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Today FHM will announce their 100 Sexiest Women in the World list… and, most importantly, we’ll know the films that will be shown at Cannes this year… Fingers crossed for “Cracks”! 🙂

34 Responses to “See you later”
  1. Tango_down Says:

    Even my feet’s fingers are crossed.

    If “Cracks” makes it, we’ll see Eva in “Le Grand Journal” for sure, a famous TV show on a french private channel, Canal+, to not mention them. Michel Denisot is great.

  2. George Says:

    It seems I crossed the wrong fingers because Cracks will be not introduced in Cannes according to the official website…

  3. thirtyspokes Says:

    I have been so desperate for information (and the TRAILER) on Cracks… I am anticipating this movie more than any other and they are keeping us all in such suspense!!

  4. Tango_down Says:

    And Eva is not among the FHM top 10 either 🙂

    Just out of curiosity, what was her rank after her Casino Royale’s buzz as Vesper ? I see this year Freida Pinto has been direclty introduced at the 10th rank.

  5. Tascha Says:

    George: unfortunately, it’s right, looked it up there, too… no Cannes, no award, no new pictures. Hopes are now on Womb next year as it has already won an award for the script.

  6. Mariana Says:

    2008 #72 | 2007 #36

  7. Tascha Says:

    72? Better to forget the day…

  8. Tom Says:

    Angharad was 101, she just missed the cutoff! 🙂

  9. George Says:

    After wiping my tears for the absence of Eva from the FHM top ten I want to set a quiz for EGWers just to make up our mood:
    What is behind the name Vesper Lynd in Ian Fleming’s book and the movie?

    Tango_down: I bet that Cracks would be in Cannes for an additional reason: its French distributor, Studio Canal.
    Mariana: Asia is in the jury for the films!

  10. Tango_down Says:

    Merci Mariana 😉

  11. George Says:

    After wiping my tears for the absence of Eva from the FHM top ten I want to set a quiz for EGWers just to make up our mood: 🙂
    What is behind the name Vesper Lynd in Ian Fleming’s book and the movie?

    Tom: I knew you have inside information 🙂
    PS Imagine a contest for the websites of the 100 sexiest women…

  12. Monica Says:

    I think she’ll make a great vampire in the Twilight saga. after all she got the looks

  13. Elvenstar Says:

    Disappointed about Cracks…
    But pleease NO Twilight, Eva!

  14. Monique Says:

    Monica: When I read the books, I thought so as well…but upon seeing the film, let’s just say I think she can do much better than that…

    UGH!!! No Cracks in Cannes? Which means probably no Cracks in my country…I was a bit hopeful, because Cannes films sometimes make it here!!! Darn it!!! and I still haven’t seen Franklyn…life is so UNFAAAAIRRR!!!!!

  15. George Says:

    After wiping my tears for the absence of Eva from the FHM top ten I want to set a quiz for EGWers just to make up our mood: 🙂
    What is behind the name Vesper Lynd in Ian Fleming’s book and the movie?

  16. EvaAnne Says:

    Monique: I have the same problem with Franklyn and now probably also with Cracks…


  17. Tom Says:

    She was born at night.

  18. irina Says:

    http://filmhill.com – FRANKLYN!!!!!!!!

  19. George Says:

    Tom: nice try…
    Irina: Spasiba!!! (…have you used filmhill.com before. I mean, is it safe?)

  20. George Says:

    I cannot hold my sobs: Two Eva on the 100-list of FHM but not the right one…


    A quantum of solace 🙂 is that really good actresses like e.g Kate Winslet or Marion Cotillard or Eva Green are not there…

  21. Ea Says:

    It’s definately a shame about Cracks, but then again it’s a tough buisness. I just hope it’ll be released in here Denmark anyway.

