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“Franklyn” opens in the UK on January 30, 2009 and Sam Riley is already promoting it.

Here is interviewed in this Sunday’s Daily Mail and talks about “Franklyn” and working with Eva Green. There’s also a new still from it, which shows Sam with James Faulkner:

After the red carpets of New York, Cannes and Hollywood, he moved to Berlin to be with his girlfriend, the German actress Alexandra Maria Lara. He turned down several leads and waited months before signing up for sci-fi film Franklyn.

‘After Control I was offered a lot of lead roles as more suicidal young men,’ he says. ‘The answer was always, “No”.

‘I did Franklyn for the simple reason that it was good. A great story, a great script and something completely different, it has this incredible unexpected twist that merges two completely different worlds together. I loved it.’

The film is an otherworldly thriller romance.

‘There isn’t any film out there like Franklyn,’ says Riley. ‘I love the idea that you don’t know what’s real or not, and the whole idea that the film doesn’t have any of the usual love scenes – a relationship that’s just incredibly romantic was so different.’

It seems strangely unbelievable that after Control Riley would shun Hollywood. But Riley clearly likes to do the unexpected.


The buzz for Franklyn, which stars Eva Green and Ryan Phillippe, has already started.

‘It was massively important for me to play a second lead,’ says Riley. ‘I’m new, I’m learning. It’s the way you do it if you want to do it right. Eva was amazing to work with, she has this incredible energy and confidence.

‘But the biggest thing for me was to watch these two guys on set. Franklyn was massive learning curve for me. It’s not a film you can explain, you just have to see it. The look of it is unbelievable.’

19 Responses to “Sam Riley talks “Franklyn””
  1. Emma Says:

    I really can’t wait for Franklyn to come out! i saw it at the BFI festival but i need to see it again to get a better understanding of the plot etc.
    oh and i’m excited cos i did Emilia’s artwork for the film!

  2. George Says:

    Thanks Miss M. For those who are interested the full interview is in

    Start the countdown: 26 days

    PS I hope everybody took a revitilizing break during the holidays. Welcome back EGWers !

  3. Tascha Says:

    So, Christmas holidays are definately over (I’m afraid), but – on the other hand -it means to be back here again and this is really wonderful! Missed it more than I can say… and I thank Miss M one more time for her great work.

    I hope, you all enjoyed your Christmas break and came good into 2009!

    Anyway, coming back to the topic… this interview is more than interesting, I have to go to London for Franklyn…

    Liz: LOL … cause I really had/have the same holiday plans like you. Already checked up “Ryan Air” rates for London flights at the end of January… it looks quite good. Flight about 60,- Euro, in addition to hotel costs, of course. But, as I haven’t made any other holiday arrangements for this year so far, it is payable… I think. I’m really quite decided to go.
    What about you? Made your minds up? Would be great to join another one from here…

    About this Dialang software: Hm, I didn’t have any problems with installing and using it… I will check it myself again and inform you, if you are still interesting in it. Have to admit that my French tests were better than my English ones…

  4. spot Says:

    Emma: congratulation! i hope you can share more about your artwork with us. i sure can tell us more about Emilia’s character! 🙂

    thanks for the article Miss M! i can’t wait for Franklyn now.

  5. George Says:

    Emma: Congratulations in advance! You give us one more reason (among many…) to watch Franklyn. What was the artwork, just paintings?

    PS Don’t get off my cloud 🙂
    PS 2 To everybody: check this

  6. Liz Says:

    Mariana: Thank you for the upload!
    spot: And thanks to you for the entire article… I didn’t find it yesterday…
    Emma: Hope you’ll share your work soon with us!;)
    Tascha: Sure, I did some research about a trip to London at teh end of the month…
    But I am not sure yet if I can go… School starts again in Thursday… that wouldn’t be a big problem because Franklyn opens on 30th which is a Friday, but you never know what the teachers want you to do…
    anyway… I looked at TUI.com and they say the flight and two nights in a hotel with breakfast would cost about 250 €. But you have to organize on your own how to get from the airport inti the city and back to the airport…
    Which flight would you recommend… is Ryan Air well-organized?? I’ve heard lots about it but I have not yet flown with them.

    You haven’t yet booked flight and hotel, have you?

