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I’m adding a scan from last year’s issue of FHM UK dedicated to the 50 most eligible single women out there. Eva ranked at #44. And, believe it or not, Kimberly Stewart was their first choice…

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  1. Lola Says:


    Skinny, jobless horse-face against our Eva??!
    The world is officially coming to an end! 🙁

  2. Tom Says:

    VERY COOL!!! So if I read this article right, all I need to do to land Eva is buy a Cream Jacket, start smoking and learn a second language? I’ll get to it right away.

    Anyone know where I can buy an inexpensive cream colored jacket? 🙂

  3. Angie Says:

    GAH! She’s SO gorgeous! I only WISH I could look half as good! 🙂

  4. Monique Says:

    Does Marton Csokas smoke or wear cream jackets? (I hope not…)

  5. Janine Says:

    Hey girly-girl,
    happy belated birthday! Hope you had tons of fun. I wasn’t sure if you already knew this, but while picking up Diane’s InStyle UK cover, I noticed that Eva is on the cover of the August issue of GQ France (http://journaux.fr/revue.php?id=128112)! It’s an old shoot, but lovely at that. You can check out more previews at http://www.gqmagazine.fr/
    Since I didn’t know if you had the issue, I haven’t picked it up. Just say the word, and next time I’ll go magazine-shopping I shall buy it. 🙂

  6. Veronique Says:

    I really don’t understand the #44. And doesn’t matter who is placed ahead of her, she should be at least at top 5.

  7. Tom Says:

    Does Marton Csokas smoke or wear cream jackets? (I hope not…)

    Marton does smoke and as for the jacket; well he is pretty well known for NOT being a dapper dresser, so if you think a cream jacket is horrible, then chances are he has one. If you think they are nice, he probably doesn’t have one! 🙂

  8. Monique Says:

    I’m not really particular on cream jackets (it could be polkadotted, if he likes)…it’s the smoking I don’t really like (no offense to the smokers)…

    oh well…I can’t force my beliefs on either of them…

  9. George Says:

    Janine: Thanks for the willingness but Tango_down took already care of us (as you can see in the previous posts he also translated the text). Thanks anyway.

  10. jenni Says:

    Eva is a GODDESS! She should’ve been number one. They only gave it to that troll kimberly stewart because she’s all over the tabloids!

  11. spot Says:

    guys, don’t get worked up. it’s just FHM 😉

  12. Monique Says:

    spot: *Monique nods fervently*

    Ugh…I can’t stand waiting for Franklyn!!! I really really really really really really really really want to see it NOW…


  13. Nohémy Says:

    monique -> so am i ..

  14. HAS Says:

    On the following page Franklyn is scheduled for January 30th 2009

    To me the list seems up to date and quite trustworthy, but hopefully it will be released earlier. This is only for the UK, so the rest of Europe/World probably will have to wait even longer.

  15. George Says:

    HAS: Thank you for the useful source and the information. By the way I didn’t see Cracks in 2009 schedule (ended September 2009). It seems it’s too early, althouth the producers aim to participate in the Cannes Festival (May 2009)

  16. Monique Says:

    Looks like I’ll have two movies to look forward to next January (if Franklyn gets shown here, that is)

    Sigh…it seems like a long way off…

  17. Tom Says:

    Eva in new James Bond game:


  18. Liz Says:

    girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen
    you won’t believe it…
    about 5 weeks ago, I sent a letter to Eva Green’s fanmaila ddress in Paris.. and then.. yesterday.. I got the return of it… TWO AUTOGRAPHED PICTURES WITH A DADICATION ON IT!!!
    I am so happy about that… and howfast that has worked.. I expected something for october

    anyway… I really recommend sending a letter to Paris if you’re interested in autographs!!

  19. George Says:

    Lucky you Liz. “To Liz, Much love, Eva Green xxx” Was it like this? Did you send the pictures or were they her choice?

    PS what is the “xxx” at the end of the autographs?

  20. Liz Says:

    it pretty much this… exactly : “To Ann-Catherin. Love. Eva Green xxx”

    the “xxx” at the end symbolize three kisses.. =)
    I am so happy.. I cant tell you

  21. Tom Says:

    XXX = kisses OOO = hugs. Hence XOXO = hugs and kisses.

  22. Tango_down Says:

    Liz : I’m happy for you, no doubt that the parisian address works 😉

    George : it means “kiss kiss kiss”. I thought that it was used in english.

    Now it’s time to realize that Eva did you 3 kisses, just for your own person !!

