M.   /   November 02, 2007   /   3 Comments

I’d like to thank everyone who voted for Eva as the best French artist who lives in London, but unfortunately she didn’t win the election. The lucky winner was writer Marc Lévy. Congrats to him! Eva didn’t attend the awards ceremony yesterday, so there are no photos of her. I’d also like to thank Laurent Feniou who organized the event and who kept me informed about everything concerning it.

3 Responses to “London Frenchie of the Year”
  1. spot Says:

    too bad she didn’t win, it would’ve rocked! but oh well, there’s always next year 😉

  2. George Says:

    I think that it’s good for Eva to win few but big prizes than many small. I don,t want her want her as “busybody” in show biz events…

  3. Monique Says:

    Yeah..that’s too bad..but London Frenchie Award winner or not, she’s still my favorite actress…