    Actually, I got to wait at least until next weekend (my birthday on Saturday) and see if I get enough money..hehe…

    Anyway, good luck on your vacation planing… maybe we’ll meet… who knows=)

  7. George Says:

    Liz: If you are landing in Heathrow the subway (“tube”) cost about 4 euros to take you to downtown in less than 50 minutes. Very easy.

    Happy birthday in advance and …be practical: remind to every relative that it’s your birthday next Saturday and you will not receive presents but only donations to the account of the charity organization: “The desperate Eva fans that want to watch Franklyn’s premiere in London”. I hope it will work…

  8. spot Says:

    Liz: I’m afraid i didn’t link any article around here dear 🙁 i think it’s George who did 😉

    George: nice tip there! 🙂

  9. Liz Says:

    Oh, I am sorry, spot…
    So thanks to you, George
    Would you forgive me, please?=)
    I really like the idea with the birthday presents.
    Maybe I’ll tell them where to send the money needed for a secret mission to save some fans’ minds..
    By the way, I like the organization’s name you’ve created,)
    –> Copyright by George!!!

  10. Johnny Says:

    Tango_down: I don’t think my english is that good and since I haven’t had english in school for a few years, I’m always afraid of making mistakes and bad sentences!
    But I’m sorry for apologizing to much, I guess that wasn’t really necessary 😉

    Liz & Tascha: I’ve flown with Ryan-Air once when I went for an inter-rail that begun in Italy and I don’t have any complains about them. Not any praises either 😉
    I wish I could go to UK to see Franklyn too, but it’s a really complicated time for me at school (university- can I use this word? Lol) 🙁 you’re really lucky to see it before the most of us do!

    Tascha: I’ve seen some discussion about Arsène Lupin and here’s my opinion: I recommend you to see Arsene Lupin, it’s a really bad movie but Eva is in it and she’s good as always. However keep in mind that it’s by far the worst movie she’s ever been in! I don’t even consider that’s worth a buy anyway, maybe a rental 🙂

    Emma: Congratulations! 😉 You must be really excited with Franklyn! After all it has a lot of you in it!

    Miss M: thank you for uploading the interview!

    I found again that Variety review I’ve talked about:


    However, I don’t know how to make it clickable, I’m sorry 🙁
    Anyway probably you’ve had already seen this.

  11. Johnny Says:

    Well aparently as I’m seeing the comment here waiting for moderation the link is clickable :s

    Maybe it’s automatic, but I don’t know. Anyway sorry for the confusion!

  12. George Says:

    Liz: I forgive you under the condition that you will pass my regards to Eva when you will see her Friday evening in Franklyn’s premiere in London 🙂

  13. Tascha Says:

    Johnny, Liz, George: Agree with you, January and February are the worst months to release a movie (if you don’t live in the country itself, of course) – just figured out how difficult it can be to get two days off from work after Christmas holidays!
    (Have this “nice” collegue of mine who thinks he’s the only one in the company wanting holiday in these days, I’ll… !

    So, I won’t get a day or two off for this special weekend. And this means, I’m about to be in a quandary…

    I could get a flight from Friday evening til Sunday evening – but the more I wait the more it’ll gonna be expensive… if I wait til February 4th, it’ll be much more cheaper (about 150,- Euro – Flight (15,- Euro and Hotel 140,- Euro).

    But I don’t won’t to wait… (still being as impatiently as usually). Don’t know – will decide it this weekend, but I’m determined to go!

    About Ryan Air: experienced it in July 2007 which was also my latest London visit!
    I was suprised about this well run organazation – though you’ve to be at the airport really early – because for the case you’re not – you’ll stick on the ground!
    Well, and the seats are very small… but for this one and a half hour, no complaint!
    The only other thing was that, when we arrived in London, it was the very first day of the terror attacks in July 2007 and it took us hours to go to the hotel! The return flight was quite the same. because of the safety controls.
    But. of course, Ryan Air didn’t have anything to do with it and I’ll will try it again. And it’s definately the cheapest way to go to London from Bremen!

    Liz: I wish to you that you can convince your parents, relatives, friends and whom else that Eva’s the best reason to go London for a short trip. For myself: it’s just a strange idea to imagine I could have met her earlier in Little Venice trying to run her dog… :-).
    Have you been in London before?