    “To my dear and loving George, Eva Green xxx”

  23. George Says:

    But why xxx and not moots moots moots? Anyway, thank you Tango_down. You owe me an autograph from Eva as you can easily find her in your hometown :).
    Any news for new projects Mariana? Even rumours are welcome!
    Spot what about the “big thing” you were talking about 😉

  24. Liz Says:

    George: I am sorry I missed one question..
    I sent the two pictures… not her choice then…
    I think you have to send something… or perhaps she has git soem finished autographs which were signed before… I dont know…

    anyway… it is a great thing!!!!

  25. Monique Says:

    Liz: Ann-Catherin, huh? Good for you!!!!
    The technicalities of sending a letter here are too much for me to do right now (what with several upcoming exams, interviews, papers and such), but I’m definitely gonna follow your example soon…

  26. Liz Says:

    Monique: Liz is my nickname since about three years, but Ann-Catherin is my real name;)

  27. Lola Says:

    Quantum of Solace: Ask Daniel Craig & Marc Forster Questions: http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=48272
    Source: ComingSoon.net August 28, 2008

    ComingSoon.net’s Heather Newgen is headed for London the week of September 15th to speak to Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster and star Daniel Craig, but we won’t be asking our questions – we’ll be representing you, the fans!

    You can submit your questions for Marc and Daniel by using the comments below and we’ll pick the top two (possibly three) questions for Marc and Daniel each.

    Then, be sure to come back the week of September 22nd to read their answers to the questions that were picked and we’ll have some more new things that week as well!

    Opening November 14th in North America, the Casino Royale follow-up co-stars Olga Kurylenko, Mathieu Amalric, Judi Dench, Gemma Arterton, Jeffrey Wright, Jesper Christensen and Joaquin Cosio.

    Mmore info and videos here: http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=15549

  28. George Says:

    Thanks Lola. Did you ask your question?

  29. adam Says:

    hi everyone 🙂
    can someone help me with this adress, where can i find it? i’d love to write a letter to eva. she’s so beautiful!

  30. George Says:

    adam: The address is in EvaGreenweb (“Eva”-“Fan mail”) and it is the following:

    c/o Artmedia
    20 avenue Rapp
    75007 Paris

    Good luck!

  31. George Says:

    Mata’s calendar page is waiting for you in Fan-Art section of EGW. Thank you Mata ! (nice photo)

  32. Miguel, the clarinet one Says:

    Pergunto-me se irás ler este comment?! Poderia tê-lo escrito em inglês. Vive e dá valor ao sonho. [[]]

  33. Olga Iv Says:

    Where is Eva ???
    I mean I would like to get some news about her!!! ;)))

  34. Nohémy Says:

    je crois que Eva va avoir du travail d’écriture pour les siw prochains mois !!

  35. Liz Says:

    oh, mata. this calendar page is so amazing. I LOVE it!!!!!!
    “simple, but elegant”;)

    Olga Iv: The same question.. where is our beauty???
    does anyone know if Eva was attending the Mont Blanc Gala in Berlin last week??

  36. Mariana Says:

    Liz: No, she didn’t.

  37. Monique Says:

    Oh, mata, I love you!!!!! that’s my favorite pic in that photoshoot…you used it so well!!! so beautiful…

    It’s so sad when we don’t hear too much on Eva…but I’m still hoping and waiting…

  38. Tom Says:

    Yeah, what’s up with that? Eva is a little more famous than me, but I seem to be “doing more” than her! Where has she been? What’s she doing? Does she miss us? I didn’t get that birthday card she sent! 🙁

    Is there a new Muse for Dior? Has Eva’s stint run out (it’s been a year, right)? Or does it continue for a while longer? Is that something they change every year? To be honest, i don’t really remember seeing her Dior ads all that much. Maybe I need to start reading fashion magazines?

  39. Olga Iv Says:

    Accordig to some Russian news source
    10 Sept in Moscow there will be a big party dedicated to the first publication of Tatler magazine ( Rus). A lot of Russian celebrities are expected.
    Foreign celebs are expected too!!!
    And EVA GREEN(!!!) is one of them!

  40. George Says:

    Olga Iv: Thanks for the info. We are waiting photos of Eva from the event from russian magazines. Thanks in advance 🙂

  41. Olga Iv Says:

    Eva Green at Tatler Party (Moscow)


  42. George Says:

    Thanks OLga Iv

  43. Tango_down Says:

    Salut Nohémy

    Que veux tu dire par qu’elle aura du boulot pour les six prochains mois ?

    The september calendar looks so beautiful, great job Mata (I realize I’ve never thought to thank you).

  44. Mariana Says:

    Je pense qu’elle veut dire qu’Eva devra signer tellement d’autographes que ça va prendre six mois pour qu’elle réponde à tous!

  45. Tango_down Says:

    Ah vi, merci Mariana de ta perspicacité, j’ai dû louper un épisode.

  46. Nohémy Says:

    Oui , c’est ce que je voulais dire , désolée , j’ai pas été très claire ^^