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Tonight the capital of Spain received the enchating Bond girl with a red carpet. Invited to a gala held at the Ritz Hotel for the launch of Midnight Poison, the beautiful egery of the perfume came down from a carriage, wearing a sumptuous Dior dress imagined by John Galliano, with make-up done by Christophe Danchaud. At her arms was Gonzalo Miró, son of the filmmaker Pilar Miró, playing the role of the Prince Charming.

Source: Madame Figaro

4 Responses to “Eva Green reigns over Madrid”
  1. George Says:

    Eva is really hot these days. A really busy December from plane to plane. Courage Eva… Any photos from lucky Spain?

  2. spot Says:

    i want pics from this event!!!!

  3. thirtyspokes Says:

    What an odd photo shoot… I love it!

  4. Monique Says:

    BIG time…busy, busy,busy….she won’t be out of work too long after Franklyn