    The FHM-thing sucks, but I don’t give much for those “beauty-lists”, I always disagree with them anyway ;-D

  22. Monique Says:

    George: I don’t have my copy of the book now, but wasn’t it because she was born in the night (like Tom said) in the middle of a storm? I haven’t read Casino Royale in while (not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t have anymore time), so I can’t remember much…

    irina: seriously? the full movie? THANK YOU!!!!

    (let me clarify, though: I am only watching it online because I have no means of watching it here in my country…I totally support Eva and her movies and I will watch it as soon as it hits theaters here, if it ever does)

  23. irina Says:

    George: yes it is safe)

  24. spot Says:

    i’m not disappointed with FHM but i feel sad for Cracks not being chosen shown at Cannes 🙁
    look at the bright side people: there’s always Womb! 😀

  25. Tascha Says:

    spot: the same with me (by the way, nice to have you here again!), but it means there’ll be hopefully a red carpet for Cracks somewhere else here and this means another chance… so we’ll see.

    Irina: are you really really sure that it is safe? Cause I asked a friend from our computer department and he said that it is spyware and that the original company was sold and this is because I don’t dare to install it… don’t know what to do now…

    Has anyone tried it out so far?

  26. George Says:

    Tascha: Yes, “Cracks” maybe showed in Torornto festival on September, which is in Mariana’s territory and we are expecting good coverage of the event. Right Mariana?

    Regarding filmhill.com, I will make 2 weeks patience because Franklyn will be released in Greece on 7th May. Good reason to visit Greece the best period of the year to “live your myth”…

  27. irina Says:

    Tascha:I watched a film from this site and while all is normal

  28. spot Says:

    Tascha: thanks 🙂 i’m dying to see another Eva Green red carpet appearance!

    not sure about the Franklyn link but i feel guilty watching it online for some reason :s anyone here has tried it already?

  29. Monique Says:

    Tascha: I’ve seen part of the movie (about 23 mins) from the link that irina gave us, it redirects to two sites featuring Franklyn the full movie (I think, I’m not sure though ’cause I haven’t finished the whole thing yet):
    one site was megavideo (though I don’t recommend that because the audio wasn’t that good and they stop your viewing after 72 minutes, I’ve had too much experience with megavideo…you’re right in the good part, then suddenly, they tell you that you can’t watch anymore), the other site was youku.com, though the text is foreign, the video’s good, better than the other one…

    spot!!! nice to hear from you again!!! I’m not really bugged about the FHM thing, because I don’t like the FHM here in our country…although I am pretty excited about Womb and Cracks (Oh, I hope they both get shown here!!!)

  30. Ea Says:

    I downloaded franklyn, and know it sucks, but I couldn’t wait any longer. And I PROMISE you that I’ll buy it as soon as I get the oppotunity!!!!´

    But it’s really awesome…

  31. Tango_down Says:

    George : I would love to “live the myth” but even if contemplating Eva’s beauty in cinema is wonderful I would also like to understand the story 🙁

    The problem with low-budget movies is that you can’t see Eva on the biggest cinema’s screens. I have to confess I have never seen Eva’s movies in cinema except for The Golden Compass which was not her best appearance, but I guess for people who have seen KoH, CR, or even The Dreamers in cinema, it was a great experience !

    Pour info, il est mentionné sur le site d’allocine que Franklyn devrait sortir en Juillet en France, en attente de confirmation.

  32. George Says:

    Tango_down: you can still “live your myth” in Greece because the films here are showed with subtitles so you can perfectly hear the english dialogues. However, I can order some French subtitles if you wish 🙂

  33. Tango_down Says:

    What about Eva’s voice in greek ? How does she sound ?
    I’m used to see all movies in their original language, but concerning Eva’s movies I’m not against french version, Eva usually makes her own dubbing in french on it.

  34. George Says:

    Tango_down: It sounds very good. Eva learned Greek from her role as Aphrodite of Milos 🙂

    PS In Greece foreign films are not dubbed but are shown with subtitles (except the kids’ films that have also a dubbed version)