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While we all wait for new Eva-related news or public appearances, I started scanning a few older magazines. Here’s the first of them.

  • Stern (Germany) – #19 – 2005 — I really love that photo!!!
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    1. Paolo Says:

      One of her best photo!

    2. Liz Says:

      thanks a lot mariana for scanning this article..
      sometimes something in german. refreshing.. easy for me to understand;)=)
      if you do have time.. go on posting older images.. i like it… and it helps filling the time till news about franklyn or cracks are there!

    3. Monique Says:

      Hey, Liz, could you translate for us? Not much German in my head…

    4. Kathi Says:

      I love this photo too! And thanks meriana for sacanning..:)
      yaeh easy to understand for me too…:)

      For Monique:
      Eva talks a bit about Kingdom of Heaven and about her future, too.
      I hope I could help you with it.

    5. Liz Says:

      Monique: sure, i can translate it.. and i did… i hope it does not sound that “German”=)
      i gave my best… almost… it is always a little bit difficult when you have a German text and you want to translate it.. writing your own text in English is much easier… but here you are:

      Alone with men

      In the crusades-epic „Kingdom of heaven“ the enchanting French, EVA GREEN, plays the princess. In Hollywood, she is already one!

      There she stands in front of the door, one candle light in her hand and a little something of a nightdress on her delicate body. The woman is taboo since married with an influential man. She smiles. “Between one person and another, there is just a light”, she says, blows out the candle, and it is clear what will happen next: Sex of the sort Halleluja-the-earth-trembles-and-all-churchbells-are-ringing!
      His name is Balian, a young knight, played by Orlando Bloom, who is the hero in Ridley Scott’s crusades-epic “Kingdom of heaven”. She is Sybilla, sublime princess of the kingdom Jerusalem, portrayed by Eva Green.
      Especially men, who go to cinema for an European author-movie, will know the 24-year-old, since she was dancing one and half a year ago with less clothes and much sex-appeal through Bernardo Bertoluccis “The Dreamers”. He was crazy about her afterwards: “She is so beautiful, it’s indecent”. Meanwhile, the “Rolling-Stone”magazine counts Eva Green to the ten people you have to pay attention this year, Giorgio Armani engaged her as model, and regularly, she meets studio bosses in the USA- for short: Eva Green is “Hot Shit”.
      She is remarkable in “Kingdom of heaven”. Sure, she is the only woman in the movie. But something else sets her off: the calm self-confidence in this non-startled look of water-clear eyes. That does not really fit to a middle-age princess who you imagine as a strange-decided “Hascherl” (I think that is a nickname, but a positive one). The director Ridley Scott did not want to serve that cliché. He looked for a woman who can assert herself alone with men- and he decided for Green. She would be only at the beginning of her twenties, he goes into raptures, but she carries an old soul.
      The “old soul” sits on a sky-blue Sunday on o sofa in the Ritz-Carlton in Pasadena and looks pretty fresh. Her dark hair are bound to pony-tail, her eyes captured with dark eye-shadow. That makes her freckles-face even paler.
      In nearly perfect English, in which – from time to time – creeps in a slightly French accent, she pours out. “With my surname”, she says, “I have the advantage in Hollywood that the studio people do not put me off at once although I am French.” Green is actually pronounced “Grinn”, her father, a dentist, is Swedish. “Grrrrin” she repeats and rolls the “r” deeply from her throat.
      Her talent is in her gens. Green’s mother Marlène Jobert was a muse of the Nouvelle Vague, the young, French cinema of the 60’s, shot then with Godard and Chabrol. “Mum says permanently that this business is hard. You are always dependent on other’s ideas, you constantly have to prove something.” But the daughter did not keep off. She was thrilled when spending ten weeks in London to improve her English and they performed little plays at school. Back in Paris, Eva studied drama for three years, afterwards tried her hand at some little stages until Bertolucci discovered her.

      SHE SMILES SLIGHTLY, quite calm, without a trace of arrogance. “The success can be over again tomorrow .” Not everything falls to her (I do not know if that is translated correctly, sorry=). She had to do countless rehearsals for “Kingdom of heaven”, “absolutely mad. Only to prove that I can manage the role. The first three months, I thought they would fire me at once.”
      But she stayed. Also, because she gradually wants to get out of the “sex-corner” she was moved in after “The Dreamers”. Not that Green regrets the explicit scenes. “Why?” she asks pointed. It only gets on her nerves when she has to hear for the x time ,”ah, you are Bertoluccis femme fatale!”.
      When she now as a noble princess seduces English noble men in transparent gowns, it might not really work with her mode of image, but at least it amuses those men who go to cinema to watch a violent (strong) history-epic.

    6. George Says:

      Thank you Liz for your beautiful translation. I start to believe that the most professional results emerge from volunteer work !

    7. Monique Says:

      Great work on the translation!!!
      Thank you, Liz and Kathi!!!
      I laughed when I read the part: “she now as a noble princess seduces English noble men in transparent gowns” I got a really funny mental image of Orlando Bloom in a transpaernt gown…

    8. Tango_down Says:

      Thanks a lot Liz, I know it has been a hard work, you’ve done it great 😉

    9. George Says:

      Tango_down: You talk from experience I suppose…

    10. Liz Says:

      Monique: you make me laugh and feel a little bit embarrassed=)
      i did not recognize the mistake…word order is wong, right?;)

    11. Monique Says:

      Liz: No, don’t be embarrassed. Your translation was fantastic and I knew what you meant, but the image just popped momentarily in my head and it was so funny I jsut had to share it…

    12. Liz Says:

      Monique: thank you!
      sure, moments of lauhgter atre always welcomed!!;)
      i also laughed when recognizing the mis-ordered words=)