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We finally have scans from the December issue of Belgian Elle thanks to the lovely Mina!

21 Responses to “Elle (Belgium) – December 2007”
  1. spot Says:

    this is a reprint of Elle France’s November 2006 edition….not a big fan of reprints but she’s lovely as usual 😉 thanks Mina and Mariana! 🙂

  2. Lola Says:

    Thanks Mina, that’s SUCH a gorgeous shoot…it really is a shame she doesn’t do more. 🙁

  3. Paolo Says:

    Stunning Beauty!

  4. George Says:

    Thanks Mina. Hello Tango_down 🙂

    PS (…I mean only if there is something new. What means “Ma sorciere bien nee”)

  5. Mariana Says:

    George: They are playing with the title of the TV Series “Bewitched” in French. This series is called “Ma Sorcière Bien Aimée” there (My Beloved Witch). And the article is called “Ma Sorcière Bien Née” (My Well Born Witch) probably a mention to her mom.

  6. Tango_down Says:

    Mariana => I could not better explain
    Enfin, je pouvais pas mieux l’expliquer… tu parles français il me semble ? 🙂

    Georges => I just had a quick look at the pictures, I didn’t see there was an interview in french.
    There’s nothing really new she talks about the filming of the Midnight Poison ad, her sister, her hair color, and her role as Serafina Pekula in TGC. It seems I’ve already read all these same words in another article or interview in english.
    The only thing rather new I noted is when she talks about her private life :
    She says she leads an absolutely trivial life, which would bore more than a paparazzo. When she’s not filming, she goes to bed very early, and also gets up early (at 7:00 AM), she sees her friends, listens to classic music, Bach and Rossini, and she “travels” by reading. She would like to write but she thinks she doesn’t have the gift for it.

    Now I know what compositors she listens to 🙂 (you may know Rossini by the wonderful Sony Bravia ad with paint explosions on buildings, the music is Opening of opera La Gazza Ladra)

  7. Mariana Says:

    Tango_down: Oui, je parle français. 🙂

  8. thirtyspokes Says:

    Thank you Tango_down! I was also wondering for the longest time who her “composers” were… I wanted so badly to know who fueled the “crazy” unearthly actor in her. You’ve settled me deeply by noting that part of the interview. 🙂

  9. George Says:

    Merci beaucoup (…is the spelling right?) Tango_Down and Mariana!

  10. Monique Says:

    7:00, really? Ohhhh, maaaan…I cannot imagine waking up at 7 am of my own accord…I could sleep through an entire hurricane, she’s lucky, good discipline…
    Wait a minute, does it say that she changed her hair color at 15? I’m sorry, my French is bad…Not new pics, but they’re good…

  11. EvaAnne Says:

    Thank you for the info Tango_down!

    I wonder what (film)project is next for Eva…? Any rumours circulating yet? 😉

  12. Tango_down Says:

    Monique : yes she says that she changed from blond/brown to dark at 15.
    It means your french is not bad if you’ve succeeded to guess it. 😉

  13. Liz Says:

    i really approve of this site!!!
    there are some projects to come.. about 4 this year!!
    well. since i am from germany i only have a german site where you can find the titles and some infirmation about the coming films. but have a look at it.. you will understand;)

  14. spot Says:

    Liz: i appreciate the update! but i’m afraid that she already dropped out of Mr. Nobody long ago, and as for the other 3, i think they haven’t progressed yet as she has been long attached to them.

    *crossing fingers for new projects SOON*

    PS—> this site is so good because of the brilliant webmistress Mariana, the amazing contributors and the nice regular people around here! 🙂

  15. Monique Says:

    Tango_down: Yeah!!! Guess I don’t suck too much at it after all…

    spot: ditto!!! Go, Mariana, Go Eva Green Web!!! Whoo!!!

    Oh, yeah…Kung Hei Fat Choi!!! Happy New Year to all Chinese Eva fans out there!!!
    Incidentally, Eva was boprn on the year of the Monkey (1980, right?)
    Here’s to hoping the year of the Rat will be great for all of us!!! (and no, I’m not Chinese…) And advanced Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  16. Liz Says:

    spot: oh yes i think you are right about mr. nobody..=) but eva is definitely in “in the country of the last things”… there is some information on IMDb… just have a look..
    unfortunately the site about “tha nazi officer’s wife” is only available to IMDbPros…
    well, we will see what is coming up soon….

  17. spot Says:

    Liz: thanks for the link. i honestly have doubts towards “In The Country of the Last things”. it seems to have problems with the financing of the film 🙁

  18. Liz Says:

    spot: thanks for the information.
    that’s a pity!
    i think it would be a great film and eva would play the female mainpart, wouldn’t she??
    well, we never know what’s going on there at that business…. but keeps it exciting=)
    anyway, how do you know all this ??? any sources you can name??=)

  19. spot Says:

    Liz: i think Eva will be perfect to play the main character, no doubt. film financing is the most tricky part when doing a film. often times, projects fall part on this stage. sadly, most producers would prefer films with a lot blockbuster possibility (popcorn films :() or those that are less controversial. how i know all these, only Mariana knows 😉

  20. Monique Says:

    Liz: I have to agree with spot, I’m not too sure about this film taking off…but you’re both right; Eva would do great playing the lead…Great detective work, Sherlock!

  21. sultan Says:

    eva what was ur next project
    i love u

    urs fan& lover

    plz reply my