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Eva was present at the official opening of the Montblanc store in Geneva.

She’s also preparing for an important audition next Monday in London!

Exclusive interview and new photo here.

33 Responses to “Eva lights up the Geneva night”
  1. Tom Says:

    I really like that look, very sophisticated. She looks great.

  2. spot Says:

    her whole look and ensemble is screaming “class”!!! 🙂

    audition, audition, audition…. 😉

  3. EvaAnne Says:

    Oooohh…”an important audition in London”…exciting!

    This might be a good moment to say…I’ve got an audition tomorrow! My very first audition ever, so I’m nervous, but also really excited.

    It’s for a movie that’s based on a really beautiful novel, so I really want the part…

    *fingers crossed!*

  4. Tascha Says:

    Grâce à Mariana, ce sont les nouvelles du jour! Une inaugaration et une audition importante le lundi suivant? Je ne peux pas patienter!
    Laisses-nous croiser nos doigts pour Eva!

    P.S. Hope, this was correct! Just try to refresh up my French!

  5. Liz Says:

    Thank you for the update, Mariana.
    I really like the collaboration between Eva and the house of MontBlanc. Everything looks so elegant, stylish, endurable…
    and the jewelry is also very beautiful.

    I have just found a new category at montblanc’s web-appearance.=)
    They present their brand ambassadors and as a matter-of-course, it features Eva.
    You can enjoy a little video made in Milan.
    I am sure you will all love it.


  6. Liz Says:


  7. Ali Says:

    I hope she gets the role she’s auditioning for!

  8. George Says:

    Thank you Mariana for being such a break-breaker for our sake!
    Goodmorning Tango_down 🙂

  9. irina Says:

    EvaAnne: Good luck=)

  10. George Says:

    EvaAnne: Good luck from all of us!

  11. George Says:

    I am smelling a blockbuster! BUT EXCUSE ME: Are there directors that are still passing Eva from audition? Blasphemy !!!! I think it’s rather typical, just an excuse to see her acting once more…

  12. Arlene Says:


    What a great night in the Ivy!! I can’t believe Sienna!! Give me a call!

  13. Ali Says:

    I’m sorry but I think I skipped which movie she is auditioning for.

    Any body have an idea?

  14. Monique Says:

    Liz: thanks for the link

    Mariana: thanks for the news!

    EvaAnne: good luck, dear!!! I’ll be with you in spirit!!!

    *This is just me blabbing*
    Whew!!! finally, my exams are over, I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve checked up on Eva news!!! Only one more paper and a lab experiment to pass (not to mention a practical on social dance), and then I only have to attend our annual lantern parade, and then, finally, finally, Christnas break!!! it’s been such a hell week!! I’m exhausted!!! If you guys wanna see what else I did during the week, go to youtube and type UP Oblation Run December 12 08, and click on the second video (it was in the news)…I’m not in it nor was I one of the runners, but I was there, and not screaming like some of the other girls there, the first girl talking in the video was shouting and yelling and she was not even from our school (no, don’t worry, it’s not porn…it’s the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity’s annual run…they’ve been doing it for the past 30 years, I think…this time, they’re making a statement for the environment, apparently…It’s our university’s 100th year, so it’s a bit of a big deal)

  15. Tango_down Says:

    George : Good evening 🙂

    Eva Green lights up the Genevan night

    The French woman attended the official inauguration of the Montblanc’s shop.

    Yesterday evening, the French actress made a short appearance in the shop. Before slipping away to attend the dinner organized by Montblanc in « La Réserve ».

    Will she be there ? The question was the subject everyone was talking about. But the file was classified “secret defense”. For security reasons. We don’t ask Vesper Lynd – the name of James Bond’s first love in Casino Royale – to come in Geneva with impunity. Without taking a few precautions. But she was there …
    Eva Green is Montblanc’s ambassador for a year. Even if she is preparing an important tryout – scheduled for Monday in London -, she could not miss the official shop’s inauguration. The place where people were used to find Bern’s Bear (L’Ours de Berne). In front of the flowered clock and the bridge of … Mont Blanc.
    “The brand’s founders had chosen the highest mountain in Europe as a symbol of excellence,” said Lutz Bethge, the brand’s president. “In our opinion, this shop at this location in the High Clock-making’s capital, sounds like a return to the house !”

