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It’s a claim that’s horrified the Sisterhood. But here one female author dares to argue that it’s true…

VESPER LYND Played by Eva Green in Casino Royale, she was Bond’s banker with a secret.
Feminist credentials: Vesper was Fleming’s first Bond girl, and one of his best. She’s a beautiful British agent who has been sent to help Bond – much to his chagrin – in his mission to confound the villainous Le Chiffre. After falling for her, he discovers that she’s been spying for the enemy. Rather than betray him, Vesper kills herself.
Feminist rating: 6/10. It takes a certain guts to betray Bond.
Most likely to say: ‘I can advance you ten million francs.’
Least likely to say: ‘You don’t mind that I betrayed you do you, James?’

Read more about the book and see what they have to say about other Bond girls at the Mail Online website.

  1. spot Says:

    being a feminist (but not those annoying radical feminist ones), i completely disagree with the article. sorry. 🙁 ….though i agree and must say that Vesper Lynd is a strong character.

  2. Monique Says:

    She is NOT a Bond Girl!!! She is Eva Green!!!
    She goes so much deeper than that!!!

    Sorry, but something about this article bugs me a little…

  3. Liz Says:

    Monique: Absolutely right!!
    Seems as the author has not understood well Vesper’s role!!
    But if you have a closer look on the entire article at the Mail Online website, you can find some sort of a correction as it says that Vesper Lynd has reversed that “period of window dressing” what Barbara Broccoli said of former Bond girls/women.
    Anyway, I don’t grow wise of this article..

  4. thirtyspokes Says:

    I think she deserved a higher rating than that… This article really waters her down, and I agree with Liz, the author did not seem to understand her role very well.