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Many thanks to Franziska for sending me exclusive scans from Vanity Fair Germany! What a nice surprise to find the scans in my mailbox! 🙂

The interview is the same that was published by Vanity Fair Italy last January.

27 Responses to “VF Germany Scans”
  1. George Says:

    Thank you Franziska and Miss M

  2. EvaAnne Says:

    Thank you Franziska & Mariana! <3

  3. evafan Says:

    hello guys, i don’t know if you already know, but franklyn has their own official website. take a look 🙂


  4. evafan Says:

    check out franklyn’s official website guys.


  5. George Says:

    Thank you evafan.
    EvaAnne: I suppose that you will go for Franklyn this weekend and we are anxiously waiting for your impression.
    Lola, will you go to see it again?
    Will anybody else from UK (or elsewhere) go to see Franklyn this weekend?

  6. Liz Says:

    George: your question makes me envious;)
    I have to wait two or three more weeks depends on in which city I will go to watch Franklyn.
    But I hope everyone who sees it this weekend or whenever will enjoy it!
    The features and little interviews’ segments at Empire’s site add a lot to my tension and curiosity!!
    Are you going to watch it again, George??

    Perhaps one of you can ask for the movie’s poster! Hopefully, they’ll sell some at the German cinemas that show it.

    So, much fun and a nice weekend!!

  7. Liz Says:

    I’ve just found some nice interviews at Dailymotion.
    Hope you enjoy it!! http://www.dailymotion.com/Franklyn_UK

  8. Tom Says:

    I’ll try to steal, obtain a copy from the internet this weekend. 🙂 Since it’s not going to be released here anytime soon, i won’t feel terribly guilty. 🙂 Then I will buy the DVD.

  9. Tascha Says:

    Back again and hello from London!

    Sorry to disturb you here, but we just came back from cinema watching Franklyn in the very first show in the Empire this afternoon… (sitting in an Internet Cafe at this moment) and I couldn’t wait til Sunday evening…. but only a short one, because my girlfriend is waiting beside me…

    Well, what shall I say… it was definitely a mixture of something you think you’ve seen before (this mask-thing, you know)and a totally new one…

    Eva was wonderful in it, beautiful, stunning and her acting.. don’t have to say more about this, I think.

    I turned out that I really don’t like Ryan Philippe, but, ok, I can deal with this in the end.

    Problem was, that I didn’t come behind the story totally, though it wasn’t a problem being an English film and with understanding… but this Meanwhile-City-thing was a mystery… it has something to do with destiny and fortune and how all the fates belong together…

    So, conclusion: we will see it tomorrow evening again and make this London trip a perfect ending!

    George: thank you so much for the update with this film. Looking back, it was the best thing that could happen.
    I was about to tell you this four weeks ago, when my PC at home made a bang and the last thing I could see was a black screen… only got it back two days ago.

    Liz: make sure you can see this in Germany, you won’t miss it.
    I heard about the Fantasy Film Night from my sister who is living in Berlin, but for me it was more important to go back to London again and it’s more than worth it. Hope you can go to London in near future.

    Well, that was all. Just one more concerning her new film “Womb”.
    Apparently, they will shoot this apart from Berlin around Hamburg and around St. Peter Ording at the North Sea. I’m not sure how much you have found out so far, cause I couldn’t read all news by now. But it’s sooo exciting!

    So, bye-bye from here and til Sunday afternoon.

  10. George Says:

    Liz: Sorry, I didn’t mean to. Besides, some mysterious forces from Meanwhile city delete this part from my mind and I cannot remember if I have seen it before, in order to watch it “again”!
    Tom: …you and Jack Sparrow! Ok we know it’s for a good reason i.e. to tell us your opinion the soonest possible. Concern it as a screeining for journalists (they don’t pay either) so you are excused…
    Tascha: I am glad I was useful. Thank you for the briefing. I feel sorry about your computer that couldn’t stand the excitement to mention me (lol).

    How was the atmosphere about Franklyn in London’s cinemas, was there enough people, were they young or older ?

    PS1 As you may conclude from not mentioning you in my previous post (looking for reporters) you were an outsider. A determined outsider though…
    PS2: I bet your girlfriend didn’t like it much (lol)…

  11. Liz Says:

    George: I guess it’s not you, it’s me who Meanwhile city’s forces are attacking!
    Mysteriously, they have implanted the memory of you having already watched Franklyn at the BFI London in my mind!

    Tascha: Now, we know why you have been absent al these weeks. I am sorry about your computer. Fortunately, it works again and I am very curious about your report of the London trip on Sunday evening!
    Enjoy the second “watching”;) and of course the two days left of your London trip!

  12. EvaAnne Says:

    George – I wish I was! I live in The Netherlands, but there is no prospect, as far as I know, of Franklyn being showed in the cinemas over here. *sad*
    But then again, Germany is not that far away, so maybe I should just hop in the international train….I just hope they haven´t dubbed the voices, because I believe they do that in Germany.