    “A crazy movie”

    For Eva Green, Geneva also has a special value. She often comes here to rest. Incognito. “We already passed through that place with my parents when we went to Megeve” she says. “But I love to go for a walk around the lake, and I love the « Parc des Eaux-Vives » and the Old City”. The French woman also came here with her mother, Marlene Jobert, to prepare her role for Franklyn by Gerald McMorrow.
    A feature-length film shot in 2007 – to be released next February. “I play two characters : one very dark, the other brighter, with the Mary Poppins’ style and pink hair”, she says.”This is the story of four characters searching for themselves. A little bit crazy movie !”
    During one week, Eva Green locked herself in a suit of the Swissôtel Metropole to work on this movie. “There are certainly more instinctive actors. For my part, I like to work by anticipation. I read a lot. I’m looking for material related to the role. But when you arrive on a movie’s set, you realize that’s different from anything you prepared… “Has she always wanted to be an actress ? Follow her mother’s way ? When she was a teenager, Eva Green rather said that she dreamed to become a “director”. Perhaps to confuse issues.
    “Being the « daughter of » is not easy. There’s a kind of complex ! I especially felt it in school drama. People said that I was helped by favours. It was rather irritating ! “She finally chose this way. With the blessing of her mother. “She never tried to discourage me” she says, “It’s a cruel job. Where there’s a lot of competitions. So she encouraged me to not complain and to make efforts… ”

    “A strong personality”

    In six years, Eva Green has become a safe bet. By playing the disturbing Sibylla of Jerusalem in Kingdom of Heaven by Ridley Scott. Playing opposite Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. By being very demanding with her choices. With the risk of shooting only one movie per year.
    “It’s hard to find good things,” she says. Before mentioning her role in Cracks – a movie by Jordan Scott which will also release next year. She plays a teacher in the 30s. “A very complex character. it’s the role with which I feel the most proud » she whispers.
    The French also enjoy to take on the charming ambassador’s role. Gothic muse of Dior, she now represent the elegance and purity of Montblanc. “It reminds me my father ! He always wrote with his fountain pen. Moreover, they don’t consider me as a product.
    There is a real dialogue between us. They asked my opinion for the advertising campaign. And I’d like to create something with them…” ” Eva is not only a beautiful woman, she also has a very strong personality, “Lutz Bethge says. They are made to get on well with each other !

  16. Tango_down Says:

    Tascha : c’est plus que correct, ton français est très bon ! 😉

    I like how Liz and you are speaking french very well, I would realize it’s a hard language to learn if it was not my native’s one, but even for native french people their own language sometimes remains difficult to use or understand lol
    I’m ashamed of speaking only a little bit german.

  17. Tascha Says:

    The server of Montblanc seems to be broken down.., anyone tried it?

  18. Tascha Says:

    George: just remind you to “The Constant Gardener” – the role went to Rachel Weisz. Though it was quite a good story, I always imagined Eva as Tessa….

    P.S. Blockbuster would be great, it means there’d be a chance to see her not only in England.

  19. George Says:

    Thank you Tango_down. You are always catching the message 🙂 and your translations are indeed superb.
    Tascha: Regarding Montblanc site I had the same problems but later it worked. They must upgrade it (it’s just the cost of a selling watch 🙂 ) now that Eva is part of it!

  20. Guy_Lusignan Says:

    Very good news from Eva!!

    I hope she gets the role she’s auditioning for!

    Does anybody know something about the audition??

