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Thanks to the talented mata. 😉

8 Responses to “February 2008 Calendar page”
  1. Monique Says:

    Mata: it’s wonderful!!! i love it… very well made…as usual, you show good taste in choosing backgrounds and Eva pictures…

    Thank you, Mariana!

  2. spot Says:

    wonderful! a nice present for me mata?! 🙂 great job as always! thanks for posting it Mariana!

  3. Lola Says:

    Gorgeous, thank you! 😀

  4. Lola Says:

    You chosen a really lovely colour scheme. xx

  5. Irina Says:

    thanx mata & mariana!!!U the best!!!
    p.s.sorry my english is not perfect=)

  6. EvaAnne Says:

    I love that picture of Eva! It’s seems so totally something she would do, without the photographer having to tell her.
    Thank you mata (and Mariana, of course), once again for a wonderful new calendar page. I completely agree with Monique and Lola, you’ve done it again!! 😉

  7. George Says:

    Thank you tireless Mata. You inspire us!
    PS. I ‘ve told it before but I can’t resist: Very elegant tongue!

  8. Monique Says:

    EvaAnne: this pose really is pure Eva isn’t it?
    so cute, makes me laugh everytime!!!!