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Daniel Craig, Eva Green and others are pining for an extended version of the flick to appear on its DVD.


Also shot but not included in the theatrical release of “Compass” — and therefore available for inclusion in the extended version — is more back story relating to the love narrative between the witch Serafina and Farder Coram.

“She had a love affair 50 years ago,” explained Eva Green, who plays Serafina, “when Farder Coram was 30-something. They had a child together, but the child died, and she had to go back to her world and become queen, while he just became an old man.”

In the world of “The Golden Compass,” witches live for hundreds of years, so while Farder Coram got old, she did not. So in the scene that was shot (but not used), she doesn’t wish to remind him of their heartbreak when she visits the boat he’s on, so she turns invisible for a moment.

“He can’t see her, and it’s painful for her too,” Green said. “So when he goes up on deck, she disappears, and he can sense her, or at least he senses something, but he goes back under, and he’s very sad. It makes her cry.”

Green says she understands why the scene was cut from the film. “You can’t have everything in a movie like that,” she said. “You have to make sacrifices.” But she’s hopeful it’ll be returned to a director’s cut. “It’s such a sad story,” she said.

“There’s a lot of those little kinds of detours along the way that didn’t serve the movie or move the plot forward. There can’t be that many more versions, like the X-rated version,” Weitz joked, “but there are some aspects, like more time with the Gyptians, that can be brought out in a director’s cut. It would be fun for the readers of the books.”

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5 Responses to “‘Golden Compass’ Leftovers Pointing To A Potentially Packed Director’s Cut”
  1. Monique Says:

    Yeah, you know I’d been wondering whether the scenes were just cut before being shown in the Phils…apparently not…

    It’s like Kingdom of Heaven all over again, isn’t it? Her screen time was woefully insufficient for any watching and waiting Eva fan…

    I missed the first twenty minutes of the movie…Oh, woe is me…

    I hope, I hope, I hope they make the Director’s Cut version…Didn’t get the KoH direcor’s cut, but I am so gonna buy this one!

  2. George Says:

    Monique they are doing it in order to make us (the Eva’s appreciators) buy also the Director’s cut in DVD like it happen in the Kingdom of Heaven (lol). I saw recently the KoH Director’s cut version and I understand Eva’s complaints about the theatrical release. It’s really disappointing to shot a lot of beautiful scenes and finally they are left out from the movie (even if they are included in the director’s cut which surely directed to a reduced audience). On the other hand, you cannot have everybody pleased in a 2 hours version…

  3. Aeso Says:

    I also found Eva’s scenes too short !! There’s maybe 3 minutes where we see her completly. That’s a bit disappointing for an Eva fan…

  4. Monique Says:

    George: I know…where’d you get the KoH Director’s Cut…I cannot find it anywhere in the Phils…I would watch the movie [TGC] even if it took five hours if it had more Eva scenes in it!

  5. George Says:

    Monique: Amazon order…