  21. EvaAnne Says:

    Irina, George, Liz: thank you!! It wnet quite well, but I won’t hear anything for about a month… 🙁

    Tango_down: thank you for the translation! I hope all went well with Eva’s audition today.
    and George: I was wondering the same thing, with Franklyn and Cracks as well. Does Eva STILL have to audition? One would think she has proved she can act….?!

  22. Tascha Says:

    Tango_down: thanks, it’s just – that, well, I really like this language – it’s so full of melodyl I have a Belgian collegue (know, it’s different… forgive me), but when he starts speaking French, I hang on his lips “lol” – but it’s nearly like that.
    And, thanks through Eva, I’ve found the best reason to remember my French. I just love it hearing her speaking (and understanding her) in her mother tongue.

    Don’t bother about lacking knowledge of German! Think, it’s quite the same with French – always a mysterium, even for native speaking people (grinning smiley – for smileys are still very mysterious for me).

  23. George Says:

    Mata: Somehow you read my mind with the photo you choose for the calendar page 🙂 My favourite!


    Thank you and best wishes for the Christmas holidays

  24. Tascha Says:

    I really hope Eva made it… when will we know?

    George: tried Montblanc yesterday evening again, wasn’t successfull – I don’t have a very fast DSL-connection. So I hope Monblanc will upgrade very soon.

  25. Tango_down Says:

    Tascha : I’ve already heard some belgian people speak french, they seem to have a bit accent, but I’m not sure of that… but French people who’re living in north of France sure have one, they’ve even become famous lately thanks to a very successful french movie…
    What I mean is I’m not sure if you hear a parisian like me speaking french it would be as melodious as when your belgian collegue speaks lol I suggest you to become friend with french people from south of France, you’ll not find more melodious french accent than the one which goes well with cicadas’ singing.

    I also love to hear Eva speaks french, but paradoxically it’s becoming rare to hear that, that’s strange. She speaks english so excellently well that we’re all starting to think that it’s her native language.
    She also has a very natural and cool way to speak french, like any young french people you would meet in the street. The few video interviews in french I’ve seen, she uses some words like “Chépa”, “Ouais”, “Nan”, etc… That means she doesn’t want to look too serious and haughty, not looking for a perfect french speaking. But I don’t mean that she’s vulgar, not at all, only normal.
    That’s why when I hear her speaking french, it’s like to hear a friend of mine speaking, she becomes suddenly very close. That’s a pleasant feeling.

  26. George Says:

    Tascha: Montblanc has already upgraded by choosing Eva 🙂

  27. Tascha Says:

    Tango_down: (little off-topic: your nick doesn’t have anything to do with a certain Bertolucci’s film…? I’m just getting curious; didn’t have anything to do with this “scene” earlier… but it changes…
    So, you’re from Paris? Lucky you are! It’s one of my favourite towns – apart from London and Hamburg. I know them quite well, really don’t know how often I have been there before. Give up counting in the end! They`re both very different – I like the statement from Eva, where’s she’s considering Paris more “judgemental”.
    London’s more “cooler”.
    With the language – guess, it’s like a Bavarian and an East Frisian… they don’t really understand each other. I myself have the “privilege” to have grown up in a “German standard (high) speaking region”…. because of Eva: it’s a shame we don’t hear more of her in French nowadays; you really become much closer to her, even though she’s speaking English fluently – it’s not the same.

    George: touché… I feel ashamed…. of course, I’m very very grateflul Montblanc has chosen Eva becoming her ambassodor… It’s just the thing: I’m toooo impatient… :-).

