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Brit flick Franklyn is his first post-divorce movie, and filming in Britain on the low-budget independent picture allowed him to escape from the Hollywood microscope, while staying in touch with his son and daughter via webcam.

He stars alongside Bond girl Eva Green in a Twilight Zone-style thriller, where he plays a masked detective on the run in a mysterious futuristic world. Originally the role was supposed to be filled by Ewan McGregor.

“It’s really like nothing else you’ve ever seen,” he says. “That’s the kind of stuff I try to find. It’s really original. The closest description I can come up with is Batman meets Magnolia.”

Ryan recalls Franklyn as being a “tough shoot” and that the mask made him feel “claustrophobic”. But he was able to put his schoolboy fighting training to good use at last.

Ryan is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and used his skills beating up many of the future city’s weird inhabitants But the mask means that no-one knows it’s him.

“Everyone thinks it’s a stuntman,” he laughs. “I’m like, ‘No, it’s me! I trained my whole life for this’.

“It’s really crazy. I have all these fight scenes in this Edwardian costume. I did all of my stunts myself and I have these boots with a hidden heel. I’m doing full-on fight scenes on the rooftops in these boots. It’s ridiculous.”

Franklyn is Ryan’s first attempt at an English accent – although he starred in the Oscar-winning English period drama Gosford Park, the curly haired star played a Scot.

“I had just three lessons for the accent,” he reveals “so I was winging it a little bit. But because the character ultimately is revealed to be someone else, it didn’t have to be perfect, so I didn’t feel that kind of pressure.”

He also had some help from Trainspotting’s Kelly Macdonald, who played a maid in the movie and was happy to give his brogue a once over before the cameras rolled. “I would go over and try out my lines on her, and work out from her response as to whether I’d got it right,” he admits.

Fans may rave over Ryan’s good looks, blue eyes and impressive body, but the actor has always been serious about his work.

Source: Daily Record

3 Responses to “Ryan Phillippe talks “Franklyn””
  1. evafan Says:

    hey, if you are interested…
    there is a featurette in Empire Online, with Eva and the other casts talking about Franklyn


  2. Tom Says:

    Looks like I might be watching Eva’s next couple of films with the volume off and the fast forward button handy. 🙁

  3. George Says:

    Thank you evafan and welcome to the club. Very impressive introduction you made…
    Tom: You don’t seem very excited, do you? Anyway, the truth is that I am more anxious about Cracks than Franklyn. It’s her first leading role movie actually…