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Thanks to Ms Green’s management, I can announce you her next official film project. Eva is set to star as ‘Miss G’, a charismatic teacher, in “Cracks”, to be directed by Jordan Scott, Ridley Scott’s daughter. They need to complete the financing, which should be done soon – and shooting is set for March, April and May. This film isn’t on IMDb.com yet, so don’t bother going there for info. “Cracks” is a British boarding school-set period drama. “It’s about misguided love and obsession, as told through the eyes of a group of elite girls in this boarding school,” said Jordan Scott.

PS: I’ll also have something else to announce you this week end. But don’t ask now. You’ll know about it when it’ll be the right time. In the meantime, enjoy these fabulous news! 😉

44 Responses to “New film announced: “Cracks””
  1. Tango_down Says:

    Thanks a lot Mariana for the scoop, you’re great !
    Comme on dit chez nous, tu déchires ! 🙂 lol
    I’m glad to see that Eva is continuing her way towards low budget movies, with undoubtedly more time on screen, and more preponderant role. It’s the better way for her to be able to express all her actress’s talents, and for us to be delighted.
    So I’m very happy with these news 🙂

    I wonder what is your surprise for this week end. I’m very frustrated when you make an announcement like that, I can’t wait to know about it 🙂

  2. Ana Says:

    Well… I truly can’t wait to know more about this movie! It seems to be different (very different) from her previous movies, so… I’m excited! Miss G? Sounds misterious to me.

    And I can’t wait either for the announcement!

  3. spot Says:

    this is the best news in a while for all of us here 🙂 i’m very interested on the film’s concept and i’m so happy Jordan Scott’s directing it. i think she’s very promising as a director after seeing All The Invisible Children and Portrait. i’m pretty sure Eva is in good hands!

    for those who are not aware, Jordan Scott co-directed Prada’s Thunder Perfect Mind ad with Ridley Scott (my favorite fashion ad!)

    for those who want to take a glimpse of Jordan Scott’s work: (Prada’s Thunder Perfect Mind)


    i’m also looking forward for your news Mariana! many thanks for this great news! 🙂

  4. Mariana Says:

    spot: You’re welcome. Oh and expect a reply soon. 😉

  5. Ea Says:

    Sounds great, thanks…

  6. Aeso Says:

    Great new ! that’s great to be in contact with her management ^^ I cant really imagine her as a teacher, but i’ve no doubts she will sparkle

  7. Monique Says:

    Oh, thank God and thank you Mariana…yay! yay! yay!

    I have a question: just how big is Eva’s role in Cracks?

    I saw the vid spot so kindly gave us…if that is Jordan Scott’s work then I am confident that Eva is in good hands…

    Oh, and I found someone who can see the name Eva Green and not need to ask who she is…that’s a first! and the strange thing is that he’s my geology professor…

  8. George Says:

    Thank you Mariana. I agree with you Tango_down regarding low budget stories (and once in a while a blockbuster…)

    PS: Mariana I think I guess what are you going to announce…

  9. Liz Says:

    that are great news!! i am very excited!!! and curious about the other announcement!!!
    this year will be great.. yet, 2 films starring eva in movies!!! i am pretty sure filming “cracks” will begin soon since it is ridley’s daughter doing it…. financing will be granted=)…
    so we will enjoy the time to come!!!
    thanks for all these information, mariana!!

  10. EvaAnne Says:

    Oh! Great news!!! Thank you so much, Mariana!
    “Cracks”, what an intruiging title.
    I love that Eva will be doing a period film again, but indeed it sounds wonderfully different from anything she’s done. She’s amazing reinventing herself as an actress everytime.

  11. EvaAnne Says:

    I just saw Thunder Perfect Mind. That’s not a commercial, it’s an excellent short film! 😉

  12. EvaAnne Says:

    Monique: You have the coolest geology professor ever…!

    I also have an idea about what you are going to announce, Mariana….but I’m going to try and be patient and wait, and not be too curious (….which I’m already failing miserably at… :-D)

  13. Mariana Says:

    I think you’re probably imagining something more exciting than relity. lol

  14. Monique Says:

    EvaAnne: Oh, yeah, he’s definitely cool…he’s new and he doesn’t know us all, so he made us tell him who our fave superheroes are (three guesses as to who mine is…) so that he could identify us by them…
    When he saw me writing Eva’s name, he said “wasn’t she the Bond girl from Casino Royale, and the girl from The Golden Compass?”, he also added that he thought she was very good-looking…and he held up my paper and said that I could trump all of my other classmates’ superheroes (you know, they liked Superman, Spidey, etc.), because mine was a Bond Girl…I didn’t much like the Bond Girl comment, but at least he knows Eva…
    Ha! I think I’m gonna like geology!!!

