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December 21, 2007 12:00am
Article from: The Daily Telegraph

IT’S bonjour Sydney for Bond girl Eva Green, who has jetted into the Harbour city to add some potential big-screen sparkle to Australian director George Miller’s Christmas.

According to film industry insiders, the French femme fatale is in town to audition for Miller’s upcoming blockbuster Justice League of America, to be shot at Fox Studios next year.

Strangely, Green opted to miss Sunday night’s premiere of The Golden Compass, in which she stars opposite Nicole Kidman.

However, diners at Bronte restaurant Bonsai were stirred, not shaken, to sit alongside a Bond girl when Green popped in for dinner with her boyfriend, actor Marton Csokas, on Tuesday night.

“She looked like she’d just stepped off the plane but she was absolutely stunning,” one observer said.

18 Responses to “Bond girl in Sydney audition”
  1. EvaAnne Says:

    A potential new film…! Does anyone know what “Justice League of America” is about?

  2. Mariana Says:

    EvaAnne: According to http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0974015/, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash and other superheroes unite to to fight against evil forces.

  3. George Says:

    So, Eva as the Wonder Woman will be cool. Now that she gets used to fly who can stop her…
    Was she in Sydney during TGC premiere? I don’t think so.

  4. Tom Says:

    I hope she doesn’t do it. It’s a commercial sell out!!!

  5. spot Says:

    Justice League of America?!?!?! OH NO 🙁

    honestly, i hope she doesn’t do it.

  6. Tango_down Says:

    I agree with Tom. Bertolucci regretted her orientation towards blockbusters and said that she should come back to more artistic movies as at her beginning. I think he’s right. I won’t be very enthusiast if she’ll play Wonder Woman, Eva is much more worth than a role of great heroine.
    On the other hand, we could see that all blockbusters in which she played (except Bond ) didn’t meet success (I don’t say that it’s her fault, contrariwise !!), Arsene Lupin, KoH where she was cut, and now TGC which according to actual Box Office is in good way to be an echec once again, as well in France as in the USA. For my part I consider her participation rather insignificant in TGC, at least in this 1st episode.
    But as she said in a recent interview, she has to earn money to live from her passion, and we know that she works in a very difficult environment, so maybe she makes the choice to alternate between blockbusters and artistic movies to be able to live from her job.
    I have many hope that she’ll sublimate us once again on Franklyn.
    Eva has a great potential and we know that it’s not in blockbusters that she’ll carry it at highest. But Eva is Eva, and first of all, she makes what she wants 🙂

  7. EvaAnne Says:

    Hhhmmm….I agree with Tom that it doesn’t look too good…. But then again, I thought the same when I first heard she was going to be a “Bond girl” in a “Bond movie”, and Casino Royale truned out wonderful….

  8. kazou Says:

    I agree with Tom… it sounds just horrible…

  9. Peps Says:

    I hope she could choose something much interesting..

  10. George Says:

    Maybe it isn’t the best role she had in her mind (or we) but I agree with EvaAnne neither the “Bond girl” was (at least a priori). Maybe we have a similar case here and surely Eva (or her manager) filtered the offered script. Moreover, I agree with Tango_down that these choices or the commercials, “fund” the artistic movies that Eva (…or we?) has in mind. It can be seen as an “inevitable compromise” that most of the stars are doing and sometimes may reveal something interesting. Conclusively, I don’t find the idea repulsive and I trust in Eva, that even in a movie like this, she can leave her stamp…

  11. thirtyspokes Says:

    I am not worried… We all know how Eva scrutinizes scripts, and how she will only choose what is meaningful to her. Even if she does choose to be apart of this production, as EvaAnne reminded us: don’t forget the unanticipated wonders of Casino Royale!

    With all of the modeling & interviewing she’s been doing lately, and with 2 films just wrapped up, I can’t imagine she’s at the point where she’s so desperate for money that she’ll take what she can get!

  12. Monique Says:

    Tom and spot: I absolutely agree…I mean, I have nothing against the Justice League, but I just can’t see Eva being WonderWoman or Hawk Girl, or whoever…Really, I just can’t…
    The Bond girl role, I can see why she took that, Vesper was, well, dark and enigmatic, and the character had a lot of depth…but seriously, I really can’t imagine seeing an action figure of a superhero bearing a likeness to Eva’s face (the Serafina Pekkala doll, at least had all its clothes on, superheroes only wear colorful underwear, honestly, I think it’s kinda freaky)…it would be a little too much like Superman Returns or Batman Begins for my taste…
    But then again, I’m a hundred percent behind her in every role she chooses to take…

  13. Monique Says:

    Question: If ever this project (Justice League of Amrica) doesn’t push through, what’s next for Eva after Franklyn?
    I mean, she deserves a nice break, of course, she’s been working so hard, after all those films and the Dior commercial…I’m not trying to say that she should just go on making films and not focus on her personal life, not at all…I’m just curious, that’s all…

  14. George Says:

    Monique: Her next project is probably “Filtering the scripts I receive” (hahaha). Seriously now, I think that it depends on whether NL will make “The Subtle Knife” or not (hopefully start filming in 2008) or if she accepts the role in Justice League. However, I am anxious for “Franklyn”…

  15. spot Says:

    i’m pretty sure Mariana and George knows why i abhor this thought of Eva taking on Justice League of America. this project just stinks, even on pre-production stage. anyway, i support Eva on her choices.

  16. Monique Says:

    Most probably the first. Thanks, George!

  17. Peps Says:

    Eva signed on Subtle Knife.Shooting will begin September 30.

  18. spot Says:

    Peps: is that confirmed?