M.   /   December 24, 2007   /   4 Comments

Bond starlet Eva Green said she is opting out of a traditional winter Christmas and will be heading for the sun, she plans to be lying on a beach and sipping a cocktail on Christmas Day.

Source: ITN

4 Responses to “Celeb’s Christmas plans”
  1. Ascetic Says:

    Drink and have fun eva

  2. Monique Says:

    Go and enjoy yourself Eva!!! Don’t drink too much though…

  3. Ea Says:

    He he, I’m sure she won’t, I read in the trivia-section that she isn’t a big drinker. One thing we definately have in common!

  4. Monique Says:

    Ditto on the non-big-drinker part, Ea…that’s good…the less you drink, the less headaches and hang-overs you have afterward…but then, there are other things to do in Australia without drinking, I’m sure…lot’s of other things…surfing, maybe?