  5. spot Says:

    George: what do you mean with “Is it the same person with the Midnight Poison ad ?”?

    If you mean the director, no, TGC’s director is Chris Weitz (About A Boy & American Pie). Midnight Poison was directed by legendary director Wong Kar Wai.

  6. George Says:

    spot: I mean that Eva has a very-very different look in the two roles that you can hardly believe that it is the same person

  7. spot Says:

    George: well our girl’s a chameleon! 🙂

  8. Monique Says:

    spot: yeah, Eva is sort of like a chameleon…she’s very flexible and versatile…imagine going from Vesper Lynd, with all that make-up and glamorous dresses, to Serafina Pekkala, who is more in touch with nature…

    Wait a minute…I don’t think Serafina was in the Battle at Svalbard, or was she? That was the fight between Iorek and Iofur wasn’t it?…was Serafina in it?
    Maybe it was the Bolvangar scene…Oh well, it is the North, so I guess it’s bound to be dark either way…

  9. George Says:

    spot: I definitely agree. Don’t forget chameleons are basically GREEN. Hmmm…. Going back to our rockstar roles, we might see Eva as Boy George! (can you guess my coherence?)

  10. spot Says:


    as far as i can remember, the witches appears in Bolvangar (both good -Serafina’s witches …and the bad -those who sided with Mrs. Coulter) and there was a battle which included Mrs. Coulter’s zeppelin and before Lyra separates with Iorek Byrnison to cross over the icy bridge to get to Roger and Lord Asriel.

    …however on second thought, the scene on the screencaps might be Serafina’s introduction scene as i assume it’s the exact scene where she saves Lyra and the first time Lyra sees her up close.

    George: LOL @ chameleons being GREEN! ….i get your coherence, my friend *winks* KARMA KARMA KARMA CHAMELEON!!!! hahahahaha….but the thought of Eva as Boy George (or dressing up as Boy George) makes me cringe.

  11. Monique Says:


    spot: Serafina’s introduction scene, that I can remember…She told Lyra about her son with Coram, didn’t she? Think they’ll put that in the movie? (I’d really like to see their love story on screen, especially when Coram saves her life on the marsh.)

  12. spot Says:

    Monique: i don’t think the part where she tells her history with Farder Coram is in her introduction scene. You have no idea how i want them to show her love story with Farder Coram. i actually have an exact sequence of images in my head how it should be shown. LOL.

  13. Monique Says:

    spot: I’ve have an image in my head as well on how they’ll play the love story…
    They [Serafina and Coram] do have a scene together…okay, it’s short, but still IT’S THERE…it’s in the “Flying with Witches” part…Eva’s talking to the actor playing Coram…I absolutely CANNOT wait!