    Mariana: I’m not too good at guessing games…you’re killing me here!!!!

  15. spot Says:

    Mariana: looking forward for the reply 🙂

    ………and why do i have a strange feeling i know what you’re going to announce?! 😉

  16. George Says:

    Monique : Imagine your teacher saying “Eva Green? Oh, I loved her perfromance in the Dreamers”

  17. spot Says:

    George: that’s a better why of recognizing Eva 🙂

  18. Monique Says:

    spot and George: it’s a pity he didn’t know Eva from the Dreamers…but that’s probably pushing it a bit…

  19. Liz Says:

    george: you are very funny…
    your teacher, spot, actually likes her in the dreamers if he knows that much about eva;)
    well it is a very good film… !!!!

  20. spot Says:

    Liz: it’s Monique’s teacher, not mine 😉

  21. George Says:

    Liz: Thank you for the compliment. The truth is that we are having a good time in this site…

  22. Liz Says:

    spot: oh i am sorry.. i probably wasnt reading attentivel enough… forgive me…
    but anyway funny story

  23. spot Says:

    Liz: it’s cool! it’s fun to have funny people here in EGW 😉

  24. Monique Says:

    Hey spot:I have a question for you: which do you like better: Dior’s Midnight Poison ad, or Thunder Perfect Mind?

    I like the former better, and not just because Eva’s in it, I just lpve the ethereal quality of it; but I like Thunder Perfect Mind as well…

    Liz: you know, you’ve just given me an idea, I think I’ll go ask my professor if he’s seen the Dreamers yet; although it might have to take a while, I still have to pass geology…and you know what? He calls me the Eva Green girl: “Okay, Eva Green girl, please turn on the overhead projector”, or “Eva Green girl, can you ell me what chondritic materials are?”;weird, huh? of course I love it! In fact, that’s what the entire geology class calls me now…I’m the leading Eva fan in the University of the Philippines Manila!!! WHOOO!! (Well, the geology class at least).

  25. Monique Says:

    Oh, that reminds me, I haven’t done my geology homework yet…I cmpletely forgot…thanks for reminding me!!!!

  26. Liz Says:

    monique: you lucky girl… nice to be the eva green girl in class right??
    i think it would be quite funny to ask your teacher about the dreamers.. but you may wait till geology has finished, to avoid that he may not understand it right..=);)
    i would like a teacher to ask us about our hero=) perhaps, he or she would follow yours=)
    anyway, what are you studying??
    as everyone, well at least everyone in geology class, calls you the leading Eva fan.. does everyone around you know her??
    when i tell my classmates about her, they often ask who is her?? i am very confused..i think they just ought to know her!!

  27. spot Says:

    Monique: are you asking me through personal perspective or professional perspective? if you’re asking professionally-wise, i think both of them are great and pure utter brilliance. both writing, lighting and direction is amazing and beautifully done. it’s quite hard to compare them (and i’d rather not!) for i like both ads so much. Thunder Perfect Mind possesses this distinct class and sublime juxtaposition, not to mention it has my favorite piece of poetry in it. While Midnight Poison has your staple direction of Wong Kar Wai, artistic kooky and just brilliant.

    personal perspective-wise, i’m still torn since i adore both Eva and Daria (and Daria is nice in person! haha). Wong Kar Wai is one of my favorite filmmakers and i have deep admiration towards Ridley Scott. anyway, i better stop because i’m confusing you already! lol

    PS: it’s funny how your professor calls you “The Eva Green girl”. hahahahaha

    Liz: it’s fun when not a lot of people like what you want or like. it makes you unique and hey, being in the minority is fun and special! if everyone likes what you like, it wouldn’t be fun and special at all 😉

  28. Monique Says:

    Liz: Yes, it’s nice to be the Eva Green girl in school, now, if only had half her good looks and talent…
    I’m studying Physical therapy, geology is one of the General Education courses I’m required to take…
    You ask if my classmates know Eva Green? They do now, I tell them about her, I put her picture in the portfolio I bring to school sometimes, and when TGC posters came out, some of them (a very select few, though) already knew her. They had no idea who she was at first, but then I told them…don’t worry about your classmates not knowing who she is, as we all know Eva is a very private person and she’s not for everyone’s taste (believe me, I know, most of my classmates know about her through me, but they’re not very interested)…if she were public property, she’d lose some of her mysterious quality…
    You’re still in school as well, I see…what are you studying?

  29. Liz Says:

    spot: yea you are right.. it makes one special or at least deffierent from the crowd

    monique: i think you give a very good exemple!!!!… very clever to bring with you some pictures and tell the others about your hero..EVA…
    well, we wouldnt want eva to become public property!! you have quite a good idea of thinks;)

    yes, thats right, i am stil attending school.
    well in our school system we choose 9 subjects for 11th class.. so i cannot say i am studying that or that.. i actually have subjects of all kind…(maths, english, history, chemistry, german, french, spanish, PE, theater, religion) i have 10 because i chose spanish in addition but thats a volunteer-subject=)..very funny teather anyway!!

