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Dynasty beauty Joan Collins helped fellow actress Eva Green out of a tight spot with the loan of a £5-million necklace at a glittering party in Switzerland. Both screen lovelies had been promised spectacular sparklers by the organisers of the event, luxury accessories brand Montblanc.

“Eva’s went missing and wasn’t delivered to her in time,” reveals a source. “When Joan realised (the French star) didn’t have a necklace she generously parted with her own. It had more than 3,000 diamonds, including one six-carat stone, to make sure Eva was suitably attired when she faced the cameras.”

And the grateful Parisian found a sophisticated alternative to the way Joan had worn the necklace – by draping the stunning jewels down her back.

Source: Hello! Magazine

32 Responses to “Joan’s good deed puts her on sparkling terms with Bond girl Eva”
  1. Liz Says:

    nice little anecdote to this event!!
    so eva was quite lucky since joan gave her her necklace… but perhaps they should organize it better so taht eva is delivered her one-evening-jewelry in time!;)
    anyway, i think she made it her story the way she wore the necklace…
    just amazing!!!

  2. Clarisse Says:

    Cute :p

  3. spot Says:

    i laughed out loud after reading this. who would have thought i’d ever see “Joan Collins” and “Eva Green” in one sentence?! FIERCE!!!! 🙂

  4. Monique Says:

    spot: I know what you men, I did a double-take when I read the headline…=)

    The necklace suits her definitely…Shows how she can turn a misfortune into something that will let her shine…actually, it looks better worn at the back than in front…

  5. Liz Says:

    juuuhuuu!!! finally a new video with eva!!
    as you may have already seen, there is a new video on youtube. it is from the montblanc gala on wednesday, 9th april, in geneva!!


    you can see eva arriving at the gala and posing for the cameras..
    have a look at her mouth=) she seems a little bit nerved or something by the photographers telling her how to pose.. =)
    but quite sweet!!
    at some later minutes, there is a little interview. eva is talking about a new men’s watch by montblanc… i love how she laughs while talking.. so sweet … just adorable!!
    well, anyway check it … you’ ll like it a lot!!;)

    to the parisian lady who has told me about how paris is divided up into several arondissements: now, it is clear that i will come to paris on 17th may… just for one day… i am asking you if you could tell me about some great stores for buying shoes?? beautiful shoes but not as expensive as les galeries lafayette??;)

    to everyone from paris, especially london and other big european cities:
    you may be all attentive in the months to come if there is any anouncement of a press conference for “franklyn” where eva will present…

    yes guys.. i know i am talking a lot.. but since i am going on an exchange to poland this night..- for one entire week!!!- i have to tell you everything that comes to my mind.. otherwise i would have forgotton it when i return..
    i am very sad about most probably not being able to check any news or new comments here for that period of time!!
    .. and i think it is the right moment to say “thank you” to mariana and everyone who supports this site!! great work!! i love it and usually check it several times everyday!!
    i wish you a fantastic week!!

  6. George Says:

    Liz: thanks for the video. Don’t worry there is interenet in Poland to check EGW.

    PS It’s not a Parisiann lady but a Parisien gentleman, if you mean Tango_down. He confuses you because he is so sensitive and delicate as a true artist…

  7. Liz Says:

    George: thanks for the information;)
    so tango_down is probably a good actor=)

    love it here on EGW!!!!

  8. Tango_down Says:

    George : thanks for your correction and your gratifying remark…

    Liz : if you give me a wig I could play the parisian lady, but no more than a minute 😀
    As you guess, I can’t give you precise advices for shoe shops for women on Paris, but you can find many stores along “Champs Elysees”, it would be opportunity to go for a walk on the famous avenue.
    Otherwise I can recommend you the “Forum des Halles”, which is the principal and the biggest shopping center in Paris, it’s situated in the 1st arrondissement (center of the town). There’s many way to access even by train (suburbs train called RER) or metro in the station “Châtelet Les Halles”, which is the biggest station where many lines cross, you will locate it easily on a metro map. There you’ll find all stores you want.
    I think you should try “Galeries Lafayette” even if some stores are expensive, you will find undoubtedly many clothes and shoe shops.

    Here are some links to help you (I hope you speak some french) :

    I’ve found a link to a shoe store on Champs Elysées : http://www.insecula.com/oeuvre/O0019373.html

    When you come on Paris, I can’t give you better advice than to provide you with a RER/metro map : http://www.pastafly.com/Sous-menus/metro-rer.png
    RER are the big lines, RER A is red, B blue, C yellow, D green, the others are metro lines from number 1 to 14, the 14 is the famous entirely automated metro.

