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I’d like to say a huge thank you to Tango_down who bought GQ France and Madame Figaro especially because of Eva and for us! And also for the amazing translations. We couldn’t be happier and more fortunate to have someone like you around! 😀

Let’s all say thanks! 😉

PS: Which photoshoot is your fave? 🙂

25 Responses to “Madame Figaro and GQ France Scans”
  1. George Says:

    A big thanks Tango_down (bigger than the previous ones…).

    Mariana: Tango_down must be honoured with Her Evaness medal d’ or. (think of the details of the ceremony…)

  2. George Says:

    From GQ I like more photos 3 and 5 (quiz: which projects the journalist forgot in photo 5 side-text?). However I think that MF photo’s are much better. especially 1,5,10,13,15.

  3. Tango_down Says:

    I love much more GQ’s pics than MF’s ones, which look rather trivial to me, that may be a feeling of “déjà vu”. It doesn’t look nice to photograph on an ordinary beach, with beach umbrellas behind… there’s too much opposition between the dark beauty of the woman and this simple place. That may be because I know this place for having already been there lol…
    The pics from GQ are much more new, fresh and original, the colors mix extremly well, and the location is splendid in perfect accord with Eva, with her dark/green hair and clothes, which emphasizes her light skin. There’s a feeling of mystery, magic, natural and utopian beauty emerging from these pics. Eva has found in Nature a great equal to her beauty, but the most sure thing is that they go together well in perfect harmony.
    What a better title to these pics than “Eva Green” ? (green => nature)

  4. Tango_down Says:

    I’ve been forced to buy the toilet tissue sold with Madame Figaro magazine :'(

  5. George Says:

    Tango_down: Maybe I like MF photos more because I’ve never been in Normandy’s beaches (lol). I also prefer the photos where she is more spontaneous

    PS: toilet tissue???? !!!!!!

  6. Tango_down Says:

    “The first time, we are always innocent”

    She seduced James Bond, she moves on to filmings abroad, she is the muse of perfume Midnight Poison by Dior… The French actress Eva Green imposes her poisonous charm. And GQ could no longer remain insensitive.
    On Internet there’s a completely false history, one of these rumours which the web takes at face value. A history which tells that Nicolas Sarkozy, newly divorced, very much impatient to meet someone, would have in autumn asked Eva Green to accompany him for an official trip. He would have been rejected. « The proportion which took this rumour, the insistence with which it stays, would become almost interesting, sighs the actress. An Italian journalist asked me what would be my answer if the single man Nicolas Sarkozy offered me a trip. The following day, the Italian tabloids made the front page taking as title : Eva Green said no to Sarkozy. » Therefore, this story is not so strange, and if we take an interest in the mass effects, it’s even completely true : if so many people thirsting for mythology, for gossips and invented love stories wanted to believe in it, it would demonstrate two or three things. First that Eva Green is beautiful. A beauty which can impress a head of state. But also, that she’s not easy. Eva Green is the exact opposite of alluring actresses. Her beauty has something authoritarian, a cold beauty as people said. Eva Green, in the shared imagination, it”s a girl who knows how to say “no ” – without affecting the attraction which she continues to exert on the male sex – on the contrary. Her resistance blinds them. A pretty doll who says no, as in the Polnareff’s song ? Try to call her doll, and wait for her reaction. It should take less than twelve seconds.

    The spy who says no

    Also in reality, Eva Green says “no “. We know that she doesn’t like interviews (this one was made by telephone, very early, a Sunday morning : proof that there is no hour to be woken up by a James Bond girl). A rumour says, among other things, that she refused to participate in the casting of “Daliah noir” by Brian De Palma, because not very enthusiastic with the idea of playing vamps… « But this is also exaggerated. I wasn’t available for the role. I shot for Ridley Scott, Kingdom of Heaven in the same dates. But it’s true that I have no regrets. » Other rumour – and this time Eva Green approves – she would have resisted a long time in view of insistence of the producers of Casino Royale. She refused, they tried again, still asked for her and still for an audition : to be James Bond girl must be the dream of a great number of girls, but not Eva Green. She’ll finally come to the casting, after obtaining permission to read the scenario and being seduced by her character, the first love of James Bond. It’s good luck, Daniel Craig, saw only her, as ideal partner, to reshape the series. Together, they did mission accomplished : Casino Royale is one of the most interesting James Bond since Sean Connery period. The psychological trouble, the black thickness overcame finally the budget devoted to explosive special effects. « But when, at the very beginning of the promo, they introduced me as James Bond girl, I took it rather badly. For me, James Bond girl came down to her physique, it was a stereotype, and I knew that the movie worked to further this picture. Daniel Craig is at the same time a strong actor, a great male, with a range of infinite emotions. For my part, I really had to portray his first loving wound. Also, when they talked about the “playmate of the month” side of James Bond girl, I had a bit tendency to feel embarrassed. » With Eva Green, the role found another Frenchwoman living in England, Jacqueline Bisset, also heroine of the first Casino royale. As her, Eva Green is a sex symbol who rhymes with class. The anti-bimbo, a kind of refinement a bit bourgeois.

