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Pullman doubts ‘Golden Compass’ sequel

18 July 2008 11:28 PM, PDT | From Digitalspy

Author Philip Pullman is not convinced that New Line Cinema will complete the His Dark Materials trilogy after the adaptation of his novel The Golden Compass underperformed in cinemas. Pullman told The Daily Telegraph that a film based on second book The Subtle Knife is unlikely to make it to the screen for its intended 2009 release date. He said: “I think people were hoping it would be out then but without the film actually having a production start date there can’t be a due date.”

By Simon Reynolds

‘The Golden Compass’ Now Pointing South?

18 July 2008 11:30 AM, PDT | From GetTheBigPicture.net

Even though it eventually recouped its money after stronger international ticket sales than we saw in the states, it was a bit surprising when we heard rumblings earlier this year that there would be a sequel to The Golden Compass. It wasn’t odd from the standpoint of the story; after all, Phillip Pullman wrote a trilogy of books. But it was one of those sequels that was hard to accept financially.

Sure, The Golden Compass made $372 million worldwide against a $180 million budget, but when you add in marketing costs and all the rest, it’s safe to say that this didn’t come close to doubling its money (until you factor in DVD rentals and sales…and then the math gets really cloudy). And when you’re talking about a $200 million sequel, well, you don’t want to run the risk of Prince Caspian happening – and that series got off to a great start.

The Golden Compass Sequel Axed?

18 July 2008 5:04 AM, PDT | From wenn.com

Plans for a sequel to fantasy film The Golden Compass have reportedly been axed following a series of protests from the Catholic Church.

Scholars slammed the children’s movie last year for being anti-God and anti-religion – and even officials at The Vatican stepped in to criticise the film, which stars Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman.

Now author Philip Pullman, who wrote the His Dark Materials trilogy the film was based on, has confirmed he has not been contacted over a follow-up, adding to industry speculation a second installment will not be made.

He says, “When the first film was in production, I was talking to the studio and to (writer/director) Chris Weitz and producers quite frequently. I’m sure I would be now if the sequel was in production.”

But he admits he still has high hopes for another film: “I know everyone would like to see a sequel and I know I’d like to see it.”

Film studio New Line Cinema is refusing to discuss the future of the trilogy.

6 Responses to “The Golden Compass Sequel Axed?”
  1. Ea Says:

    No no no! This sucks!

    They can’t let the Church win, I WANT A SEQUEL!!!!! NOW!

  2. Tom Says:

    I don’t think the issue was the Church. I think the issue was a poor box office showing here in the US. I don’t mean to generalize, but the movie and book series were “European” and for the most part unknown here in the US. I read quite a bit, including a lot of fantasy and had NEVER heard of the series prior to the movie. Coupled with the fact that there were no big US box office stars in the production, released during the writer’s strike which cut down on the ability to promote the movie through nighttime talk shows and such, it was a pretty good chance of failing here at the box office here in the States.
    Perhaps the sequels will be made, but I’m sure they wouldn’t have the same budget as the first one. TGC might not even have broken even yet.

  3. Ea Says:

    Yeah, you’re probably right, I was kind of joking.

    However it still is a same.

  4. George Says:

    Tom I agree with you. I think that the US market is the driver for such movies. If there is a poor opening in US then the studios are double thinking the sequels (even if in the rest of the world TGC received quite interesting approval).

  5. Chad Says:

    I have to say that I loved LOTR and thought this would be along those same lines. Like Tom I had not heard of the series in the States…but i was disappointed with this movie. I had a hard time staying interested and thought a little girl as the hero was just to ‘blah’ to keep me interested.
    Bring on ‘The Hobbit’!

  6. Trish Says:

    Why does the cathiolic church have a problem with this movie? Could it be that this movie thretens there CONTROL on society?