  30. Monique Says:

    Liz: That’s a bit different than our high school system here, but in the university system, it’s pretty much the same…You know, I like English (or Communication Skills), which an interview once said was Eva’s favorite subject in school…I’m pretty lousy at Math, though, but at least I’m passing…as for Geology, I’ll have to wait and see (our professor pulled a prank on us yesterday, he’s weird, but hilarious)

    spot: actually, I was asking both…thanks…I can understand why you would be torn…
    The Midnight Poison ad worked for me because it was like being in a trance, a sort of gothic fairytale – I suppose it’s just because I like daydreaming too much, and it made an appeal to that side of me…
    As for Thunder Perfect Mind, I though it was fantastic because of the contrast in the character (I’m sorry to have to ask, but who was she, the actress in it? I take it you’ve met her personally…) I think it reflects the duality of the characteristics of most people (I know I’m like that)…so it’s hard to choose…
    Anyway, what do you think of Miss G? is the character a protagonist or an antagonist? is it a big role or not? You know, if you’d told me earlier that Eva was going to be in a period drama about a British boarding school, I would have thought she would play one of the students, but I suppose she’s matured in roles. Remember her talking about Serafina? “maternal and nurturing toward Lyra”, that’s what she said, right? so it sort of gave me a clue that she would be playing older and more mature roles in the future (although, she is still a student in Franklyn, art student though)

  31. spot Says:

    Monique: Daria Werbowy (the girl who appears in the Thunder Perfect Mind mini film) is a Supermodel. she holds the record for most shows in one season. she has appeared for Chanel, David Yurman and YSL and a staple cover face and editorial model for top magazines like Vogue (all editions!), Harper’s Bazaar and Numero. and yes, i have met her in person 😉 it is true on what they say that she’s the most professional and friendliest model around.

    everything you said about Midnight Poison and Thunder Perfect Mind are true. they’re really different in concept and execution so it’s hard to compare -or better not to! 🙂

    the Ms. G character is not the character i said Eva was in running for a few weeks ago. it’s something bigger but i still can’t say it right now 🙁

  32. Monique Says:

    spot: just give a little hint…how big? as in, big, BIG? like another big machine?

  33. spot Says:

    Monique: BIG 😉

  34. Monique Says:

    WHOA…Is she going to do it? *Monique bites her lip* ooooohhh, you’re making me really excited…when can you tell us?

  35. spot Says:

    so far i can’t tell you anything. it’s not easy spilling industry news. refer to my previous posts regarding this matter. i will say once i’m “allowed” 😉

  36. Hannah Says:

    Hey! This is my first time posting here; I have a little more info about the film for you. My drama class (including me!!) are all auditioning tomorrow. This is what was on the sheet we were given regarding the story:

    “‘Cracks’ will be a feature film shot in late spring ’08. The story is set in England 1935. Set in an austere and cloistered girl’s boarding school, Cracks is a compelling tale of innocence corrupted. The girls’ loving bond with their beloved teacher Miss G is threatened by the arrival of an exotic and beautiful foreign student whose rejection of their clique threatens the status quo, and brings tragic consequences for them all.’

    They kept it pretty ambiguous, as you can see! I’ll post again tomorrow if I find out anything more. 🙂

  37. spot Says:

    Hannah: sorry, i just saw your post today. anyway, any new info for us? did the audition pushed through? 🙂

  38. Liz Says:

    yea. i’d like to know that, too… any news about “cracks”??? i am so curious since your(hannah’s) description of the plot sounds quite interesting!
    anyway… does anyone know anythign new from “franklyn”?

  39. spot Says:

    Liz: as far as i know, it’ll be out by fall 2008 😉

  40. paleair Says:

    Are they casting for other roles in this film yet?

  41. Hannah Says:

    Hey! Sorry for the wait. Basically in the audition we were put into groups of four and asked to improvise a scene in a boarding school. One of the characters had just received some bad news and was being comforted by the others, one of which was slightly jealous of the attention.

    That was basically it – the casting lady said they were pretty much judging on appearances to begin with. Needless to say I didn’t get anywhere – they’re looking at hundreds of schools so I’m not that disappointed 😀

    Can’t wait to see the film!


  42. ash!! Says:

    i auditioned for this movie today but I didnt get a part.=(

    I think 1 of my friends is in it though!!
    ahh well!!
    hav fun filmin it!!


  43. ash!! Says:

    o yea and they just took photos of us anyway.
    im kinda sad cuz we wer in groups of ten and i was one of two that didnt get a callback!!


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