    Finally, if you really want to know Paris, I can’t give you better link than this one (it can also interest all of you) : http://youtube.com/watch?v=OAMuNfs89yE&feature=related

    LOL 😀

    Have a good travel to Poland 😉

  9. Monique Says:

    Liz, you are so lucky!!! oh,and thank you, by the way for the video….
    I agree with her, the watch does look very expensive…it is beautiful, but watches with those kinds of straps are not really my style…oh, well…
    you know the boots aren’t bad…I can see them with a short skirt or a pair of good jeans…
    did you notice, she looks sort of bored/irritated at the photographers?…well, they were yelling at her to “look this way” or “to the right”, even I would be annoyed if that happened to me…
    bbut she looks great, as always, better than Dita (the two of them actually share some features, but Eva has more character and attitude) and Claudia…
    Good luck on your trip, Liz!!! Bon Voyage!!!

  10. spot Says:

    Liz: some shops to help you out honey 😉

    you’ll love these stores/places as much i do! 🙂

    Best places for shopping:
    Le Marais:
    -a lot of secondhand shops: Freepstar 8 rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie and 61 rue de la Verrerie, 4ème; Studio W, 6 rue du Pont aux Choux,3ème; a shop named Vintage in Rue des Rosiers
    -designers shops and multibrand: AB 33, 33 rue Charlot 3ème;
    N°60, 60 rue Charlot, 3ème;
    Olga, 45 rue de Turenne, 3ème;
    Shine, 15 rue du Poitou, 3ème);
    Joy, 38 rue du Roi de Sicile, 4ème;
    Emilie Casiez, 57 rue Charlot, 3ème
    ANAIM, 21 rue du Pont aux choux; 3ème

    And a really cute tea room/shop: Le loir dans la théière, 3 rue des Rosiers, 4ème with old furnitures, many.

    Saint-Germain: beautiful shops, lots of art galleries
    Le Bon Marché, 24 rue de Sèvres: a multibrands and a luxury store (like 5 floors of fashion brands) with amazing designers (Chloé, Chanel, Marni, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga and many more…)
    Allison, 3 rue de Buci, 6ème: a little shop with lovely brands like Maje, See by Chloé, Paul & Joe sister etc…
    Vanessa Bruno, 25 rue Saint Sulpice, 6ème
    Les Prairies de Paris, 6 rue Pré aux Clercs, 7ème
    Taschen, rue de Buci
    Nanie, boulevard St Germain
    Isabelle Marant, 1 rue Jacob, 6ème
    Mellow Yellow, 16 rue Saint Placide, 6ème: shoes, shoes and shoes (but little store)

    Haussmann/Opéra: le Printemps (the designers and the shoes floors are amazing!), les Galeries Lafayette. The H&M store of boulevard Haussmann is big and great, but there is a little one too in Passage Provence, just behind le Printemps.

    Les Halles: the Forum des Halles is a little bit shabby and dirty, but next to it, the area is better and there is some interesting shops: Kiliwatch, 64 rue Tiquetonne (a big store with books, second-hand clothes and shoes (a little expensive) and Royal Cheese (Cheap Monday, April 77, Sessun, Levis…) 24 rue Tiquetonne
    Near to that store, there is a great street named rue Montmartre with amazing shops at the beginning of the street : Territoire (small designers from France), Maje, Les Petites, Manoush, Bérénice…

    Palais Royal/Musée du Louvre:
    American Apparel, 31 place du Marché St Honoré
    Colette, 213 rue Saint-Honoré
    Gabrielle Geppert, 31 galerie de Montpensier, Jardin du Palais-Royal, 1er: a beautiful vintage shop
    Pierre Hardy, 156 galerie Vallois, Jardin du Palais Royal: amazing but expensive shoes
    Marc Jacobs, 56-62 Galerie Montpensier, 34 rue de Montpensier
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    And Also:
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    Chez Mamie, 73 rue de Rochechouart, 9ème: second-hand and vintage clothes
    Mamie Blue, 69 rue Rochechouart, 9ème: same things
    Wochdom, 72 rue Condorcet, 9ème: vintage clothes (beautiful place, really 70’s with vinyls, dark carpet, a bed in the middle of the room…

    more to come in a moment or if i remember i missed something 😛 …i hope it’s not obvious that i’m a shopaholic! LOL

    Tango_down, please correct the details above if things have changed. i haven’t been back in Paris for the past 6 months so things might’ve changed. thanks! 😉

  11. spot Says:

    PS: enjoy your trip to Poland! it’s a very nice country! 😉 stay safe! looking forward for your return here! 😉

    PS: if you need more shopping places, just ask 🙂

  12. Aeso Says:

    ooh i cant believe Eva was so close to my home !!