    Johnny; sorry, think I’m going to be a little bit confused with all this planning… just for Arsène Lupin: I would be delighted to see how Eva lightens up a movie condemned as bad as this movie seems to be…
    Maybe it’s just with The Golden Compass…?

  14. George Says:

    Tascha: In the premiere January 30th perhaps you will have the opportunity (???) to see Eva live, promoting the film.

    PS Maybe you met her in Little Venice and you didn’t recognize her.

  15. Liz Says:

    George: I’ll do so if I get the chance of a quick talk.. hehe… it seems as if you are quite optimistic about her live appearance at the premiere…
    Besides, which cinema would you recommend? Or is there only one that shows Franklyn already Friday 30th?
    I am so curious about it…
    Can’t wait!!!!
    Hopefully, everything works fine and I can go there…

    Tascha: Thank you…
    No, it would be my first visit to London.. another reason why I am so determined to go…
    It’s funny… Sometimes I imagine a scene in my daydreams: Eva’s going for a run with her dog in Regent’s Park and I’m walking around there with my grandaunt.. she’s addicted to every dog she sees… soo =) she would start out ” Oh, what a nice puppy”- I hear the sound of her voice. Eva just has to stop and we have a little talk but I don’t let her know that I know exactly who she is for keeping her privacy… Only at the end I say… Good-bye, MS. GREEN…*big smile*
    Well, I just want to show that I can understand quite well which thoughts have to go through your mind…
    It was the same with me in Paris last October.. I was always looking around in attention of the most beautiful Parisian;) when walking in front of the Louvre… because I had those pictures in my mind of her attending the Dior spring/summer show in September.. you know, where she is photographed under the trees at the “entrance” of the Touleries???

  16. Tascha Says:

    George: Jesus, just how big is the chance she will be promoting the film in percent?

    Because, I’ve already booked a flight from Feb 05th…til Feb07th…. was quite cheap (50,- Euro), but now, knowing I could’ve had the possibility to catch a glance at her… damned!

    It’s just I don’t have a chance to get this Friday off… there’s a flight in the evening but I wouldn’t arrive at the hotel before 23:00… so, useless to think about this anymore, but it’s driving me crazy!
    I only hope Liz will have more luck with her parents and can report to us.

    Therefore, I will spend the Friday after the premiere strolling around Little Venice one more time hoping to spy a lttle tiny dog…

    But two questions in the end: Do you know in which cinemas Franklyn is going to run? The bigger one’s around Leicester Square, for sure? And where’s the premiere going to take place?

  17. George Says:

    Tascha and Liz: Well I don’t know the exact cinemas and I don’t know if Eva will be at the premiere, I just guess. Sometimes, if it is convenient for their programs the actors appear in public premieres (… let’s hope it will be the case for Eva). I think that this can be announced maybe a week before. Mariana will keep (…as always) her ears wide open 🙂

    Liz: I put an extra in your dream: After you say “Good bye Miss Green” she answers “Good bye Liz”! (…as she probably have read the specific post)

  18. Tascha Says:

    George: I didn’t have a clue, that actors are promoting their films like this….especially in London? It would be so great, my first chance to meet her. But even if she’ll be there or not… I can’t wait to see this movie, for it’s my first time I’ll see her in cinema and it’ll be a very different one. I only hope I will understand this British English…

    Liz: LOL, you seem to have the same dream as I have… but as I don’t have a grandaunt, I will say it myself.

    Sure, I know the scenerie around the Tuileries where she was photographed, a beautiful place.
    Sorry you didn’t catch her…

    Next time you’ll be in Paris, take a walk around lovely Parc Monceau, where she raised up.
    Maybe you will see her there… :-).

    Jesus, if I only had a clue of an actress named Eva Green before last November…. there were such a lot of possibilities of meeting her… Paris, London, Rome (Anti-Aids-Gala last year)… but well, I can’t change this.

  19. Liz Says:

    George: LOVE your ending of my little daydream=)
    Hopefully, Eva will be present at the premiere.
    Tascha: The first time for me, too… I can see… we do have some things in common, right;)?
    Yeah, these are my plans for the next Paris trip… In October, I didn’t have enough time to visit all those lovely places and the weather wasn’t that nice.
    Do you have any other of those little places in Paris which are not that known but should be visited?
    Since it always was only for one or two days that I stayed in Paris, I haven’t had the chance yet to get an intimate impression of the city’s atmosphere.