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I don’t know if you all noticed, but I’ve been adding some new scans to the gallery in the past couple of days.

But there are some people who should be credited for them, so here are my thank yous. 🙂

  • Vogue (Australia) – January 2008 – scanned by myself 😛
  • Empire (UK) – March 2008 – thanks to Lorna
  • Glamour (Russia) – October 2007 – thanks to Elmira Asainova for sending it in and deydi for scanning it

    Don’t forget that the BAFTAs ceremony is this Sunday!!! EDIT: Yes, she will attend it. She has to give the BAFTA Orange Rising Star award to this year’s winner.

  • 18 Responses to “New scans”
    1. spot Says:

      thanks a lot Mariana for these updates and also to all the contributors! 🙂

    2. Kasia Says:

      Hee hee: the almighty Eva!!!
      [hope Ellen Page will win this year, btw:]

      thanks for the update!

    3. George Says:

      Thanks Mariana. I suppose Eva will give the ORSA prize on Sunday (…to her co-star in Franklyn I hope or at least to Tang Wei). Any bets for her look?

    4. Lola Says:

      Thank you! That Dior dress at Cannes was truly wonderful 😀 😉

    5. Aeso Says:

      will Eva attend the bafta ?

    6. Liz Says:

      i think eva will attend the bafta.. she will give the ORSA since she is last year’s winner=)
      is anybody of you going there, to the awards???
      i was planning to fly to london for the weekend but i couldn`t manage because of school…unfortunately
      but if anybody goes there, will you try to get pictures of eva on the red carpet..???. or did anybody of you participate a game to win a ticket for the awards?… otherwise, i think, you cannot go there… this is at least what i found in the net…
      i wish you a nice weekend!!
      and thank you for the new scans…great job!

    7. Paolo Says:

      In which channel will be shown BAFTA?

    8. George Says:

      Liz: Don’t worry. Mariana takes good care of supplying us with material…

    9. Mariana Says:

      Paolo: It’s usually BBC.

    10. Paolo Says:

      Someone it’s going to record it?I think it’s crypted outside Uk…

    11. Mariana Says:

      Paolo: Jess of Sienna-Miller.org said she would make a video for us. 🙂

    12. Monique Says:

      Bless you, Mariana, Lorna, Elmira, deydi and Jess!!

      Personally I’m rooting for my fellow Asian, Tang Wei, but I’ll be glad if either one of my two other favorites, Sam Riley (I took your advice and watched a vid of him in Control, he was absolutely wonderful.) and Ellen Page (go Juno!), will win

      Wonder what she’ll wear for the award ceremony this year. last year, she caused a bit of stir with her dress and hair, right?

    13. May Says:

      oh yeah a video would be awesome 🙂

      (Thanks Mariana:) )

    14. Mo Says:

      Off-Topic for Mariana:

      Sorry to bother you here but all the forms didn’t work, so…

      It’s so great that OdeToAzia is an official site now 🙂 Congrats! You deserve it totally. I just wanted to let you know that you still habe on your site info written that your site is “unofficial”. I can imagine it may confuse new visitors 😉 And your OdeToAzia-Contactform doesn’t work.

      That’s it! I love your fansites. Keep doing 🙂

    15. spot Says:

      Monique: i’m pretty sure she’ll wear Dior 😉

    16. Liz Says:

      spot: i think so too she wore dior last year and maybe she will continue doing so because it was a good omen=) and she had a great evening!!
      very curious about the announcemne tand the video of bafta this evening…. interviews will be on youtube, won’t they???

    17. spot Says:

      Liz: i hope someone uploads the vids 😉

      PS: there’s an Eva red carpet interview on E!

    18. Liz Says:

      spot: there is a video of eva presenting the ORSA to shia labeouf…
      but i havent yet found an interview from sunday…
      the red carpet interview un E!.. will that be on youtube or do i have any chnace to watch it here in germany???
      anyways… thanks for the answer and information