    If that doesn´t work out, I´m afraid I´m going to have to follow Tom´s example….

  13. Lola Says:

    Hey George,
    I probably won’t go to see it again…not this weekend, at least. I liked it, but I’m on a bit of a budget right now… 😉

  14. George Says:

    EvaAnne: It is an experience to hear Eva speaking German… So I think that Jack Sparrow (Tom) will find her Elizabeth Swann (lol).
    Lola: Don’t worry. You are in full agreement with all the big Banks and all the nations…

  15. Tango_down Says:

    Lola : Don’t you have an unllimited subscription card to go to cinema as you want in England ?

    George : For Tom’s solution, you can also say that the little mouse put the DVD’s copy under your pillow. That most of the time what happens to me.

  16. Tascha Says:

    Morning everybody, only a short break, cause this stupid internet broke down again at Sunday… but now it seems to have recovered.

    I’ve taken some pictures from Little Venice and the shops she mentioned in that Elle interview and if your’re interested I’ll try to upload them this evening.

  17. George Says:

    Thank you Tascha, that would be great. Send them to Miss M and she will take care. Did you see much people in the cinema? How was the atmosphere and the reception from the public?

  18. Tascha Says:

    George: would like to say ” no problem”… but apparently, the pics are too big to upload… what can I do to downsize them?

    Already tried “zip” or “irfanview”… but nothing works… welll, I guess, the only thing that remains will be to throw this damned pc into the very next corner…

    But, of course, I can give a brief report about Frankllyn…

    Well, as I said, we watched the very first show at the Empire on Friday afternoon (01:15 pm)… and apparently, we were the only two women amongst a two dozen men… though, one have to be decuct, cause he left in the middle of the film…couldnbe for Eva, cause she was stunning…

  19. Tascha Says:

    sorry, mistake… wrong key… so, wanted to say… couldn’t be for Eva… cause she was stunning…

    Don’t want to say too much, knowing Liz will be watching it in some weeks..

    But it begins with “h e r”, sitting at a psyc with her mum, smoking one cigarette after the other, though she’s not aloud to, and both of them shall reflect the feeling of the other…
    Next scene she’s standing in the rain, trying to wape away her tears….

    Well, she’s playing a troubled art student, trying different kind of suicides on her own, predending it to be an art projekt, though, in fact, she’s only seeking attention from a certain person… but which don’t come until the very end.

    The film ends with her, standing one more time in the rain, but now… it’s different.

    It was really an overwhelming feeling to watch a British film, that was shot in London (e.g. Houses of Parliament) with Eva playing in it, and on a big screen! Won’t never forget it….

    P,S, Everyone knows that it is out on DVD on June22nd? You can purchase it at amazon.co.uk.. English version only.

  20. Tascha Says:

    P.S…yes, she’s playing a double role…. and apparently an… no, won’t say anything more… only recognized this when watching this a second time.

    Liz: so you will watch it in Frankfurt? I talked to my sister trying to beseech her to find something out about Fantasy Film Festival in Berlin.. cause she’s living there.
    But, unfortunately, she’s an invitation and can’t look after it.

    Though, if she’s already shooting in Germany, she won’t be there…

  21. George Says:

    Thank you very much Tascha for sharing with us your Franklyn experience.
    Regarding the photos there is an automatic compress utility in Microsoft Office Picture Manager or other relevant programs. Right click the picture open “Edit Picture” and then choose compress. Hope it works.

  22. spot Says:

    Tascha: thank you very much for sharing your Franklyn and London experience. it sounds like you really enjoyed your trip and the film itself! 🙂

  23. Tascha Says:

    George: a pleasure… (maybe next time from Cracks world premiere?) and thanks for helping with uploading-problems… I’ll try again at the weekend. Or with some help :).

  24. Liz Says:

    Tascha: Thank you a lot for your nice journey report!
    Cracks Premiere is definitely a new aim;)
    Thank you also for being so kind not to tell too much about the movie because I haven’t seen it yet.
    I will go to Frankfurt, that’s for sure. I am even thinking about driving down to Stuttgart but that’s not settled yet. Maybe I should discuss this this weekend in order not to be disappointed when calling the cinema and being told there are no tickets left.
    Are you going to watch it once again home in Germany?

  25. Tascha Says:

    Liz: well, I guess the worst thing that could happen when you’re about to see a new film would be that someone’s tellling you the whole content of it… I’m not that cruel…;-).
    And yes, I’ll go to Hamburg tomorrow afternoon to watch it a third time… the last chance for me, cause train tickets to Berlin are too expensive if you book them last minute (more than a flight to London), but Hamburg is only an hour away and with regional train tickets affordable… so that it would be a silly thing to let this opportunity pass by…. I just can’t wait til June when it ‘ll come out on DVD.

  26. Tascha Says:

    spot: indeed, I did… sorry, for not mentioning you earlier… apparently, I was too occupied with other things ;-).

  27. spot Says:

    Tascha: no worries 🙂