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“It’ really like nothing else you’ve ever seen,” he says. “That’s the kind of stuff I try to find. It’s really original. The closest description I can come up with is: ‘Batman’ meets ‘Magnolia.’ So, it’s really going to be interesting.”

Source: timesleader.com

7 Responses to “Ryan Phillippe talks briefly about “Franklyn””
  1. spot Says:

    i’m not sure about the Batman description but the Magnolia description excites me…..

  2. Mariana Says:

    spot: If the meant the first Batman directed by Tim Burton it’s not that bad. Maybe he’s referring to the dark, gothic mood given to the city of London. Who knows? I’m trying to wish for the best! 😛

  3. George Says:

    Batman was probably mentioned because of the resemblance between Gotham city and the future London. Another common thing is the covered face of Ryan Phillippe during the whole film…Maybe Phillippe is influenced by the people that wanted Eva to be Batwoman (lol)

  4. Lola Says:

    I think the Tim Burton or Chris Nolan versions of Batman would be the most intriguing…

  5. spot Says:

    to everyone: let’s just hope he means the Burton ones because the Nolan one didn’t really do it for me (though The Dark Knight seems very interesting) 😉

  6. Monique Says:

    Yes, dark and mysterious!!! Now I really can’t wait for the movie!! Please, please, please le it be shown here in the Phils!!!!

    He’d better not be talking about the Batman film featuring Katie Holmes…bleurgh…

  7. Nathan Lee Says:

    Tim Burton has a unique style when making his movie. I love Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands.”`”