    “I’m exacting and I frighten”

    Eva Green is the muse of perfume Midnight Poison which gave her chance to be the heart of a spot directed by the maestro with black glasses Wong Kar Waï. She keeps a certain distance with picture, her picture. « I consider John Galliano as a genius. To be a Dior muse isn’t something reductive. It has a fairy tale side, queen of one day. I have a good time, I take it as a game. The day after a spot with Wong Kar Waï, you go back home, in your small flat of London. And well… nothing changed. I hesitated a lot to play the fatal women because stereotypes have something reductive, and in cinema people quickly lock you in a box (to be tagged). At the moment, I‘m not impatient to enter in. » The one who says that didn’t shoot so many movies, « I’m exacting and I frighten », but her first movie was an instantaneous master-work : Dreamers, by Bernardo Bertolucci. Beside two splendid beginners, Michael Pitt (Kurt Cobain-to-be with Gus Van Sant) and Louis Garrel (son of and actor with Philippe Garrel), she lived, rather often naked, the sexual revolution of May 68 in a big bourgeois flat almost empty. « I don’t know if the first movie which introduces you imposes a way. For my part, I want to be closed to nothing. But it’s true that the movie had this international characteristic, it was besides better received abroad than in France, and especially as all first times, it remained for me unforgettable. The osmosis with my two friends actors, to learn from Bertolucci this art to manipulate in purpose to reach the best. It wasn’t, for us, a job, but an experience of life that lasted some weeks. Afterwards, it’s never similar again. The first time, we are always innocent. » Innocent was the french title of the movie. A 18-year-old girl, whose shamelessness is the ally of intelligence, would intimidate France? Eva goes to live in London, to cut « a bit » the umbilical cord. Her mother, Marlène Jobert, is also actress. “She’s with me, in Dublin, during some days, on the filming of Cracks, Jordan Scott (daughter of Ridley). I play a swimming teacher, in 30’s, which falls in love with one of her students. My mother always helped me to refine my roles. I have a coach, but her, she’s a mother. And you can’t imagine how much we feel lonely on a set. The one who recommends movie directors, always too much « obsessed by visual things » to make actor’s school, « to know better what we feel by playing », isn’t a swimming or German teacher, a terror with a dream physique. « A friend, out of pure spite, said that I’m too sophisticated. While I hate to get ready. If I’m cold, it’s because of shyness, not to make distance. I’m everything except haughty. When I talk to people, I feel I’m boring them. « To be sold, as actress’s job encourages too often to make it, it’s horrible, I can’t. Society dinners, it’s the same thing. However, I like the food …

    “Pinup girl, but gothic”

    This picture of cold dark-haired woman, with crabby intelligence goes perfectly well with her ; the tag which she knows how to avoid in cinema, in her roles, she fears to carry it in her. She played not much roles of contemporary girls (« that’s true, the only time is for Franklyn, Gerald Mc Morrow’s movie, that will release next year. I’m a trash English but who live one’s own little world. We are still far from the social cinema with Mike Leigh style… »). We ask this big reader of Sweig, Schnitzler and Murakami, admirer of Ingmar Bergman and Isabel Adjani, the picture of the woman who inspires her.

    « What I’m going to say is not promotion. But if I accepted this contract with Dior, in spite of my reluctances to represent the complete glamour, it’s because John Galliano gives a picture of the woman which I like : pinup girl, but gothic. She is extremely feminine, but it’s only a facet. » Nothing else than a kind of self-portrait.

    PS : I didn’t translated the text with dates, it’s nothing else than a summary of her career we all know.

