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Better late than never… 😉
We now have scans from the September 29th issue of Madame Figaro. Credit goes to Nelia.

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  1. Tango_down Says:

    Splendid interview, wonderfully written, as instant shared with Eva who invites us in her privacy.
    I like these interviews which do not deal in a rebarbative way with the characters whom she plays in cinema, but make acquaintance and draw the portrait of this atypical personality who is Eva.
    What a simple, sincere, loving and thoughtful woman…
    Thanks a lot Nelia and Mariana 😉

    I think that people will ask us for a translation

  2. thirtyspokes Says:

    Tango_down, of course we will! I would love to know this atypical personality! What a wonderful thing translation is, enabling people to know others from all parts of the world. 😉

    Beatufiul photographs too. Eva doesn’t wear shades of pink too often, and she’s admittedly not a “pink” kind of girl, but it certainly looks good on her!

  3. Tango_down Says:

    For people who don’t understand the language of Molière 🙂
    Sorry if there are some errors
    I especially wanted to translate this interview because it’s a wonderful text, a true delight for people who appreciate Eva
    Enjoy 😉

    She says : « I don’t know what I give off. You suggest the word “sexy”, but I don’t believe to be very sexy, it’s the picture of me shown in movies. I like to be under control, to have the security of prior job before let myself go. I’m very shy, and then sometimes, maybe because I feel at ease, I’m suddenly going to say very crude things. It’s as a double facet. Sometimes nervousness eats everything, sometimes I’m very amorphous. In love, I give impression that I crossed many things while it’s not true, and then suddenly I’m going to act as a teenager…”
    Double facet ? It’s probably the one solicited for the character of Vesper Lynd in “Casino Royale “, James Bond where Daniel Craig took back the role. What inspires in her worldwide notability, often ephemeral, that always causes the fact to have been in the arms of the secret agent ? I was very afraid to be overexposed by the media. In London, each time Daniel Craig takes out his garbage, paparazzi follow him. Being Angelina Jolie, this must be terrible. In fact, luxury is not for me a way of life, only a side “let’s be mad for an evening “, and besides I’m not a fatal woman.” She adds with a mischievous air : “I like to look at tango, but I don’t know how to dance it”.
    At the period of James Bond release, cabals had announced that success went to Eva Green’s head. If there was fever, it has disappeared. We fell that the question of instant, for her, it’s first of all to be an actress. She says that she likes Jeanne Moreau, Juliette Binoche, Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter. Portraits rather aristocratic, artists , with character and voice. Her voice, by the way ? She smiles: “I have an elocution teacher in English, she reproaches me for speaking too much in my throat, too deep. I put the tone up, I refocus.” The beauty of this voice is not in its insurance, but in what it suggests of light-dark. And then, to look at Eva Green, we think that she really doesn’t look like the redhead with freckles which was her mother in cinema. I ask her how she sees Marlène Jobert. Answer : “When I was child, I didn’t go on the movie sets. I liked movies as “Alexandre le Bienheureux” or “Les Mariés de l’an II”. Now, I discover my mother better in movies such “Le passager de la pluie” or “Nous ne vieillirons pas ensemble”. She is very cute, she is purity, fragility, with a frenchie side of Shirley Maclaine. Her playing is a mixture between the stress of adrenalin and the self-confidence, she was very perfectionist and my controlled side comes surely from there. Today, her voice has changed, as though she had smoked…” Eva Green marks a pause, then adds on a tone of dreamy observation : ” When I look at her movies, I don’t see an actress, I see my mother. ” Are they private or distant ? Apparently, very close : ” I have a relation of symbiosis, I need her, I call her every day. We travel often together, we repeat to the point of dying from it, she is very patient, devoted, almost too much. My mother is very overdemanding for her also, she newly made progress in English ” specifies her daughter with a smile.
    We will soon see Eva Green in ” The Golden compass” the first period of “At the crossroads of the worlds “, a gothic trilogy as “Lord of the rings “. She plays a good witch who helps a child to cross the magical worlds. The parents of the child are played by Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig-him again. Would Eva Green be a fairy with magic wand rather than a possible mother ? She bursts out : ” A child? Oh là là ! not now. My mother had me in forty years, therefore I move forward according to her example, and I have impression not to be rather mature. ” She adds laughing : ” At the moment, my maternal grain practises by default on my dog. ” The dog is called Griffin. During summer, Eva Green filmed in “Franklyn”, a movie of morals located in London, with John Hurt and Paul Bettany. It seems amusing for her to play there a student of St Martin, the fashion school where was John Galliano, her diorissime friend.
    We speak about women, Eva Green says not to like female misogyny, competition between actresses. Regarding her twin sister, she suggests: ” I know that she is proud of me, but with distance. We have time, I think that we are going to meet later. ” People murmur that there were several actors in Eva’s life, she’ll concede only that regarding men or women, it’s first of all the aura which matters her, more than a quality or a physical trait characteristics. People say that she is rather intellectual. Because she is French ? But the last movie she liked, “Inland Empire”, by David Lynch, the last book she read, “Norwegian Wood”, by the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, the directors with whom she would dream to film show a tendency for refinement, according with the intellectual climate of her city of residence, London.
    Time has passed. Eva Green gets up to go to check, by curiosity, if the door of the private room where we speak is provided with a bolt, as at the period when the favourable senators invited the little women of Paris there. And it’s delightful, this gesture nimble and entertained by a chimera full of life, it seems to be suddenly, with the eyes blackened by low light, a silhouette of Van Dongen, a vibrating picture of red and white. This actress is a woman who plays. This heiress draws her face with stolen pencils. We imagine her picking the time as a nice fruit.
    There is no bolt.

