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More vintage Eva, Joy, Marlène Jobert and Walter Green! 🙂

Eva and Joy were definitely much loved children! 🙂

10 Responses to “Paris Match, 1984”
  1. Chiara Says:

    Did Eva’s parents ever get married? They are still together, right?

  2. Johnny Says:

    Chiara: I don’t know for sure, but I think Eva and Joy’s parents are still together.

    Miss M: These photos are so beautiful, they emanate peace and harmony… Thank you so much for uploading them for us to see how cute Eva and Joy were, and how happy their family is!

  3. Tascha Says:

    From what I’ve read so far, they never got married, though she’s calling him “mon mari”.
    She uses this expression cause she can’t stand terms like “lover” or (lifetime) “companion”.

    If they’re still living together… don’t know. They must be about their late 60ies, but why not?

    I like these pictures from her, too. They were the very first ones I looked up when coming to this page. Just to get an idea about her childhood, her environment in her youth etc.
    It was just nice to find out she raised up with parents loving and caring her.

    But what I’m wondering on my own… whom does Eva resemble most? Apart of her blue eyes she got from her mum? I’m awfully bad in things like this… .

  4. Mariana Says:

    As far as I know, they’re still together.

  5. Tom Says:

    I would have sworn I read Eva say that her mother married a dentist in one or more interviews she’s given.

  6. Tascha Says:

    Tom: have you read it here?

    Now, just a little off-topic, but concerning “The Dreamers”:

    It’s going to appear this late evening in German TV-Sender 3Sat at 22:25 pm.

    It may be too late, so sorry in advance. But I read it only a few minutes ago.

  7. Tom Says:

    I thought I had read it on this site in one of her interviews. Maybe I’m mistaken?

  8. George Says:

    Tascha: Thanks for the info, but the only thing I can do is Dream it again…

    Tom: I also think I ‘ve read it

  9. Mariana Says:

    Tom: Walter Green, her father, is a dentist, so she was referring to him. But maybe when Eva said that her mother married a dentist, she meant it the same way Marlène did: “that the father of her children deserved to be called her husband, and not a companion or lover”.

  10. Monique Says:

    Hey, guys…It’s been so long since my last post…I’ve missed you!!! They’ve been piling exam after exam on us since we got back from Christmas vacation…Everyday, I have to go to sleep at twelve and wake up at four…It’s torture, pure torture…

    Mariana: These pictures are wonderful!!! Eva’s mom is so beautiful…Eva got the blue of her eyes from her…

    I remember the picture in the boat from one of the videos here in EGW, where they showed videos from Eva’s childhood…Their place is great…it seems so calm and serene…

    Her parents never got married? Hmmm, something we have in common…