  7. Tango_down Says:

    George : Le Figaro newspaper

  8. George Says:

    Tango_down: Take some rest, because I heard that there is an Eva’s interview in French Vogue next month (lol)

  9. Monique Says:

    I prefer the GQ shoot: much more dramatic…where’d they shoot it?
    Also in #1, the perfect example of the Tyndall effect…If ever I t am given a report on that in Chemistry, I will definitely use this picture…
    Sigh…the photos are so gorgeous, she looks so beautiful in all of them…

    Love the first part of the article…and I can definitely relate to the part about feeling like I bore people when I talk to them…

    Bravo, Tango_down!!!! *Monique gives Tango a standing ovation* (that couldn’t have been easy, translating all that)
    Thank you very much!!!

  10. Liz Says:

    great translation, tango_down… very hard work invested!!my respect!!

    besides, I have just arrived at home yesterday after spending nine days in LLoret de Mar, Spain… now I am overly happy to read all the comments and news…
    I also bought the french glamour and madame figaro.. but as I see you will always be faster…. 😉
    now, I’ ll take my time and check everything properly…
    expect comments the following week;)

  11. Tango_down Says:

    Monique : I was also interested to know where were shot these pics, but it’s not mentionned anywhere… Regarding the vegetation, and the chemical effect you describe (extremely magic and beautiful, I love it), it seems to be a rain forest (tropical). This photo session might have taken place in a far country (far far away as Shreck says), maybe not very far from you Monique 😉

    George : I’m not afraid by any other translation, now that I have experience and know how to be quick and efficient. It may be hard the 1st time (I may be wrong but it also was Madame Figaro, the one with this pic of Eva wearing a pink dress in front of a news kiosk, this interview where at the end, Eva gets up to check the lock of the door, do you remember ?), but then with a good practice it becomes a simple (quite easy) work.
    It’s also good for my english practice, especially for a good vocabulary enrichment, I’ve noticed that I take fewer time now to search my words.

    Mariana : n’hésite pas à tocquer à nouveau à ma porte pour le prochain Vogue, je me ferai un plaisir de l’acheter.

  12. Tango_down Says:

    Liz : Welcome back, you had great chance to spend your vacations in Spain ! I’m definitely a spanish-speaking culture lover:D

    You can buy magazines not only for Mariana but most of all for you, and it’s a good thing you did it. For my part, I appreciate to have the GQ pics on paper, it may be more beautiful than it’is already on web (sorry for people who can’t buy these magazines… hahaha).
    Then, if you don’t know what to do with the newspaper you received with Madame Figaro, I can give you some advices how to use it… lol

  13. Liz Says:

    Tango_down: yes, I was pretty lucky with that vacation… it was great and I ahve fallen in love=)…

    I will ask you if I don’t klnow how to use it… but it will take time till I am thru it.. reading French is a bit more difficult than English;)

  14. George Says:

    Tango_down: I was kidding about the next Vogue issue…

    Liz: Lucky you! That’s what vacations are for!

  15. Tango_down Says:

    George : grrr :p

  16. Tom Says:

    Casino Royale Collector’s Edition to be released.


  17. George Says:

    Tom: Thanks …always updated

    Tango_down: …but you never know!

  18. EvaAnne Says:

    Slightly off-topic:

    Depp Mad For Wonderland
    29 July 2008 6:29 PM, PDT

    Johnny Depp is set for a trip to Wonderland, courtesy of director pal Tim Burton.
    The actor is to play the Mad Hatter in a new version of Alice in Wonderland, according to new reports.
    The movie, which will hit cinema screens in 2010, will be directed by Burton. It will mark the seventh time he and Depp have worked together.

    I vote Eva for Alice! 😉

  19. Tango_down Says:

    Tom : thanks a lot, I bought the so-called “collector edition” last year, it’s so funny to see again a new one releasing, what a sheep business…

    … especially when I know that I won’t resist to buy it again <:3 …

  20. Mariana Says:

    EvaAnne: There’s already a girl cast as Alice.

  21. George Says:

    EvaAnne: I cross fingers for another opportunity to see Burton directing Depp and Eva. “Dark Shadows” doesn’t seem to give us the pleasure…

    Mariana: Don’t ruin our hopes …at least so quickly (lol)

  22. Tom Says:

    Don’t yell at me for this request, but are there any current pictures of Joy available? I would like to see how much the sisters look alike/look different now.

  23. Tom Says:

    EvaAnne: There’s already a girl cast as Alice.

    Personally I think Eva would enjoy playing the Queen of Hearts more. “Off with their heads!!!!”

  24. George Says:

    Tom: I think that Joy’s photos are in EGW’s rich photo gallery (…but not very recent).

  25. Monique Says:

    Tom: I agree…but she would make a darker Queen, I’m thinking Goth style queen..hihi