  4. Tango_down Says:

    I forgot to take back and to mention in the front last paragraph :

    “…the directors with whom she would dream to film (Lars von Trier, Spike Jonze, David Fincher) show a tendency for refinement…”

    I hope that we will then be able to react on some of her purposes 😉

  5. George Says:

    Tango_down you are fantastic! It takes several minutes just to read, imagine to translate… But I agree it’s worthy and inspiring for the translator and the readers.

  6. George Says:

    Nice shoes at the last photo, althought they are not very warm for winter time… I like very much the concept in this photo with all these posters

  7. EvaAnne Says:

    Thank you Tango_down!!!

  8. Tango_down Says:

    Thanks Georges but it took me only an hour
    I have to practice my English as a future engineer 😀

  9. George Says:

    Tango_down: …which means a practical mind. Which university if I am not indiscreet?

  10. Monique Says:

    Tango_down: you are the BEST!!! I love you, whoever and wherever you are! It’s one of the best interviews of Eva ever, and I am able to understand it, thanks to you!!! Good work!!

    Oh, and good luck on your chosen field, from what my friends who take up engineering as a course tell me, it’s supposed to be really tough…

    I love her dress on the cover, and her eye makeup.

  11. Monique Says:

    Additional: Thanks Mariana and Nelia!!! Love it!!!

  12. Tango_down Says:

    I am studying in Paris (3rd arrondissement) in a school which is called “Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers” (CNAM). It’s at the same time a museum (where we can see in the chapel the pendulum of Foucault which he used to prove for the first time that Earth turns on itself) and a big school.
    Besides the subway/tube station to go there is called “Arts et Métiers” and it’s the one that Eva crosses in the Midnight Poison advert (just after she takes down the spiral staircase, when we can see a train passing), it’s an original station with decor of a submarine city.
    Since then this station’s quay has earned a lot of prestige, in my opinion I mean 😀

  13. Tango_down Says:

    Monique :
    You’re welcome !
    Thanks for all the encouragement for my studies
    I also feel that it was one of the best interviews which we could read on her, rather rare, that’s why it was necessary to translate it.
    We can’t find nowhere else this confidentiality on this relation of symbiosis with her mother, and on her vision of motherhood (I love her humour regarding her dog).

  14. George Says:

    Very well Tango_down! France has a great engineering tradition. And what about the expertise, civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, computer engineer or other ?

  15. Tango_down Says:

    Computer 🙂
    There should not be a forum to discuss all this?

  16. thirtyspokes Says:

    Tango_down, merci beaucoup! 🙂

    Thank you for taking the time to translate this interview… you are right, it was great! I agree, the ones about her roles in films get to be quite redundant. (I am always happy to read an Eva interview though!)

    What I really enjoy about these more personal interviews is that she manages to give us very savory glimpses of her but never overexposes herself. I feel like no matter how many candid interviews she gives, we’ll always feel that she is just out of grasp.

  17. Monique Says:

    Tango_down: You’re right…it is a rare interview, you’ll learn a lot if you read between the lines…
    I know people who are taking up engineering and they say it’s hell getting good grades (I wouldn’t know, though, I’m taking Physical Therapy), is it the same there in France?

    thirtyspokes: That’s true…she never reveals too much of herself, that’s why we never find her in those tabloids…I’m sure I won’t, but if I did, I would probably a bit disappointed to see her in a tabloid…