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Before I continue with the “Return to the Past” series, here’s a gorgeous scan of a grow-up Eva from the time of the “Kingdom of Heaven” promotion.

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  1. Tango_down Says:

    Mariana : No gadget car and no mad-doctor in that “Return to the Past” series ?

  2. EvaAnne Says:

    Ooooh…very seductive!….Nice dress as well!! ;P

  3. Liz Says:

    Mariana: You’re just wonderful. Refreshing our minds with some new old Eva pictures.

    Is there anyone who speaks Portuguese? A Portuguese tango_down for example??=)

    I got a new question concerning Franklyn. The only release dates I have found are these:


    Does anyone know of a reliable site that tells me that Franklyn will really premiere February 27th?? PLease!!!
    ( I guess I am really getting nervous and excited, but there’s a bad layer about it… I am afraid it’s really just showing for those 7 days… that turns my head crazy!)

  4. Johnny Says:

    I love “dark” Eva, her big eyes are so expressive that you actually get scared if she gives you that killer look. But it’s a really sexy look too! It’s good to see something “new” about her in the “Kingdom of Heaven era”, because for me she was extremely beautiful in that movie… For me it’s the movie in which she looked her best, being “The Dreamers” a close second.

    Liz: I can provide the translation.
    The text tells us nothing new, and I suck at translations, but I’ll give it a try 😉

  5. George Says:

    Liz: it says about the French 25-year star daughter of Marlene Jobert that starts with Bertolucci’s Dreamers and plays in new film of Ridley Scott Kingdom of Heaven and she was the muse of Emporio Armani campaign. Last, but not least, it is obvious that I don’t speak Portuguese and I missed the rest details…
    Regarding Franklyn I suggest to trust the official website.
    If you visit


    you will see that it’s a preview for members only and not yet sure – it is TBC (To Be Confirmed)

  6. Johnny Says:


    Eva Green only has three films in her curriculum – one of them just got its world premiere. But her few and good appearances on screen were enough to leave her face (and body) recorded in the memory of cinephiles. With blue eyes, dark hair and fair skin, Eva, who has 25 years, is one of those stars, tremendously sexy and chic, that arise in France from time to time. Only someone like her to guarantee the beauty of the scenes that consist of sex and nudity in “The Dreamers” from Bernardo Bertolucci, her controversial screen debut.
    Daughter of actress Marlène Jobert and a swedish dentist, since adolescence she has shown her fall for acting. “I like to have fun with clothes” she said in an interview with american ELLE. “In college, I was a different character at all times. One day I was a Chinese, the other, wore jewels on the forehead.” Today that amusement has become her breadwinner. Eva is currently the muse of Emporio Armani and is on the big screen as a princess from the 12th century in “Kingdom of Heaven”, by Ridley Scott, very well accompanied by Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson and Jeremy Irons.

    I translated the article as soon as I could!
    I don’t know if the word “fall” means the same in that context. If not, that sentence means “since adolescence she has shown her talent in acting”.
    And the word “breadwinner” may not be very used but fits perfectly in the translation. I didn’t know that such word existed in english, that’s quite fun actually. Anyway I hope the text is now understandable 🙂 and sorry for the eventual mistakes!

  7. Ana Says:

    Oh, I loved this interview. I wish I had that magazine here, but I didn’t know she was on Elle Brazil :(. I’m Brazilian, if you guys want, I can translate it.

  8. Ana Says:

    Hahahaha “Ganha pão” is a slang that means “livelihood”.

  9. George Says:

    Thanks Johnny for the translation and Ana for the willingness!
    PS Johnny after 3-4 translations you will deserve a poem (lol)

  10. Tango_down Says:

    George : So if I’m refering to the quota, you still have some poems in reserve for me ?

  11. George Says:

    Tang_down: Damn!!! I thought you wouldn’t see this post…

  12. Liz Says:

    Johnny: Thanks a lot for your translation!
    George: Tango_down’s right… his work cries out for a poem!!!

  13. Johnny Says:

    George: Well I doubt that I’ll get too many chances to translate again, but thank you! that’s undoubtedly an extra motivation, as your poems are getting quite known 🙂

    Ana: Good to see someone here that speaks portuguese too! I’m not brazilian, so if there’s any mistake in the translation please let us know 😉

  14. Tango_down Says:

    Liz : What about your own quota ? 😆

  15. George Says:

    Liz: you mean for another poem… As you see in post 14 his greed cannot be easily saturated (lol)