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In the September 2008 issue of InStyle Spain, María Valverde (official website can be viewed here) talks very briefly about “Cracks”:

“She talks excitedly about ‘Cracks’, Jordan Scott’s first long feature film. She was the only Spaniard in the cast, the filming took place in English — in England and in Ireland — and the gorgeous Eva Green was among her co-stars. ‘It was my first experience that’s close to Hollywood’, she says. ‘Because of the technical means, the silence, the way of filming… Spectacular!'”

8 Responses to “Brief “Cracks” mention”
  1. George Says:

    Thank you our tireless webmistress Miss M. Do you need a Spanish Tango_down 🙂 ? A last toast for an …Even Greener 2009.

    PS Probably this is my last post for 2008 in EGW and I am going to prepare now for the New Year’s Eve party. Have fun everybody! See you next year…

  2. Thomas Salavert Says:

    Alors d’abord bonjour .
    Je suis un etudiant en passe de devenir professionel dans le domaine multimedia (animation, illustration et 3d ).

    Je voulais faire un artwork sur Eva, car depuis que je l’ai aperçue dans Arsene Lupin (et depuis lors dans bien d’autre film ) elle est devenue pour moi la plus belle femme sur terre (les genous gonflent )

    Je demande donc comme requête quelques shoot selectionnés par vous afin d’en faire une peinture digitale .

    Vous pouvez passez par mon blog (artwork01.skyblog.com ) pour apercevoir mes travaux (mon site est en construction)

    Bien a vous et j’en profite pour souhaiter a Eva une bonne année et encore plus d’admirateurs (respectueux bien sur ) et de succès (je ne m’en fais pas pour elle ).

    Thomas Salavert

  3. Tascha Says:

    Salut Thomas! La même pour tois! Oui, elle est la plus bellle femme non seulement dans la terre, mais dans l’universe…

    Une peinture digitale d’Eva serait phantastique! Bien que je ne peut pas aider avec des photos, je pense quelqu’un d’autre peut…n’est-ce-pas?

    Tango_down: Thomas seems to have watched Arsène Lupin without coming to the idea sending any scarecrows so far… can you explain that…?

  4. Tango_down Says:

    Tascha : So Thomas hasn’t lived yet lol (I mean he never had the chance to see a real great masterpiece and memorable movie)

    I use to say that to people who has never listened to the adagio from mozart’s clarinet concerto “If you have never listened to this piece, then you’ve not lived yet”. 😉

    Seriously, if you really want to see that great movie which is Arsene Lupin (I’m really serious when I say “great”, I mean great to see when you’re insomniac and can’t find any way to sleep, even if Detective Derrick series remains the best in that category which is from so far his), let’s do it ! I’m not banning you from seeing it, I just said that it may not be a good present for christmas, at least not the best movie to offer. It may also not be worth to buy it, but that is another question, and most of all my own opinion… If you’re really an Eva fan and just want to see her in that movie where it’s true that her young beauty is sublime, you know there are many ways to get it…

    PS : in french we say “l’univers est si fantastique que je ne peux pas t’aider à faire la même chose pour toi” 😆

    Thomas : Plutôt que des shoots sélectionnés par nos soins je t’invite à trouver bonheur dans la gallerie extrêmement fournie et soigneusement rangée par notre Ô très chère et bien aimée Marianna (amen), et de t’adresser à elle pour ce qui est des droits.

  5. spot Says:

    Tango_down: i own the dvd for the sole purpose of owning all Eva films (though it was just given to me) since i’m not a fan of the movie itself 😉

  6. Tango_down Says:

    spot : I also own it for the reason it was given to me, we both seem to have good friends lol

    Tascha : You see in fact I didn’t put the DVD on any scarecrow… at least not yet, my parent’s cherry tree is still young 😆
    Actually I use it as a dust collector.

    PS : Here I am, Jean Paul Salomé best friend 😉

  7. Tascha Says:

    spot: that’s I wanna go to hear…

    Tango_down: have to read more about french poems and sayings… lol.
    But this is really the point: a movie as bad as it may be… when Eva’s going to appear in it… I can’t resist anymore….

    Strange things happen to me: I’m about booking a flight to London, just for Franklyn, just for watching her in cinema… really, I don’t know what’s coming up with me.

  8. Tango_down Says:

    Tascha : I suggest you Aragon and Apolinaire’s poems, but for the last one it will be hard to understand his metaphors’ sense, because it’s already hard in french… 😀