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  • Vanity Fair (Spain) – November 2008, thanks to Astrea –> Two pages about Eva’s recent appearance at the Seville party where she used the same dress as in Moscow. 😛 The words in Spanish says: The French actress Eva Green did a spectacular entrance in the “Casa de Pilatos” (Pilatos’ House).

    I absolutely love contributions! Thanks to everyone who contributes and comments. It’s a pleasure to run a site that has so many lovely and loyal visitors that helps this site get better and better and also a friendly place! 🙂

  • 13 Responses to “Vanity Fair (Spain) – November 2008”
    1. Tango_down Says:

      Great snapshot ! I can hear the guitares and the maracas lol I love to see Eva letting herself go.

      Mariana : je vois qu’on a également pris l’espagnol en 2ème langue 🙂

    2. Mariana Says:

      Tango_down: A vrai dire, j’ai pris l’italien en 2ème langue. Mais je parle espagnol aussi. 🙂

    3. Liz Says:

      Mariana & Tango_down: pouvez-vous m’aider aprendre le francais et l’espagnol??
      Je voudrais les parler aussi bien que l’anglais!!
      A part cela, ce sont des “snapshots” magnifiques!!
      Merci beaucoup, Mariana et Astrea!!

    4. Tango_down Says:

      Mariana : I see you have correspondents and reporters in each country now, EGW’s functioning is becoming like a newspaper.

      Liz : Ca peut se faire, mais en ce qui concerne ton français, je vois que tu te débrouilles déjà très bien 🙂

      When I learned spanish, we studied many pictures and comics representing a situation in a family. Most of the time, the conclusion of our work was “la falta de comunicacion por culpa de la television” lol It became the cult sentence of our teacher.

    5. George Says:

      Thank you so much Astrea for enriching our network.

      PS …now we know who will offer to translate the Spanish Evarticles, hihihi…

    6. Olga Iv Says:

      What about deleted scenes from Casino Royale with Eva ???
      Does anyone have the disk???( I mean, 3 disk edition)
      I know that in Russia this edition will not be realized 🙁

    7. spot Says:

      thanks for these Mariana and Astrea 🙂

    8. Lola Says:

      Eva has, of course, been named one of ‘The 15 Hottest Bond Girls of All Time’ by Maxim http://maxim.com/Girls/EvaGreenasVesperLyndinCasinoRoyale/slideshow/45504/155.aspx
      9. Eva Green as “Vesper Lynd” in Casino Royale
      When you know she´s hot: While Bond gambles away her government´s money, secret operative Vesper Lynd keeps her eye on 007 while we keep our eyes on her slinky physique.
      Why she´s hot: Certainly not the bimbo type, Eva Green´s Bond girl is dark, mysterious, sexy and cool.

      PS: Olga Iv, I have the 3-disk English-language version of CR, but I’m not sure how I’d get footage onto the web…any clues??

    9. Ali Says:

      Why is she so magnetic/alluring?

      Shes always smiling, joyful and jumpy, not to mention beautiful.

      Maybe in heaven 😉

    10. Olga Iv Says:

      Lola: I have no idea …. Actually, I don’t know how it should be done 🙂

    11. Clarisse Says:

      Ton site est le meilleur Mariana, tu le mérites !
      And for the english people :D, your site is the best Mariana, you worth it !

    12. Tango_down Says:

      Clarisse : Et que fais-tu des espagnols pardi ?!

      Tu página web es la mejor Mariana, lo mereces !

    13. Clarisse Says:

      Désolée mais je ne voulais pas vous horrifier avec mon espagnol si rudimentaire 😀