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Although he is in a relationship with French actor and Bond girl Eva Green, whom he met on the set of Kingdom Of Heaven, he manages to dodge the paparazzi’s radar.

You’ll never see him out to dinner with Posh and Becks. In fact, Csokas refuses to acknowledge his relationship with Green at all, apart from an oblique reference to spending “a lot of time in Paris”.

“Otherwise it [the relationship] starts landing in a lot of other places,” he says, referring to the pages of celebrity magazines. “It’s nice to avoid all that.”


Csokas is looking forward to a day where he can put down roots and start a family.

“I’m drifting, but that will change. Relationships can be difficult when you are transient. At some point I will probably put a flag down.” But where? There’s his birth country of New Zealand; then there is Sydney, which he “loves”; London where he has a home, and Los Angeles where he often works. And then there’s Paris.

“We’ll see,” he says with an enigmatic half-smile, careful not to give too much away.

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6 Responses to “Mention to Eva in Marton Csokas interview”
  1. spot Says:

    some vague Eva reference there. glad to know they’re very private.

    don’t shoot me but i was first intrigued with the first part of the sentence: “Although he is in a relationship with French actor…” ….i was like “what?!” i thought he was gay at first reading (of course this is until i realized the part was about Eva). LOL.

  2. George Says:

    Lucky Marton! (and lucky Eva that she has a so discrete, low-profile friend).

  3. Monique Says:

    Now I know what she sees in him…they actually have a lot in common…

    spot: that’s okay, I was a little confused at first as well…the writer should have made his words clearer…weird arrangement of words, if you ask me…

    Get this: “Csokas is looking forward to a day where he can put down roots and start a family.”….Okaaaaay, do I hear the distant-but-coming-closer peal of wedding bells? Correct me if I’m wrong or getting the not-quite-right impression….

    Anyway, good luck to Eva and Marton on their relationship…

  4. Sienna Says:

    What character did he play in Kingdom Of Heaven?

  5. Monique Says:

    Sienna: Marton Csokas was Guy…Sibylla’s husband.

  6. Sienna Says:

    Oh right! Thanks. 🙂