  28. Liz Says:

    Tango_down: Thank you=)
    Tascha egts to tthe point: It’s the same with me: I love to speak French and most of all hear Eva speak it… it sounds quite sensual I think.
    But, it’s really difficult in a conversation… Native speakers are really fast and hence to the lack of knowing enough vocabulary I am not that good at unerstanding everyone. But Eva has quite a clear voice, I think which makes it easier…

    With people learning German it’s the same I think. It may even be harder because of al the articles and so on, which Tascha has mentioned before.
    Tascha: I guess you grew up in the area around Hamburg. People say that there you speak the “best” German or the “highest”=)
    I am from the south-west (Pfalz)… we also have an accent but as bad as the Bavarians, I suppose;)… but since my parents don’t have an extreme accents I try to speak “Hochdeutsch”(high-german…?? I am sorry, don’t know the English word)…
    And yes, Tango_down is really lucky for the fact that he lives in Paris. I love this city, too! *just remembering my trip last october…sigh*
    So I guess we have to build up a real community that meets every once a while in these cities: London and Paris…. just to draw the connection to Eva…

    Any news from Monday’s audition?? I am really curious….
    George: Absolutely right. I don’t understand it either. Eva must have already established her place in film business. Directors and casting directors must have her on their mind when looking for the right actress!!!!!!

    Draw-back to MontBlanc: I think it was the best decision they could have made at MontBlanc in getting Eva as their brand ambassodor. She does a wonderful job and as I can see she is learnign how to “sell herself”, which she thinks is one of her problems… or has been part of her uncertainty…

    To all of you: Have some more nice pre-Christmas days and enjoy your freetime, (if you have some)!

  29. Tascha Says:

    Liz: (for the case you read this) – I was born in Hanover and live now around Bremen – so I really grew up with “Hochdeutsch” (looked it up in the dictionary, too – it’s “standard” or “High German”).
    Anyway – nice suggestion to build up a community that meets either in London or in Paris… for upcoming Eva events.
    Just an example: thought already of the Cracks premiere (hopefully in London), whenever it will be.

  30. Tascha Says:

    Liz: one more, because of these problems with French understanding:
    there’s a great software of “Dialang” (European standard) – recommend by the one’s who whant to become an interpreter and the European Union itself. I tried it on my own, even though not having a clue what might be coming up to me, but was quite delighted how I made it up in the end.
    it was someting between B2 and C1 in the end – without rehearsals or anyhting like this (C2 is mother tongue). Just trie it.

  31. Tango_down Says:

    Tascha : No my nickname has nothing to do with any Bertolucci’s movie… Well it’s a nickname I’ve chosen when I was young for totally others reasons… But then I kept it because first it sounds a bit classy (lol), and most of the time people only notice the word “tango” and think that it refers to music, which is a reaction that I began to appreciate. I had the luck to study Astor Piazolla for my music optional lesson for the baccalaureate, but that is a very special tango, not the popular one (Carlos Gardel, etc), with lot of feeling’s expression, red and black colors, irregularity in the rythm, etc… which makes impossible to dance on it (that’s why popular tango’s lovers hate this classical type). Tango is not only a music, it’s a kind of way to think, it expresses a lot of feelings on life, and it’s with these feelings that you play the music. I always recognize myself in that tango’s spirit… I may have a red and black colored life you know… lol That’s why I kept my nickname for the music’s connotation.

    Concerning Paris, well… all people here know what’s my answer when you tell me that I’m lucky to live in Paris… lol

  32. Tascha Says:

    Tango_down: yeah… know what you mean about Tango and everyhing. It’s not only music, but the feeling behind it.

  33. Liz Says:

    Tascha: Thank you for the translation work;9
    Unfortunately, I haven’t yet been neither to Hannover nor to Bremen. I would like to visit all those cities but it requires a lot of time that I don’t have yet=(
    Me too, I had “Cracks” premiere on my mind=)… Hopefully, it will make it to the final selection for Cannes!!! That would offer a new meeting point;)
    But I am creating plans at the moment for a trip to London at the end of January to see “Franklyn” in cinema. Anyone would like to accompany me??=)
    Thanks for the tip for the Dialang program. But strangely, it doesn’t work after the installation on my pc..
    How did you do it??
    Have some nice Christmas days up there at the sea!
    (I am just thinking that it is really funny that we talk in English here which is probably more difficult for us than to talk in German what is our mother tongue… lol)