  13. Tango_down Says:

    spot : I’m surprised, you seem to know stores in Paris much better than any parisian LOL I have nothing to add 🙂

    Liz : I forgot to thank you for the video !
    Photographers look stupid, asking to do this and that, that’s not a way to obtain Eva’s smile, that’s a precious thing you have to win.

  14. spot Says:

    Tango_down: it all comes down to mindless hours of shopping around 😛

    (some of the stores, i haven’t been in personally because it’s usually just my assistant who picks up the pieces i want so it’ll be better to check the stores for yourselves though i can testify that the pieces are good 😉 )

    Liz: sorry it’s late but thanks for the video! 🙂

  15. George Says:

    So, now besides the tourist-guide we have an official shopping-guide Tango_Down (lol). Mmmm, very useful for those who plan a trip to Paris…

  16. spot Says:

    George: what a diverse crowd the Eva Green Workforce (EGW) is! 😛 LOL

  17. Monique Says:

    whoa, spot, that’s a lot!!!! you get to move around Paris a lot, lucky you…in addition to being 2nd Senior Eva fan, I nominate that you be given the title of Official Shopping Junkie LOL!!!!

  18. spot Says:

    Monique: LOL. thanks! i swear it’s true when they say that Paris is the best place to shop 😛

  19. Liz Says:

    Woooohoooo!! i am back=)
    i had a great time in poland!! but now i am so happy to be back home!! i read some comments while i was in poland… but now i have time to thank you all for your shopping tips in Paris..
    special thanks to spot and tango_down… your comments are amazing… i do not know where to start=)
    i have the impression that i ahve to stay in Paris for soem weeks;) and perhaps i will not be able to got there in may but then during summer vacation… maybe someone from Paris would like to meet and guide me through the city;).. would be a great occasion to talk about Eva!! just as an idea…
    what do you think about a meeting of all Eva fans who have the opportunity to come to Paris as Eva’s place of birth..

    your thankful Liz who is happy about having found this site!!!

  20. Tango_down Says:

    Liz : if you follow all spot’s advices and go to all stores which she recommended you, it would take you a month ! 😀 LOL

  21. spot Says:

    Liz: you’re welcome 😉
    when are you going to Paris again?

  22. George Says:

    Liz: The EGW people rendez-vous will be a “must” when Eva decides to make theater either in London or in Paris…

  23. Liz Says:

    spot: i do not know yet if i will come to paris in may or during summer vacation which means june and july… but i will tell you;)
    george: you are absolutely right!! i have come across that idea, too… the inly thign missing: when will she return to stage???
    i do not think that soon since she has signed some contracts for movies.. but we never know=)
    i also would like to visit london.. maybe it will be possible in autumn… when is franklyn -premiere???=)
    that is my aim now… to watch it in london;)
    am i talking rubbish?? actually no.. just fading away in my mind and dreaming;)

  24. George Says:

    Liz: Welcome to The Dreamers (lol)! Maybe we will see you in a youtube clip during the Franklyn’s premiere in London taking an autograph from Eva. Impossible is nothing (it’s not mine, but it suits…)

  25. Tango_down Says:

    George : when you’re short of alchemists’ quotations, you take brand slogans ? 😀

    ps : my favorite chemist’s quotation : “nothing disappears, everything is transformed”, I’m sure you know who said that 😉

  26. Liz Says:

    George: thank you fopr encouraging;)… i truely believe we are mostly all “dreamers” especially my person!…

    p.s. which is your city?? just for location orientation=)

  27. George Says:

    Tango_down: I don’t know if it is also in the Alchemist but I recall “impossible is nothing” from ADIDAS moto (I hope I didn’t disappoint you…)
    Liz: Athens.

  28. Tango_down Says:

    George : I know it, that’s why I said that you take brand slogan

    My quotation is from Lavoisier, but I made a mistake sorry, the true quotation is : “Nothing gets lost, nothing gets created, everything is transformed”

  29. George Says:

    Tango_down: This must be the favourite moto of Eva that she likes transformations! If she said it in her next interviews we would know that she occasionaly attends the site! (lol).

  30. Monique Says:

    Tango_down: the Law of Conservation of Mass/Energy? Applies to almost everything? Also shown in Dalton’s Theories on the Atom (used in stoichiometry), right?
    Chemistry? That’s what I’m taking this summer…Hey, maybe you could help me out in my exams! Please be my online tutor!!!

  31. Tango_down Says:

    Monique : yes I was talking about the Law of Conservation of Mass… but chemistry is not my speciality, it’s just a memory of school 🙂
    You probably saw this Hindu God with 36 arms in me, but I regret not being it LOL
    Well, I suggest you to have some discussion with George 😉

  32. Monique Says:

    Tango_down:I didn’t really think that would be possible…and you’re not so much a Hindu God, but a sort of jack of all trades…=}