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This Tuesday is the big world premiere of the “Golden Compass”. Here you’ll find all the coverage you’ll need on our favorite “witch”, Eva Green. But, if you want to have full coverage on her talented co-stars as well, please visit: Dedicated to Daniel (Craig), Nicole’s Magic, Dakota Blue Richards Resource, Dakota Blue Richards Online (in Spanish). For all things HDM, visit BridgeToTheStars.net.

3 Responses to ““Golden Compass” links”
  1. Jessica Says:

    Is the big premiere in London?

  2. spot Says:

    thanks Mariana! this should give us all Eva and HDM followers full coverage 🙂

    can’t wait for the premiere pics to pop up!

  3. Lola Says:

    I know this is off the pont, but would anyone be able to leave me a link to an LJ icon of Eva where she is to our our right (her left) and wearing a rich red satin Prada coat. I first saw the pic in Vanity Fair at the end of 2006 (Diamonds are for Eva) & it was reprinted in Australian Vogue this year. I would be eva so greatful! Thanks.